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  • Title: Virtual Bookkeeping - We will make your business thrive, not just survive
    Descriptive info: .. Accurate, reliable and always on time.. Virtual Bookkeeping.. ™.. provides.. superior, reliable bookkeeping and.. a full range of accounting services to businesses.. all over North America and beyond.. through secure Internet.. technology.. and the most up to date software applications.. will help your business thrive …….. not just survive!.. About Us.. |.. Services.. Rates.. Testimonials.. Bookkeeping Info.. Resources.. Contact Us.. |.. Top.. Follow us on.. Copyright ©.. 2002.. -20.. 12, Virtual Bookkeeping.. All rights reserved.. Web Design by.. VH Web DeZine.. Modified: June 06, 2012..

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  • Title: Virtual Bookkeeping - About Us
    Descriptive info: Accountants Sponsors.. FAQ's.. operates as an independent contractor providing accounting.. services.. to your company.. You will not have to engage a bookkeeping employee, pay benefits or withhold taxes.. Everything is completed online for your convenience.. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of your company.. As the founder and President of.. ,.. Monica Ross.. has considerable experience working for all types of small and medium sized businesses and independent contractors.. She is proficient in all bookkeeping procedures and familiar with bookkeeping software such as ACCPAC, QuickBooks and MYOB; and she is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.. She also specializes in working with couples on their personal finances.. Monica has run her own business since 1999 and taken great pride in building up a large team of.. associates.. across North America.. She knows what it is like to move from surviving in business to thriving and is committed to helping you do the same.. Strangely enough, this single mom/entrepreneur with a big heart, loves bookkeeping but more importantly she loves to partner with her clients to help them grow their own businesses.. She knows the freedom that comes from that kind of success!.. To read Monica's article Do You Resist Bookkeeping? The Answer for the Accounting-Impaired , please.. click here.. Our Team.. Sharlene Ward.. is a seasoned bookkeeper with advanced knowledge of Simply Accounting and Quickbooks.. Her specialties include office management, payroll and bookkeeping.. She is also proficient with Microsoft access and excel.. She has experience with a variety of clients in different industries and looks forward to working with you.. Her work is accurate and she gets the job done in a timely fashion.. Silva Green.. has fifteen years knowledge in the Bookkeeping and Secretarial Fields to offer our clientele.. Silva has worked in various capacities for a diverse group of companies, varying  ...   companies, she spent seven years building and operating a flooring installation business.. Selena realized that small to medium size businesses cannot add and subtract administrative support employees as handily as large companies.. She saw that a need exists for professional administrative services to come in and support your organization when needed for one time and ongoing projects.. Behind the Scenes Business Solutions is exactly what the name implies.. We perform all of the necessary tasks that come together to let YOU take your bow on center stage.. You’ve earned the right to take that bow.. Let us provide the support so you can truly enjoy it!.. Zizi Volford-Hull.. is the owner of.. , which offers website development and management and other design services, such as creating logos, business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers and PowerPoint presentations.. Zizi's outstanding ability to work with people and relate to customers complements her flair for simple, but creative, design.. It is her goal to help small and medium sized businesses to get their messages out to the world.. VH Web DeZine is the official web designer for.. and its clients.. Donna Wiggins.. works with QuickBooks, MYOB and Simply Accounting.. She has a good knowledge of Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank and Credit Card reconciliations.. She is a self-starter and a quick learner and enjoys challenges in bookkeeping.. She works directly with local Accountants to get your year end ready for them.. Virtual Bookkeeping’s Business Coach.. Debra Woog.. guides women entrepreneurs to accelerate success with profit-enhancing communications, technology, operations and personal best practices.. As a result, Brilliance-Based Businesswomen™ (experts, educators, consultants, healing professionals and creative professionals) skyrocket their profit and shift from feeling overwhelmed and time-crunched to joy-filled and at ease in their lives and work.. www.. connecttwo.. com.. Home.. Bookkeeping.. solutions.. tailored.. to.. your.. needs.. Copyright © 2002-2012, Virtual Bookkeeping.. Modified: March 20, 2013..

