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  • Title: Networking Today - The Canadian Business Networking Resource
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About.. Articles.. Events.. Groups.. Directory.. Advertise.. Contact.. Promote Your Group.. Promote Your Business.. 44 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Remembered!.. Email:.. *.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. * required field.. Profitable follow-up strategies to make your networking work.. BONUS: Free subscription to NT News.. We'll never sell or share your email.. Claim Your Free Guide.. Each month Networking Today News features networking and business articles to help you connect with professionals, build relationships grow your business.. Networking Today Canada.. Searching for a professional networking group in your area?.. Need expert advice/resources to grow your business or sales team?.. Want to boost your online presence and attract more clients?.. If you answered yes, you're in the right place.. Networking Today has the most comprehensive database of networking groups and associations to help you connect face-to-face.. Click the "View Groups" button to find networking opportunities in your city (and if your group is not shown, click on "Promote Your Group" for a free listing.. ).. If you're looking for expert advice and resources, check out our searchable.. Article Archive.. library.. There are 900+ articles written by industry experts and each month new articles are added.. Find out how you can showcase your business on Networking Today – see our.. Advertising Packages.. …and discover how you can advertise free!.. Networking Today is….. Connecting professionals.. Building relationships.. Growing businesses.. Discovering resources.. Advancing careers.. …a way of life!.. Let's Get Networking!.. Follow these steps to find out about businesses and networking groups in a Canadian city near you.. Networking Groups.. A growing list of networking sessions and groups in Canada.. Find the right networking opportunity for your business and schedule.. View Groups.. Networking Events.. Special events, seminars and workshops with networking elements.. New events are posted regularly so be sure to keep an eye on these.. View Events.. Business Directory.. Local businesses with a flair for networking and community involvement.. All listed business are managed by locally active networkers.. View Businesses.. Calgary, AB:.. Quick List ».. Halifax, NS:.. Kitchener, ON:.. London, ON:.. Ottawa, ON:.. Regina, SK:.. Stratford, ON:.. Toronto, ON:.. Vancouver, BC:.. Vancouver Island, BC:.. Winnipeg, MB:.. Choose a city to visit or just use the Quick List.. Networking Tip of the Month.. When networking, focus on being of service and building relationships.. Those relationships can then lead to sales or referrals,  ...   Mistake I Ever Made.. Author: Marsha Friedman.. Recently, a colleague asked me, "What was the most rewarding mistake you ever made in business?".. What is YOUR Billion Dollar Pitch?.. Author: Bob Circosta.. There is one key in getting others to respond to what you have.. What's One Way of Marketing Yourself That Nobody Else is Doing?.. Author: Jeff Beals.. Here's a question to ponder: What's one way of marketing yourself that none of your friends or colleagues are doing?.. View & Search Article Archive.. Search Articles.. in Titles.. in Content.. by Author.. Search Networked Businesses.. select.. Ottawa.. Winnipeg.. Calgary.. Regina.. Kitchener.. Toronto.. Halifax.. Vancouver.. London.. National.. by City.. Ontario.. Manitoba.. Saskatchewan.. Alberta.. Quebec.. Newf'l'd Lab.. P.. E.. I.. British Columbia.. Nova Scotia.. New Brunswick.. Yukon.. N.. W.. T.. Nunavut.. Nationwide.. by Province.. Featured Networking Ninja.. Story Works.. Category: Advertising & Marketing.. Use your story to connect and build relationships online as strong – or stronger – as you do to connect.. Networking Today Canada, Nationwide.. View details.. View more networked businesses.. in Networking Today Canada, Nat'l.. Special Events.. MoMondays.. Date:.. Mon, Oct 13th, 2014 5:00 pm.. , Ontario.. More ».. Starting a Small Business Seminar.. Wed, Oct 15th, 2014 6:00 pm.. Divine Alignment: An Evening of Restorative Yoga and Vibrational Sound Healing.. Fri, Oct 17th, 2014 8:00 pm.. Tillsonburg.. BPW Monthly Meeting.. Tue, Oct 21st, 2014 6:00 pm.. Bridges to Better Business Entrepreneurs Conference.. Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 8:00 am.. Business Planning Basics-Session 1.. Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 6:00 pm.. InTouch Group.. Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014 11:00 am.. 2015 - Make It Happen! Free Webinar with Susan Regier.. Thu, Oct 30th, 2014 1:00 pm.. November Networking at London Small Business Centre.. Wed, Nov 5th, 2014 5:30 pm.. Awakening the Heart.. Wed, Nov 5th, 2014 6:00 pm.. Spiritual Café at Indigo Lounge.. Wed, Nov 5th, 2014 7:30 pm.. Thu, Nov 6th, 2014 11:00 am.. Group Shamanic Drum Healing.. Fri, Nov 21st, 2014 8:00 pm.. Integrated Energy Therapy Training (IET®) Certification Classes.. Sat, Nov 22nd, 2014 9:30 am.. Networking Menu.. Article Archives.. Biz Directory.. About Us.. Advertise Here.. Contact Us.. Networking Ninja.. Do you have mad networking skills?.. Show it off by becoming a.. !.. Promote Your Business - Advertise on NetworkingToday.. com.. Site by In House Logic.. 1998-2014 - Networking Today Franchise |.. Privacy Policy.. A Vantage One Writing Project..

