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  • Title: Wahoo Enterprises
    Descriptive info: .. Your privacy is extremely important to us and your name and email address will NEVER be sold, rented, or exchanged for any reason whatsoever! You have our word.. Online Contact Form.. Name:.. Email address:.. Message:.. Hello and Welcome To.. Wahoo Enterprises!.. You are probably wondering what Wahoo Enterprises is all about.. What do we do? Do we sell something and if so, what? Are we a bunch of yahoos? Well, I will shed some light on the subject.. We are an outgoing, outdoors, have-fun, 19-forever, party-all-the-time, live-it-up, live-life-to-the-fullest, cut-loose, let-your-hair-down company.. We are into matters that speak all of this and more.. We sell.. fishing tackle.. ,.. hunting gear.. , and.. paintball supplies.. in our retail store.. But besides that we sell.. office supplies.. computer accessories.. electronics and gadgets.. I know, boring stuff to some but we got to pay the bills somehow when the weather is nasty.. I also provide.. bookkeeping services and virtual assistant services.. In a nutshell, that's what and who we are.. If you want to dig a little deeper, then by all means, click away!.. If you would like to contact us any time during your visit, then please use the online contact form on the left at the bottom of every page.. If you want to mail us a letter or get our street address, then click.. here.. Newsletter Links:.. December 2007.. Wine Gifts - The Perfect Present This Christmas.. November 2007.. Excel Tip - Make It Stand Out Print Perfect the First Time.. October 2007.. Ten Ways To Write Great Blog Posts That Get Attention.. September 2007.. Word Tip - Add an Organizational Chart to a Word Document.. August 2007.. Choosing The Right Home Business For You.. July 2007.. Windows XP Tip - Your Computer's Name Word Tip - Change the Alignment Position of Bulleted / Numbered List.. June 2007.. Hardware Tip - Printer Properties.. May 2007.. Windows XP Tip - Tone Down the Effects Windows XP Tip - Clock.. April 2007.. Word Tip - Edit Text in Print Preview Excel Tip - Decimal Points.. March 2007.. What is RSS?.. February 2007.. MS Word Tip - Convert Text to a Table Windows XP Tip - Get Your Thumbnails in a Row.. January 2007.. MS Excel Tip - One Change = Many Changes Windows XP Tip - Compress In a Jiffy.. December 2006.. Christmas Gifts.. November 2006.. Sony Playstation 3 Vs.. Microsoft Xbox 360.. October 2006.. MS Word Tip - Tear It Off.. September 2006.. The Cost  ...   Buy a Laptop.. July 2005.. Our Wireless World, Choosing The Right Domain.. June 2005.. Designing Your Own Greeting Cards, Top Ten Reasons To Market Your Business Online.. May 2005.. Family Camping Tips, How To Secure Your Computer.. April 2005.. Tips on Buying a Home Theater Audio System, Digital Cameras.. March 2005.. Internet Auctions - The New Face of E-commerce.. December 2004.. Link Cheating On The Rise.. November 2004.. Website Checklist: 10 Basic Things Your Website Should Have, Windows Tip: Windows Searches.. October 2004.. Is Digital Photography Expensive?.. June 2004.. Windows Tip: Drag Drop Opens, Word Tip: Print Custom Envelopes Labels.. May 2004.. Internet Explorer Tip: Finders Keepers, Hardware Tip: Scanning Resolution.. April 2004.. Windows 2000 XP Tip: Compatibility, Office Tip: Making Templates.. March 2004.. Internet Explorer Tip: Many Little Tidbits For You, Outlook Express Tip: Email Locking Up.. January 2004.. Windows Tip: Change File Association, Word Tip: Changing Default Tab Stops.. December 2003.. Internet Explorer Tip: Takeovers, Outlook: Message Trick.. November 2003.. Windows XP Tip: The Classic Look, Office XP Tip: Inserting Page Breaks.. October 2003.. Internet Explorer Tip: Tracing Your Route, Word Tip: EZ Dates.. September 2003.. Excel Tip: Renaming Worksheets, Windows XP Tip: Disabling Error Reporting.. August 2003.. Internet Explorer Tip: EZ Reading, MS Office Tip: Custom Toolbar Buttons.. July 2003.. Windows Tip: Warm Booting, Outlook Express: You've Got Mail Sound.. June 2003.. Word Tip: Finding Last Space, Internet Explorer Tip: Webpage Last Updated.. May 2003.. Excel Tip: Freeze Pane Zone, Creating a.. LOG File in Notepad.. March 2003.. Internet Explorer Tips: Quick Stops, Windows Tip: Selection Savvy.. February 2003.. Word Tip: The Word Highlighter, Outlook Tip: Personalized Email Sending.. January 2003.. Excel Tip: Column and Row AutoFit, Internet Explorer Tip: Revisiting Web Pages Faster.. December 2002.. Word Tip: Making Your Pictures Stay In Place, Windows Tip: Icon Hide and Seek.. November 2002.. The 10 Most Popular Myths About Running A Home - Based Business Online, Internet Explorer Tip: Favourite Fun.. September 2002.. Internet Explorer Tip: Link Colours, Excel Tip: Changing Enter Direction.. June 2002.. Word Tip: Watermarking, Windows Tip: How To Revive a Dead PC.. May 2002.. Internet Explorer Tip: Find Stuff, Windows Tip: Start Menu Folders.. April 2002.. Internet Explorer Tip: Deleting Auto-Completes, Links Of Interest.. March 2002.. Windows Tip: Bigger Mouse Cursors, Links Of Interest.. Copyright 2000 - 2011 Wahoo Enterprises.. [.. Home.. ] [.. Fishing.. ] [.. Hunting.. Computer Stuff.. Electronics.. Office Supplies.. ].. [.. Paintball.. Virtual Assistant.. Where Are We.. Who Are We.. Links.. Items For Sale.. ]..