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  • Title: Virtual Bookkeeping - Services
    Descriptive info: THIS IS WHAT WE DO FOR YOU:.. Building Personal Relationships with clients so they have a trusted friend.. We Know how to pinch pennies, we can show you how too.. We relieve the financial stress between couples-This as they say is PRICELESS!.. Our services include the following:.. Personal or Business Budgeting.. Financial Planning.. Business Bookkeeping.. Personal Bookkeeping.. Penny Pinching Advice.. Couples Financial Consulting.. Education.. specializes in a.. wide range of accounting services.. , offering hassle-free and reliable support for your business, at an affordable.. price.. It is as easy for you as 1-2-3.. We will work with you to analyze your business and work flow.. We design for you procedures that minimize your administrative burdens.. We will reliably perform the tedious tasks; freeing you to work on your business.. You are invited to request a free consultation regarding your bookkeeping needs.. We will tailor a solution specifically for you.. Contact us.. now for more information.. Virtual.. services offered to small businesses and independent contractors.. General Ledger.. Income statement.. Balance sheets.. Detailed activity reports.. Bank reconciliation.. Budgeting.. Accounts Receivable.. Invoicing clients.. Receiving payments.. Deposits.. Aging reports.. Tracking delinquent accounts (e.. g.. 60, 90 and 120 days)..  ...   are:.. A New QuickBooks user.. A sole proprietor.. A small to medium sized business owner.. A New Business Owner.. If you do not have the cash flow to hire a bookkeeper or you are at the beginning of your business and it does not warrant hiring a bookkeeper, you can take this one on one tele-class to get you set up and going with your QuickBooks program.. We offer discounted rates to Solo E members.. Contact.. for more information about the tele-class.. Before.. taking Monica's bookkeeping tele-class, I was afraid to open my QuickBooks program.. I did everything the hard way.. Monica patiently walked me through setting up my accounts.. She taught me how to create estimates and invoices, make and receive payments, and she taught me how to reconcile my bank records.. When I ran into a problem while entering my accounts, I called Monica and again she patiently explained how to fix my mistake.. Although the instructions took place over the telephone, I really felt as though I were in an actual classroom.. Thank you Monica.. You have made running my business easier.. Peggy West.. Office Essentials VA Service.. http://oevas.. Modified: April 11, 2012..

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  • Title: Virtual Bookkeeping - FAQ's
    Descriptive info: Helping your business grow and prosper.. Virtual Bookkeeping isn’t just a bookkeeping expense – we are here to help you grow and prosper.. As a small business owner, you are probably more than aware of the many different jobs you have to do in any given day.. You are expected to master all the skills that larger companies hire several different people to do.. All those tasks can keep you.. too busy.. to concentrate on the details-- even critical details like bookkeeping.. With all the things you have to do every day, where do you find the time to learn proper small business bookkeeping?.. As with anything else, there's a right way and a wrong way to keep books.. You could learn the double entry bookkeeping system, but do you really have the time?.. Well you say, I will just buy a bookkeeping software.. You could.. If that is what you decide, I would recommend QuickBooks.. It is the easiest to learn and to use, and if you need help, give me a call at 855-774-3330, or take my.. QuickBooks bookkeeping course.. to get started.. But once you learn it, where do you find the time to do your company bookkeeping?.. Most of my clients have told me they are so busy with other things that bookkeeping is the last thing they do before they go home.. By the time they got to it, they were exhausted from their busy day.. But, that means they are not at their best, and.. finding bookkeeping mistakes can be frustrating.. Others leave it to the end of the week, going in on Saturday or Sunday to get it all done, but that means missing valuable family time.. So, here is my suggestion.. Save your frustration, save your valuable time and resources and let a QuickBooks expert do your bookkeeping for you.. You don't have to be frustrated by learning proper bookkeeping or by learning how to use new software like QuickBooks either.. You don't need to waste your valuable time or spend your weekends.. pulling out your hair because your books don't balance.. Take some time for.. you.. instead.. Use your extra time to spend doing the things you enjoy.. Spend  ...   