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  • Title: Article Archive - Networking Today
    Descriptive info: Networking Today National Articles.. There were 915 Articles found in the Archives.. 2014.. 8 Steps to Making Decisions Decisively.. Author: Jen Lawrence.. The Energetic Pitfalls of Networking.. Author: Milissa Harding.. How To Be A Reporter's Favorite News Source.. Author: Ginny Grimsley.. Make It Personal And They Might Actually Read It.. Networking with Impact: 3 Tips to Say What You Do So People Want to Know More.. Author: Carolyn Ellis.. Who Should Be Making Commitments In The Sales Process?.. Author: Bob Urichuck.. Get Your Message To Prospects Without Breaking CASL Rules.. 5 P's for Your Social Media Marketing Success.. Author: Jeremy Juhasz.. Do Closing Techniques Still Work?.. How to Overcome Excuses.. Author: Dan Waldschmidt.. Stepping Into Your Entrepreneur Spotlight.. Top 10 Ways People Go Broke.. Author: Mike Finley.. 5 Steps To Win The Battle Of Impostor Syndrome.. 7 Fun Tenets of Business that You Can Apply to Life.. Author: David M.. Smith.. 8 Must-Know Tips to Grow Your Business.. Author: Berny Dohrmann.. 12 Self-Motivation Tips.. Consciousness Matters! Why Leaders Can't Afford to Be Without It.. Author: Dr.. Shelley Reciniello.. Six Business Lessons I Learned From My Father.. Author: J.. D.. "Jamey" Power IV.. Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation – And What It Means For Your Marketing.. Cut Through the Clutter & Connect with Clients.. 5 Benefits of Writing a Business Book.. Author: Tanya Hall.. How to Overcome Excuses - 6 Tips to Gain the Edge & Meet Your Goals.. Mentors: The Springboard to your Small Business Success.. Author: Mariano Squaiera and Cristian Rennella.. Networking Tips for Introverted Entrepreneurs.. Very Important Tools But Nothing More Than Tools.. Tooting Your Own Horn or Informing Your Prospects.. Age Is Just A Number.. Author: Janet Christensen.. Can Quiet Entrepreneurs Succeed in Business?.. 4 Design Tips That Will Save You Money And Promote Your Business.. Author: Jane Atkinson-White.. Being In The Moment.. A Tribute to Mom.. Author: Barbara Bartlein.. You Want People On Fire With Passion & Desire.. Author: Laurie Hawkins.. 5 Ways You May Be Giving Away Your Power In A Sales Conversation.. The Grass Just Might Be Greener on YOUR Side of the Fence.. Effective Feedback is Not a Sandwich or a Seagull.. Author: Kevin Higgins.. Customers Should Never Hear the Word -Policy-.. Building Effective Collaboration: Why Playing Nice is Ruining Your Business.. Author: John Canfield.. Five Ways to Use Your Brain to Build a Better Business.. Author: Michael Vaughan.. Rock Star Secrets: Turning Passion into Profits.. Author: Steve Jones.. Energy Suckers & Bullying.. Posted Above a Pencil Sharpener: One Family's Multi-Generational Motto for Success.. Top 5 Kick Starters to the Almighty Customer Experience.. Author: Nancy Friedman.. No I don't want fries with my Diet Coke.. Are You A Cyberslacker?.. Transition: the Blind Spot for Many Business Owners.. Author: Kathleen Richardson-Mauro & Jane Johnson.. Are Your Meetings a Waste of Time?.. 3 Ways to Make Yourself Quotable on Social Media.. Author: Daniel L.. Wick.. Facebook Made Changes.. Is It Still Working For Your Business?.. Prepare for Prosperity: Marketing Yourself in 2014.. Mix & Mingle Like the World's 100 Most Powerful People.. Turning Goal Setting Into Results.. 