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  • Title: Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Home Page.. Members.. By-Laws.. Private Career College Association of Nova Scotia.. Message from the President.. PCANS supports consistency, accountability, and excellence in the private post-secondary training sector.. To promote this vision, we co-ordinate and disseminate information on topics relevant to our members through email communication, meetings, as our annual conference.. PCANS acts as  ...   to government policy, post secondary education and training infrastructure, and the parity issues affecting institutions and students.. at career colleges in Nova Scotia.. Executive 2013-2014.. Kimberley Elliott.. President.. elliottk@inst-hse.. ca.. Janice Currie.. Vice President.. jcurrie@successcollege.. Gail Millar.. Past President.. gmillar@easterncollege.. Deb Merry.. Secretary.. dmerry@tecglobal.. net.. Heather Sophocleous.. Treasurer.. hsophocleous@homeed.. com.. Content copyright.. All rights reserved..

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    Descriptive info: Academy of Cosmetology.. Ms.. Angela Ponee.. (902) 469-7788.. http://academyofcosmetology.. (The) Institute For Human Services Education (Truro).. Kimberly Elliott.. (902) 893-3342.. http://www.. inst-hse.. (The) Institute For Human Services Education (Sydney)A.. (902) 564-9337.. Academy of Learning College (Dartmouth).. Mr.. Duane Yeomans.. (902) 469-8973.. academyoflearning.. Academy of Learning College (Halifax).. (902) 455-3395.. Canadian College of Acupunture Traditional Chinese Medicine.. Dr.. Diana Tong Li.. (902) 832-6628.. acupuncturecollege.. Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy.. Jennifer Stuart.. (902) 832-3268.. collegeofmassage.. com/halifax.. Cape Breton Business College.. Brian MacArthur.. (902) 564-2222.. cbbc.. ns.. CAT Centre for Arts and  ...   Commercial Safety Colleg.. e.. Roy Nichols.. (902) 662-2190.. safetycollege.. Concepts School of Cosmetology.. Sheena Butler.. (902) 492-2444.. concepts.. Eastern College.. Debra Johns.. (902) 423-3933.. easterncollege.. ca/.. Island Career Academy.. Henry Johnston.. (902) 564-6112.. islandcareeracademy.. ICT Northumberland College.. Karen MacKenzie (Admissions).. 1-888-862-2230.. ictschools.. Mactech Distance Education.. Marjorie Taylor.. 1-888-622-8324.. homeed.. Maritime Business College.. Janice Currie.. (.. 902) 463-6700.. maritimebusinesscollege.. MBC School of Esthetics.. Rick MacKenzie.. (902) 423-6516.. mbcns.. NS College of Early Childhood Education Society.. Jane Cawley.. (902) 423-7114.. nscece.. Operating Engineers.. Ken Estabrooks.. (902) 865-8844.. oetins.. Success College.. (902) 865-8283.. successcollege..

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    Descriptive info: ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE CAREER.. COLLEGES OF NOVA SCOTIA.. GENERAL BY-LAWS.. FEBRUARY 1995.. MAY 1998.. NOVEMBER 1999.. APRIL 2003.. 1.. ARTICLE 1 - NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION.. This organization shall be known as the PRIVATE COLLEGES ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA (PCANS), herein after called the Association.. This organization shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members and any profits to the organization shall be used in promoting its objectives.. 2.. ARTICLE 2 - INTERPRETATION.. Definitions - in this by-law, unless the context otherwise requires:.. Act means the Canada Corporations Act and any statute that may be substituted therefore, as from time to time amended;.. Appoint includes elect and vice versa;.. Association means the Private Colleges Association of Nova Scotia (PCANS);.. By-laws means this by-law and all other by-laws of the Association from time to time in force and effect;.. Meetings of Members means annual meetings of members or special meetings of members;.. Save as aforesaid, words and expressions defined in the Act have the same meanings when used herein; and words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa; words importing gender include the masculine, feminine and neuter genders; words importing persons include individuals, partnerships and bodies corporate.. 3.. ARTICLE 3 - AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION.. The objectives of the Association are as follows:.. to establish an organization that will be properly representative of Nova Scotia private colleges on a policy level;.. to present the views of the Private colleges to provincial authorities;.. to promote the interest and general welfare of the Nova Scotia private colleges;.. to create and maintain a provincial climate within which private colleges may train their students in the knowledge and skills required in business, industry and government;.. to foster and promote research in career education programs of member colleges, whereby these colleges may fulfill the ever-changing needs of their respective local communities;.. to promote high educational standards, and develop a Code of Ethics for Nova Scotia private colleges;.. to conduct general promotional activities on a provincial level;.. to promote mutual respect, goodwill, harmony and better understanding among members;.. to disseminate information of a general, economic, social, educational and governmental character and to secure and present the views of the members to other organizations, governmental agencies, legislatures and the public;.. to seek representation by private colleges on the regulation boards of the province;.. to promote the best interest and general welfare of the students of private colleges.. 