and prosper.. Know that you will have complete satisfaction with Virtual Bookkeeping's complete small business services because Virtual Bookkeeping offers you:.. Experience.. Virtual Bookkeeping has been operating since 1999 and has helped 100's of clients succeed.. Expertise.. I am proficient in all bookkeeping procedures and familiar with ACCPAC, QuickBooks and MYOB.. I'm a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.. Accuracy.. I pride myself in accurate bookkeeping and balanced accounts.. Affordability.. Because we are a virtual office, our overhead is low, and I pass the savings on to you.. Partnership.. I enjoy developing relationships with my clients.. It gives me great satisfaction to help my clients succeed, prosper and grow their business.. Virtual bookkeeping is pleased to offer you more than just bookkeeping services.. Unlike other bookkeeping companies,.. we are not just a business expense.. As part of our goal to develop partnerships with our clients, we offer business financial advice and suggest strategies to.. help your business.. prosper and grow.. We will help you:.. plan and project for the upcoming month.. steer your business financially.. weather any financial storms.. plan to stay in business for the long haul.. build relationships and partnerships with like businesses and clients.. Contact us today to receive your free consultation.. Call us today to find out how our bookkeeping services can help your small business succeed, prosper and grow.. If you would like more information about our small business bookkeeping services, call.. 855-774-3330.. Or you can send us an.. email.. And if you act now -- if you sign up for just one business quarter, I will give you a 10% discount on your first month of bookkeeping services.. I am sure you will be just as happy with Virtual Bookkeeping as.. these Virtual Bookkeeping clients.. You will find as they did, that at Virtual Bookkeeping you get.. much more than just bookkeeping services.. P.. S.. Call 855-774-3330 toll-free today or send us an.. to get your free small business consultation and receive 10% off just for trying us out for one business quarter.. 1 John Baldwin, Lin Bian, Richard Dupuy, Guy Gellatly.. Failure Rates for New Canadian Firms: New Perspectives on Entry and Exit.. Februrary 2000.. Statistics Canada, Ottawa.. VH Web Dezine.. Modified: September 24, 2002..

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  • Title: Virtual Bookkeeping - Rates
    Descriptive info: How often do you find a bookkeeping service that actually puts $$.. INTO.. your bank account?.. Virtual Bookkeeping offers you much more than the average bookkeeping services company.. The vast majority of bookkeeping services are really just that -record keeping and nothing more.. But we are different because.. record keeping is just a small part of our bookkeeping services.. Here is how.. We will save you money by:.. Charging affordable bookkeeping rates instead of high-priced accounting rates.. Maximizing your write-offs.. Showing you exactly where you are spending your money.. Regular, monthly bookkeeping so you know exactly how your business is doing all the time.. Making sure nothing is missed.. Making recommendations if we find anything amiss.. And we will teach you what we have learned about running a business from a financial perspective.. Plan and project for the upcoming month.. Steer your business financially.. Weather any financial storms.. Plan to stay in business for the long haul.. Build relationships and partnerships with clients and other businesses.. The bottom line is, our bookkeeping services will.. add more $$ to.. bottom line.. It all starts with our free needs assessment.. Give us a call at 855-774-3330 toll-free or.. email us.. for your free needs assessment.. We will discuss your estimated company size, financial transactions and services required in order to give you an accurate understanding of how we can help you best.. Other bookkeeping services companies will give you a rate per hour, but that does not really tell you anything does it? Knowing the hourly rate is useless if you don’t know how many hours your bookkeeping takes.. And that is one reason why we offer the.. free needs assessment.. Our hourly rates are comparable to  ...   and $125.. 00 each and every month.. And that meant Joe could budget his bookkeeping expenses.. What Joe could not know is that we also found enough additional write-offs to pay for our bookkeeping services in the first month.. So in effect,.. Virtual Bookkeeping cost Joe nothing that first year.. Needless to say, Joe is a happy Virtual Bookkeeping client.. But, if you’re considering doing your company’s bookkeeping.. on your own, we can help you there too.. Sign up for our QuickBooks teleclass and we will give you a free needs assessment even if you are looking to do your own bookkeeping! If you are doing your own bookkeeping, our.. will help you gain clarity regarding time, energy and money you invest in your bookkeeping.. Our QuickBooks certified instructor will give you one-on-one