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  • Title: Fishing Supplies
    Descriptive info: We carry everything a person would need for fishing from the beginner to the advanced user: rods, reels, neoprene waders, wading boots, vests, u-boats, pontoon boats, fishing line, fly line, lures, hand-tied flies, and everything in between.. And we can sell you a fishing e-license or you can now buy it yourself online.. You don't want to be caught without one nowadays.. If you are looking for a certain lure, fly, rod, reel, or whatever and can't seem to find it yourself, fill in the contact form on the lower left and let me know and I will see  ...   and just a small fee if you live elsewhere.. Local Areas To Fish:.. LaSalle Lakes (big and little), Shere Lake, Little Lost Lake, Fraser River, Holmes (Beaver) River, Blackwater (McKale) River, Goat River, McGregor River, Heddrick Lake, and many more.. Just drop by the store and we will point you in the right direction.. Some of the Manufacturers We Deal With.. Gibbs/Nortac.. Worden's.. Rapala.. Mepps.. Berkley.. Panther Martin.. Blue Fox.. Eagle Claw.. Creek Company.. Shakespeare.. Cortland.. Zebco.. Abu Garcia.. Daiwa.. Storm Lures.. Other Related Links Of Interest:.. Canadian Fly Fishing Magazine.. An excellent Canadian Fly Fishing magazine.. Check it out!..

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  • Title: Hunting Gear
    Descriptive info: Just starting out and need a disguise? We now carry camoflague clothing and packs and.. Buck Wear t-shirts.. Need a game call or some scent to lure the trophy in? We got you covered.. Thinking about getting into bow hunting? We carry archery accessories, compound bow packages and crossbow packages.. How about  ...   that trophy? We got that too.. And we also carry ammunition, bear bangers, and bear repellent.. Some of the manufacturers we carry:.. Buck Expert.. Buck Stop Scent.. Buck Knives.. PSE Archery.. Hunter Specialities.. E.. L.. K.. Inc.. Browning.. Knight Hale.. Federal.. G5 Outdoors.. Mossy Oak.. ScentLok.. Primos.. Rocky Gear.. Mad Dog Gear..