4.. ARTICLE 4 - BUSINESS OF THE ASSOCIATION.. Financial Year.. - The financial year of the Association shall be from May 1.. st.. to April 30.. th.. of each year.. Office.. - Until changed, the office of the Association shall be deemed to be that of the current President.. Execution of Instruments.. - Contracts, deeds, transfers, assignments obligations, certificates and other instruments may be signed on behalf of the Association by the president and one other who holds the office of vice-president, secretary or treasurer.. Banking Arrangements.. - the banking business of the Association including, without limitation, the borrowing of money and the giving of security therefore shall be transacted with such banks, trust companies or other organizations as may from time to time be designated by or under the authority of the Executive Committee may from time to time prescribe or authorize.. 5.. ARTICLE 5 - MEMBERSHIP.. Classes of Members.. - There shall be three classes of members in the Association: regular members, associate members and honorary members.. Regular Members.. - A regular member is any private college registered with the Nova Scotia Department of Education and actively engaged in the business of private training in Nova Scotia without interruption in registration for a minimum of one year and which is:.. accepted as a member by the Executive;.. has paid the required annual membership fee as determined from time to time by the Members; and.. has forwarded to the Association a copy of the current year's registration certificate.. Associate Members.. - An associate member is any person, firm or corporation who:.. is engaged in a trade, business or profession which in the ordinary course of business supplies goods or services used by Private Colleges; or.. is employed by a regular member; or.. operates a private college outside of Nova Scotia; and.. Has been accepted as a member by the Executive; and.. Has paid the required annual membership fees as determined from time to time by the Membership.. Honorary Members.. - The Membership in its sole discretion may designate such persons as it sees fit from time to time as honorary members.. Membership for Multiple Locations.. - All private colleges owned by the same individual owner(s) or partnership or corporate entity shall have the following options:.. to apply for one regular membership which includes all locations; or.. to apply for an individual membership for each location.. Membership for Franchised Operations.. - Any one franchise operated by a franchisee shall maintain a regular membership for such location.. In the event a franchisee operates more than one location, the franchisee shall have the options allowed to members with multiple locations as set forth in Article 5.. 5.. Voting Privileges.. - Each regular member shall be entitled to one vote at meetings of members.. Associate members and honorary members shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of members.. Withdrawal from Membership.. - Any association member may withdraw from the PCANS by sending written notice to the President of the Association.. Expulsion or Suspension of Members.. - A member my be expelled or suspended by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of the Membership:.. if such member has violated the by-laws, standing rules of Code of Ethics of the Association or any federal, provincial or municipal statutes;.. if the conduct of such member or an owner, officer or employee of such member is prejudicial to the interests of the Association.. Notice of Expulsion or Suspension.. - Save and except for termination for failure to pay membership dues pursuant to Article 5 in which no notice shall be required, a notice in writing of expulsion or suspension shall be sent to such member by registered mail at least 45 days before such member is expelled or suspended.. Such notice shall outline the reasons for the expulsion or suspension and shall state the time and place of the meeting of the Executive at which such expulsion or suspension shall be considered.. Right to Appeal Expulsion or Suspension.. - A member who is expelled or suspended as a member of the Association shall be entitled to apply for reinstatement for the membership at any time after one year elapsed from the date of expulsion or suspension.. Loss of Membership Privileges.. - A member who withdraws from membership or is expelled or suspended shall immediately lose all membership privileges.. Surrender of Association Records.. - A member who withdraws from membership or is expelled or suspended shall forthwith surrender to the Association all documents, books, records, or other property of the Association in  ...   financial report for the year for the Annual meeting of the Association;.. be a signing Officer of the Association;.. be responsible for collecting membership fees;.. send out reminder notices to all members who have not paid the annual dues within 60 days;.. see that certificates of membership, lists of members, and procedures for new applications to the Association are taken care of in an orderly and prompt fashion;.. 9.. perform such other duties as the President or the Executive Committee shall specify.. 9.. ARTICLE 9 - COMMITTEES.. Appointment of Committees.. - The President, with the consent and approval of the Executive Committee, may appoint members or others to special committees or standing committees and shall designate the Chairperson of each such committee.. Unless otherwise unanimously agreed upon by the Executive Committee appointment to a committee shall terminate at the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting of Members.. Transaction of Business.. - The powers of a committee may be exercised by a meeting at which a quorum is present or by resolution in writing signed by all the members of such committee who would have been entitled to vote on that resolution at a meeting of the committee.. Meetings of committees may be held at such time and place as the committee may from time to time deem necessary or desirable.. - A majority of the members of a committee present at a meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.. Notice of Meetings.. - The Chairperson of the committee shall notify all members of the committee of the time, place, and intended purpose of the meeting.. Report and Approval of Activities.. - No committee shall develop policy for the Association without the approval of the Executive Committee.. All committees must report all activities to the Executive Committee.. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees.. 10.. ARTICLE 10 - ELECTION OF OFFICERS.. Voting.. - Officers shall be elected by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting of Members at which elections are held.. All Regular Members shall be entitled to vote on the election of any officer.. 11.. ARTICLE 11 - PROTECTION OF OFFICERS AND OTHERS.. Limitation of Liability.. - Subject to the provisions of the Act, no officer shall be liable for the acts, receipts, neglects or defaults of any other officer or employee or for any loss, damage or expense happening to the Association through the insufficiency or deficiency of title to any property acquired for or on the behalf of the Association or for the insufficiency or deficiency of any security in or upon which any of the monies of the Association shall be invested, or for any loss or damage arising from the bankruptcy, insolvency, or tortuous acts of any person with whom any of the monies, securities of effects of the Association shall be deposited, or for any loss occasioned by any error of judgment or oversight on the part of any officer or from any loss, damage or misfortune whatever which shall happen in the execution of the duties of such officer or in relation thereto unless the same are occasioned by the willful neglect or default of such officer; provided however that nothing herein shall relieve any officer from the duty to act in accordance with the Act and the regulations thereunder or from liability for an breach thereof.. Indemnity.. - Subject to the limitations contained in the Act, the Association shall indemnify each officer, committee member, member of any committee, panel or any other person who undertakes any liability on behalf of the Association, and their respective heirs and legal representatives, from and against all costs, charges and expenses reasonably incurred in respect of any claim, suit or proceeding brought against such party by reason of his or her involvement in the Association, including any amount paid to settle an action or satisfy a judgment unless:.. Such person shall be held to be liable for willful misconduct of negligence in the final judgment in any claim, suit or proceeding; or.. Where there is no final judgment, the member of the Association in general meeting determine by majority vote that such party suffered or incurred such costs, charges or expenses as a result of willful misconduct or negligence.. 12.. ARTICLE 12 - MEETINGS OF MEMBERS.. Annual Meetings.. - The Annual General Meeting of Members of the Association shall be held such time each year and at such place in or outside of the province as shall be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee, for the following purposes:.. to elect officers at the end of term of office;.. To receive the annual report of committees;.. To approve financial statements;.. To ratify any changes to the by-laws;.. To transact such other business as may be necessary.. Written notice of such meeting shall be forwarded to each member of the Association, no later than twenty (20) days prior to the date of the meeting.. Such notice shall be sent to the last recorded address of each member.. Special Meetings.. Special meetings of the Association shall be held at the call of the President with the approval of the Executive Committee, or upon receipt of a written request of not less than ten (10) members of the Association.. Written notice of special meetings will be forwarded by the Secretary to the last recorded address of each member of the Association.. Such notice shall specify the purpose, date and place of such meeting.. Written notice of such meeting may be waived by a majority of the members of the Association.. Thirty (30) percent of the voting members of the Association must be present at an Annual or Special Meeting to constitute a quorum.. In the event of a lesser attendance, the meeting shall be adjourned to a later date.. Written notice of the date and place of such deferred meeting shall be forwarded to each member of the Association no later than twenty (20) days prior to the meeting, and shall be sent to the last recorded address of each member.. Should a quorum, as hereinbefore set out, not be present at the deferred meeting, then those in attendance shall constitute a quorum for voting purposes.. 13.. ARTICLE 13 - RULE OF ORDER AT MEETINGS.. Unless otherwise provided by these By-laws or by rules and regulations established pursuant hereto, all meetings of the Association and Committees shall be conducted by generally accepted Canadian Parliamentary procedure - Roberts Rules or Order (Revised).. 14.. ARTICLE 14 - AMENDMENT TO THE BY-LAWS.. Any proposed amendments to these by-laws must be first submitted and reviewed by the Executive Committee before being presented to the membership.. At least two weeks (14 days) prior to Meeting at which an amendment will be presented, a copy of such amendment must be sent to every Regular Member of the Association.. A vote of a two-thirds majority of voting members present at a meeting is required to pass an amendment of the By-laws..

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