instruction, including:.. Three hours of individual QuickBooks consulting.. Three hours of ongoing support after you have completed the program.. And, if after you have completed our QuickBooks teleclass, you decide you need help with your company’s bookkeeping, we will give you a.. discount of 30%.. off our already affordable prices for your first three months as a Virtual Bookkeeping Client!.. Put more $$ in your bank account with Virtual Bookkeeping’s extensive bookkeeping services.. And then, whether you need our bookkeeping services, or you want to sign up for our QuickBooks teleclass with our certified instructor call us today.. at 855-774-3330 toll-free or.. for your.. Our free needs assessment gives you two things.. It’ll tell us everything we need to know in order to help you gain clarity regarding time, energy and $$ you invest in your bookkeeping.. And, it will let us give you an accurate, rock-solid bookkeeping quote you can count on..

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  • Title: Virtual Bookkeeping - Testimonials
    Descriptive info: I've been working with Monica Virtual Bookkeeping for a little over a year now - and my business accounting has never looked so good.. Monica is easy to work with, efficient, thorough, dedicated and detail oriented- everything you'd want in a bookkeeper.. It's been such a great experience having my accounting brought up to date each month with little or no extra work for me- and this whole process made filing my taxes easy and simple this year too.. If you are looking for someone to help you get your business accounts into tip-top shape, work with Monica and Virtual Bookkeeping.. ca.. You'll be glad you did.. Dr.. Rachna Jain.. ProfitablePopularity.. com.. Working with Monica is joyous and easy! I recommend her to all my clients who have Brilliance-Based Businesses (experts, educators, consultants, healing professionals and creative professionals).. If your professional expertise is anything other than bookkeeping, outsource your books to Monica right away.. Based on my experience, her service will pay for itself.. Debra A.. Woog.. Brilliance-Based Business Success™ Expert Mentor.. Monica rocks! I've been working with her for 6 years and am totally confident in her work.. She's accurate, reliable and makes it so easy for me to manage my business finances.. I would recommend Monica and her team without question for anyone who needs a bookkeeper.. Juliet Austin.. julietaustin.. I have worked with the team at Virtual Bookkeeping for several years and have had an excellent experience from day one.. Monica and her staff are always professional, prepared, thorough and friendly.. And working virtually couldn't be more convenient.. Lindsey Pollak.. lindseypollak.. Before working with Monica, I had a bad experience with another bookkeeping service.. So I was skeptical about finding someone who was professional, who would not cause me additional stress, and who, of course, was an expert in bookkeeping.. Monica eliminated my skepticism immediately.. She took over my books, reconciled them properly, and began giving me monthly reports.. Finally I knew my business numbers and felt taken care of by someone who gets my business! The best thing about working with Monica is that the work is done quickly, on time, it's very clear, and there is no drama.. I can see my business growing month by month.. I highly recommend Monica!.. Stefanie Frank.. initiativebasedwriting.. Monica is reliable, competent and thorough.. With Monica managing the books, I feel as if I can leave the invoicing and business tracking to her.. I can focus on the aspects of my business which I enjoy, and that is a huge sense of freedom and relief.. I appreciate the monthly calls we do so that I am sure to look at the patterns of the business and get more clear on where I am doing well and where.. I need to focus attention.. Jennifer Bezoza.. jen@jbconsultants.. I have been working with Monica Ross and her team since 2008.. She has played an instrumental role in bringing my spiritual business coaching company from below the 6-figure mark to the edge of the million dollar mark.. She is always punctual, professional and insightful.. Her team now also handles my payroll in addition to on-going business bookkeeping needs and every month as well as year.. I am so appreciative of the efficient support which allows me to be worry-free when it comes to all of the complex tax needs of running a high-level company.. I recommend Monica to my clients (and many have happily chosen to work with her!) and I now recommend Monica and her team 110% to you.. Heather Dominick.. energyrichcoach.. During these first few years of our start-up we had many challenges and important decisions to face.. With the expertise and cost effective approach of the Virtual Bookkeeping team, we have been able to grow with the assurance that our needs are always their priority.. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a way to make their life easier!.. T Klotz, Director, Windabout Enterprises Inc.. What are your first two non-negotiable criteria for hiring a bookkeeper? For me, it's 1) honesty - can I trust this person to be honest and do I feel that my accounts are safe in their hands? And 2) - are they reliable and accurate? Finally, when human error does happen, are they quickly responsive and take ownership of the problem and the  ...   no desire or time to do, stays in consistent communication with me, keeps things easy and simple, and works beautifully with my CPA when tax season comes round.. Virtual Bookkeeping is one of the best investments I’ve ever made!.. Sonia Miller, President.. SuccessForTheSoul.. From the day on brought on Monica Ross and her team at Virtual Bookkeeping, my business life has gotten easier.. I just dump all the record keeping, QuickBooks updates, tax reporting, and payroll on them and I don't worry about any of it.. The work is virtual, fast, accurate--and the pricing is attractive and the service very responsive.. And personal.. Monica and the gang free me up to do what I do best: bring in business.. Virtual Bookkeeping is perfect for a solo-preneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.. We do much of our business over the web, why not the accounting?.. Gerry Lantz.. President.. STORIES THAT WORK, INC.. Branding and Marketing Communications.. storiesthatwork.. As a Life Purpose and Career Coach (.. http://maggiemistal.. com/.. ),.. I recommend everyone focus on his/her core genius and delegate the rest.. This is especially smart for entrepreneurs.. When we focus on our strengths, we get the best results.. Taking my own advice,.. I have been a client of Virtual Bookkeeping for the last six years.. I have found Monica to be professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and a great help to my business.. I love knowing my financial house is in order without me having to worry about all the details.. I am a CPA and still find its easier more accurate to have Monica updating my books monthly.. The reports i get also help me analyze my revenues and expenses so I can make smart decisions and implement new strategies as needed.. I can't recommend VB enough!.. Maggie Mistal | Career Consultant | Radio Host Speaker.. One of the nation's best known career coaches - CNN.. Ready to.. Soul Search, Research Job Search.. into Your Ideal Career?.. I have worked with Monica Ross since August 2003, and it has been a consistently pleasant experience.. Assigning the bookkeeping duties to Monica has freed up time - not just the time it would have taken to do the books myself, but also the time wasted in mental preoccupation, frustration and procrastination that I previously endured, as a typical small business owner.. Monica's style is professional and courteous, and of course, accurate.. I strongly recommend the services of Virtual Bookkeeping anyone who is in business and who would prefer to be spending their time actually doing business.. Steve Prentice.. Bristall Morgan Inc.. Direct: 905.. 847.. 0741 | Office: 416.. 777.. 6760.. prentice@bristall.. bristall.. Monica Ross is incredible! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of bookkeeping, she is also an excellent teacher.. I wanted to learn QuickBooks in addition to having Monica assist me in the accounting aspect of my business.. Her patience, warmth and light-heartedness actually made a dreaded experience fun! I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to partner with a true professional.. Her customer service is top-notch, her prices are extremely reasonable, and she is a pleasure to work with.. You will breathe a sigh of relief.. I certainly have!.. Lisa G.. Kramer, MSW, CPCC.. Living with Intention.. (610) 527-4511.. lisa@livingwithintention.. livingwithintention.. I was getting bogged down by the challenges of understanding accounting lingo and trying to manage my own books.. It was distracting me from the important task of growing my business.. I decided to hire Monica Ross of Virtual Bookkeeping.. She spent time cleaning up my accounting and now she keeps my books up to date regularly.. She is very reliable and highly communicative and, importantly, I am free to run my business.. I would never go back to working without the services she offers.. Maurine Seguin.. People First Inc.. peoplefirst.. Monica has exceeded my expectations and taken my business to a level I never imagined possible during my first year in business!.. I find Monica to have the highest work ethic and puts 100% plus, into everything she does.. She treats my business as if it is her own business.. Monica is an outstanding person to be affiliated with in business and I would recommend her to work with anyone in a business atmosphere.. Debra Seidel-Bittke.. Dental Practice Solutions.. Portland, Oregon.. Telephone: 503-698-1351.. dentalpracticesolutions.. Modified: May 15, 2012..