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  • Title: Computer
    Descriptive info: Computer Components Accessories.. We sell all sorts of things for your computer such as cables, printer ink, keyboards, routers, memory card readers, webcams, and wireless adapters.. But maybe all you need is DVD-R's or a mouse or a USB thumbdrive.. We have those too.. Our prices are comparable to the big box stores in big cities but with small town customer service..

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  • Title: Electronics & Gadgets
    Descriptive info: Electronics Gadgets.. I don't know about you but I LOVE gadgets and electronics! Anything that does lots of things and makes your life somewhat easier (some of the time) are totally cool in my books!.. Cell phone accessories, MP3 players, iPods, headphones, telephones, digital cameras and accessories, and batteries.. We have all of that for you and much, much more!..

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  • Title: Office Supplies
    Descriptive info: Office Supplies.. And yet another department of Wahoo Enterprises.. I know it's pretty boring to most people but to me it's a fascination.. I remember as a young child visiting one of my mother's friends' stationery store and I couldn't get enough of all the different things you could buy to do anything with paper! Wow! I was drooling over pens, forms, crayons, markers, and now I can drool everyday because we carry it.. Anyways, enough of my childhood fantasy.. We sell everything and anything you may need to: make a grocery list, write a love letter, sign a cheque, write your school notes on, make out invoices to your clients,  ...   are a small or home based (SOHO) business and always seem to be running out of office supplies, give me a call at (250) 569-0320 or drop by the store for your FREE catalogue with big box store pricing.. Shop locally and save!.. Related links of interest:.. Avery.. They have templates on their website for creating almost anything.. Bic.. This company has been around for a long time and still going strong.. Sanford.. The makers of Expo whiteboard markers, pens, markers, and other fine products.. Sharpie.. I love the new colours!.. Pilot Pens.. Post-It Notes.. Can't get enough of these!.. Acco / Swingline.. Blueline.. The makers of many forms and business books..

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  • Title: Paintball Gear
    Descriptive info: Paintball, Dude!.. And yet another department at Wahoo Department Store! (Just kidding!).. We carry mostly just the basics when it comes to paintball but we also have a Tippmann Custom 98 marker with A.. C.. T.. (anti-chop technology) at very competitive prices.. So for the basics, we carry paintballs, neckguards, squeegees, hoppers, pod belts, and CO2 tanks.. We also refill CO2 tanks so you can get yours filled up  ...   order through our supplier and have it here overnight, if need be, or the day after, provided our supplier has it in stock and it's ordered before 3:00 p.. m.. Not bad, considering we live out in the country!.. Here's some of the manufacturers we carry:.. Check out some interesting websites on the sport of paintball:.. BC Paintball.. An excellent field and store in the Lower Mainland of BC!..

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  • Title: Virtual Assistant Services
    Descriptive info: What Is A Virtual Assistant?.. A Virtual Assistant is someone who can perfrom your never - ending administrative duties at a fraction of the cost it would be if you hired a full - time office assistant.. The real cost of an employee is 2 - 2 times their salary.. Benefits Of Working With A VA.. You pay only for Time on Task.. No time wasted on breaks or personal issues.. Works only when you need services.. No need to pay  ...   buy additional computer equipment or fax machine.. No need to buy an extra desk, chair, phone, or supplies.. No extra office space is required.. No computer training needed.. No extra rent and / or loss of privacy.. Handles your seasonal or periodic projects.. Convenient when you or your current staff get overloaded.. Contact Info:.. Phone: (250) 569-0320.. Fax: (250) 569-0399.. Address: PO Box 946.. McBride, BC V0J 2E0.. Email: Please use the Online Contact Form to the left at the bottom..