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  • Title: Virtual Bookkeeping - Bookkeeping Info
    Descriptive info: bookkeeperList.. - resource for accounting bookkeeping and tax information.. allbookkeepingresource.. – Bookkeeping Resources, Books, Training and Articles.. tectrad.. - A full-size language translation agency with highly qualified professionals in the fields of financial translations and legal translations.. on-biz.. – Ontario Small Business Directory.. Accounting Page.. - Comprehensive Accounting  ...   Financial5.. - All the information you need for international financial anywhere in the world.. Lookdirectory.. - Comprehensive internet web directory.. Financialtax.. - Comprehensive Accounting Services Web Directory.. Financialbest.. - A Comprehensive Financial Web Directory.. Payroll Service Provider.. - Amcheck offers web based payroll services and online payroll service software..

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  • Title: Bookkeeping resources
    Descriptive info: Top 5 Canadian Banks.. Scotia Bank.. Royal Bank.. TD Canada Trust.. Bank of Montreal.. scotiabank.. royalbank.. tdcanadatrust.. bmo.. Top 5 U.. Banks.. JP Morgan Chase.. Bank of America.. Wells Fargo.. chase.. bankofamerica.. wellsfargo.. Where to register your business.. In.. Canada.. In the.. United States.. Australia.. Check Your Tax Refund Status Online.. Canadian citizens can check their refund status online at.. http://www.. cra-arc.. gc.. ca/menu-e.. US citizens can.. check the status of their tax refund at.. irs.. gov/.. Other Resources.. QuickbooksUsers.. - The online community of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro users and experts.. Free support, tips, software, other resources.. Solo-Entrepreneur.. - Small business experts supporting others in finding solo business success with the flexibility and freedom to have a life, too.. Cool Time : A Hands-on Plan.. for Managing Work and Balancing Time.. by Steve Prentice.. A website to find Corporate, Business, Life, and Relationship Coaches in Canada.. Directory CPA.. - CPA Online, Accounting Resource, Accounting service.. AccountingPage.. - Accounting Directory, Audit, Bookkeeping, CPA, CPE, Tax Service Directory.. TAXisle.. - Accounting and Tax Directory.. Find information about accounting, bookkeeping, consultants, CPA, financial services, payroll, tax.. JustAccounting.. - The Biggest.. Accounting Directory.. and Resources.. DirectoryAdvertise.. - Advertisement and Post Portal Web Directory.. AccountingNiche.. -.. , Accounting Service Directory.. Financialdot.. - Best Online Web Directory For Financial Resource.. Business Checks.. Checks America is the best source for business checks and accessories.. Order checks the way you want - online, by fax, mail or phone.. Small Business Planning.. - Learn the disciplines of business design, business planning and business model optimization to ensure both the short and long term success of your startup.. GSA Contracts.. - Federal Schedules secures and optimizes GSA Schedule Contracts for timely delivery.. As a GSA Schedule Contract consultant, they’ve been helping companies do business with the federal government for over 20 years.. Just 4 Finance.. offer a wide selection of insurance jobs, banking jobs accounting jobs and many more finance recruitment jobs.. Comprehensive.. Finance Guide.. resources.. N-R-G Coaching Associates offers programs that enhance the lives of busy working people and the companies and organizations for which they work.. We guide individuals, businesses and organizations to create more fulfilling, satisfying and balanced personal and professional lives by helping  ...   