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  • Title: Where Are We?
    Descriptive info: Where Are We?.. We are located in the Robson Valley, British Columbia, Canada, between Jasper National Park and Prince George, BC on Highway 16.. McBride is a quaint little town with a population of about 1000 people, including surrounding areas.. It is an excellent place to raise a family and have the great outdoors right in your backyard.. You can reach us by a number of methods:.. Address:.. 820 - 1st Avenue.. PO Box 946.. If you want to email me, please  ...   McBride.. McBride Chamber of Commerce.. Hidden Lake Lodge.. Off the beaten track, the cozy furnished cabins provide an ideal base for adventure of any kind.. Bustin Trout.. Come to Tete Jaune Cache! Let us take you fishing in the Robson Valley area.. Cardinal Ranch.. Trail Rides and Horse Whispering.. Stellar Descents Backcountry Adventures Ltd.. Whitewater Rafting Scenic Float Trips.. Beaver Creek Lodge.. Cabins on the scenic Fraser River.. Ann Schwartz.. A local lady that takes care of your pets while you are away..

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  • Title: Who Are We
    Descriptive info: Who Are We?.. Wahoo Enterprises is a family business, which consists of father - Todd, mother - Wanda, and son - Bill.. Wahoo Enterprises started in June 1998 with a lot of head scratching to try to come up with an original name.. We wanted something that kind of corresponded to our names, but couldn't think of anything.. Then we took Bill's initials and came up with WAHOO.. No, we didn't copy Yahoo in any way, shape, or form.. Wahoo is also a fish found in the Atlantic Ocean.. We didn't know that until after we picked the name and did a search for Wahoo in the various search engines and found it.. Quite interesting.. A little bit of  ...   those that are going right now are only the start.. He is the instigator when it comes to creation, development, enthusiasm, and determination.. Wanda is from Vancouver, BC originally and has lived throughout the Lower Mainland before moving to Prince George, BC and living there for 15 years.. She has had many jobs as well, such as restaurant manager, video store clerk, grocery store clerk, hardware store bookkeeper and clerk, and bookkeeper for many small businesses.. She is the researcher, organizer, and backbone of Wahoo Enterprises.. Together Todd and Wanda make a powerful team that's unstopable.. Bill is only a teenager but now he helps Wanda in the store.. Someday we hope to pass this great business on to him..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: Got To Get Connected.. Here is a short list of some interesting links I have found in my travels on the World Wide Web.. It seems every day I find at least one more interesting website to add to my Favourites (or Bookmarks) so you can imagine how extensive my own list is.. I wish I could publish even half of mine but that would take about 50 pages.. So I had to pick a few gems and now they are listed below.. If you find a dead link, or know of other interesting links you would like to see posted on this or any of the other pages, please use the form at the bottom left of this page.. Thanks!.. Business Help.. World City Pages.. Get your website listed here for free!.. Computer Help.. PCWorld.. PC Buyer's Guide.. Check out this site before you shell out all that hard-earned money for a new system.. TechTV.. Home of such shows as Call For Help, Attack of the Show many more!.. WorldStart.. They have tons of tips and you can even sign up for their many informative newsletters..  ...   including Millionaire.. Addicting Games.. Lots of games to get you addicted.. Pogo.. Games For The Brain.. Games to get the ol' noggin going.. HTML Web Design Help.. HTML Goodies.. Free Templates.. HTML Tutorials in Webpage Design.. Yes Webmaster.. Cool name for a website!.. Outdoors.. Mountain Equipment Co-Op.. An excellent place to buy all of your outdoors - related clothing and equipment.. A Canadian company.. The Great Canadian Adventure Company.. A site where you can find your ultimate adventure in Canada.. Wallpaper Pics.. Digital Blasphemy - 3D Wallpaper.. Miscellaneous.. Club 977.. Lots of genres to choose from.. Back To The 80's.. 93.. 1 JackFM.. Snopes.. Good site for checking all of those emails for hoaxes.. Paypal.. Blogspot.. Easy site for publishing your thoughts into cyberspace.. ID Theft Center.. Go here if your identity has been stolen.. Monster.. Lots of jobs on here.. Working.. And more here.. Abandoned But Not Forgotten.. A neat site which shows tons of abandoned buildings, mostly in the US.. Abandoned.. Another site showing abandoned buildings, mostly in Europe.. Wirewize.. Having trouble connecting that new TV to all the other components? This site will help you..

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