in the United States, Canada, and the UK.. Tax Problems.. - If you are having tax problems with the IRS, check out the Guardian.. Their team of lawyers can give you the help you need.. guardiantaxresolutions.. Accountancy Degree Courses.. - Accountancy degrees at Southampton Solent University revolve around flexibility.. If, like many students, you’re unsure exactly what route to take, at Southampton Solent University, you can switch between the two accountancy programmes after your first year.. We are members of the following Associations.. xe.. Universal Currency Converter.. Convert this amount.. enter any amount.. of this type of currency.. CAD Canada Dollars.. USD United States Dollars.. EUR Euro.. GBP United Kingdom Pounds.. DEM Germany Deutsche Marks.. FRF France Francs.. JPY Japan Yen.. NLG Netherlands Guilders.. ITL Italy Lire.. CHF Switzerland Francs.. DZD Algeria Dinars.. ARS Argentina Pesos.. AUD Australia Dollars.. ATS Austria Schillings.. BSD Bahamas Dollars.. BBD Barbados Dollars.. BEF Belgium Francs.. BMD Bermuda Dollars.. BRL Brazil Real.. BGL Bulgaria Leva.. CLP Chile Pesos.. CNY China Yuan Renminbi.. CYP Cyprus Pounds.. CZK Czech Republic Koruny.. DKK Denmark Kroner.. NLG Dutch (Netherlands) Guilders.. XCD Eastern Caribbean Dollars.. EGP Egypt Pounds.. FJD Fiji Dollars.. FIM Finland Markkaa.. XAU Gold Ounces.. GRD Greece Drachmae.. HKD Hong Kong Dollars.. NLG Holland (Netherlands) Guilders.. HUF Hungary Forint.. ISK Iceland Kronur.. INR India Rupees.. IDR Indonesia Rupiahs.. IEP Ireland Pounds.. ILS Israel New Shekels.. JMD Jamaica Dollars.. JOD Jordan Dinars.. KRW Korea (South) Won.. LBP Lebanon Pounds.. LUF Luxembourg Francs.. MYR Malaysia Ringgits.. MXN Mexico Pesos.. NZD New Zealand Dollars.. NOK Norway Kroner.. PKR Pakistan Rupees.. XPD Palladium Ounces.. PHP Philippines Pesos.. XPT Platinum Ounces.. PLN Poland Zlotych.. PTE Portugal Escudos.. ROL Romania Lei.. RUR Russia Rubles.. SAR Saudi Arabia Riyals.. XAG Silver Ounces.. SGD Singapore Dollars.. SKK Slovakia Koruny.. ZAR South Africa Rand.. KRW South Korea Won.. ESP Spain Pesetas.. XDR Special Drawing Rights (IMF).. SDD Sudan Dinars.. SEK Sweden Kronor.. TWD Taiwan New Dollars.. THB Thailand Baht.. TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollars.. TRL Turkey Liras.. VEB Venezuela Bolivares.. ZMK Zambia Kwacha.. XDR Special Drawing Right (IMF).. scroll down to see.. more currencies.. into this type of currency.. Universal Currency Converter.. service and trade mark under license from.. Terms of Use.. Shop at Amazon.. ca!..

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  • Title: Virtual Bookkeeping - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: You can contact us by phone, fax or e-mail - as indicated below - to discuss bookkeeping services and options for you and your business.. Moncton, NB office.. Telephone:.. 1-855-774-3330.. Toll Free:.. Fax:.. 1-888-853-8415.. E-mail:.. First Name*.. Last Name*.. Company Name.. Phone*.. E-mail*.. Website.. *required.. Which of our services are you  ...   business budgeting.. Which bookkeeping software do you currently use?.. QuickBooks.. ACCPAC.. MYOB.. Other.. If other, please specify.. How did you get to our site?.. Search Engine.. Internet link.. Newspaper.. Friend/Family.. Please tell me a little bit about your business, and how.. can assist you.. Thank You!.. ™.. Modified: June 20, 2013..

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