10 New Year's Resolutions For the Servant Leader.. Author: Mark Miller.. The One Leadership Secret You Can't Ignore.. Author: Vinay Nadig.. Can Mindfulness Raise Your Net Worth?.. Stephen Josephs.. Writing Your Personal Calling Card.. 2013.. December is Write a Business Plan Month: How to Include Your Marketing Strategy.. Teaching an Old Brand New Tricks.. Do You Offer a Unique Client Experience?.. Here's How You Can Create One.. Author: Andrew Sobel.. The One Leadership Secret You Can't Ignore.. And The 5 Daily Practices To Make It Work.. The 5 Most Effective Tips on Learning How to Think Rather Than What to Think.. The 12 Worst Holiday Email Marketing Mistakes.. Author: Robert Burko.. Making Time For Business Growth.. Twitter IPO is Prompting Changes for Users.. 'We Appreciate Your Business' MARKETING by Walking Around.. Google AdWords and Trademark Infringement.. Author: Barbara Bidner.. A Lesson in Moral Judgment.. Author: Professor Jill Gabrielle Klein.. J.. Power's 10 Things I've Learned in Business.. Author: James "David" Power III.. How a Blank Piece of Paper Can be the Best Tool for Your Small Business.. Author: Michael E.. Gerber.. Been There, Done That: A How -To Guide from a Real-World Entrepreneur (Part II).. Author: Lawton Ursrey.. Business Lessons I've Learned as a Small Business CEO.. Soaring Communication Lessons from One of History's Biggest Days.. Killer Words of Customer Service Are You Driving Your Customers Away.. Author: Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor.. Pursue the Passionate, Avoid the Zombies.. Author: Mark Hopkins.. The Good, Bad, and Ugly - Social Media's Impact on your Brand.. Author: Bob Kelleher.. Been There, Done That: A How-To Guide from a Real-World Entrepreneur (Part I).. Mastering The Wine List: 5 Keys To Building Social Currency – The Business Dinner.. Author: Jim Laughren.. The Reviews Are in! An Easy Way to Reach the Right People.. Lessons From My Father: Three Strategies for Resilience and Survival.. Jill Gabrielle Klein.. 10 Steps to Reduce Stress in Your Life.. Author: John Koeberer.. How Small Businesses Can Turn a Slow Summer into a Productive One.. Author: Nancy Harris.. Plan Ahead for Your Online Hereafter.. Author: Hillel L.. Presser.. Blind Curves.. An Ideal Summer Read.. A Kentucky-Fried Marketing Lesson on Free Media Coverage.. Cell Phone Frustrations.. How To Get More Leads Out Of Your Network.. How To Get Participants To Participate.. Author: Karen Susman.. Are Negotiation Skills a Lost Art? 9 Effective Negotiating Skills That Are Still Around.. Communication That Satisfies Your Buyer's Eight Key Concerns.. How To Network at Trade Shows To Enhance Your Job Search?.. Author: Mary Whitaker.. Harness the Power of the Pause: Using Silence to Create Opportunities.. 3 Reasons Why Prospects Don't Return Your Calls.. Author: Kelley Robertson.. Set Your Company Up for Fundraising Success and Community Building.. Author: Jennifer Warawa.. Take the Telephone Doctor I.. Q.. Quiz.. Author:.. Want to Succeed in Business? Try These 5 Personal Lifestyle Makeover Tips.. Author: Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi.. Lead With Creative Tension: 10 Exercises To Figure Out Where You and Your Team Are Going.. As Self-Publishing Explodes, 4 Tips for Authors.. Author: Catherine Foster.. Spring Cleaning for Your Personal Brand.. The Five Why Method of Change.. Author: Moe Glenner.. Networking.. At The Edge Of Your Comfort Zone.. Author: Sue Bennett.. Social Media Marketing in Times of Tragedy.. Carol Doesn't Work Here Anymore.. Are You Using Your Network Effectively?.. Turn Crisis into Opportunity with Superior Customer Experience.. Author: Brad Smith.. The Perfect Time To Get Media Attention.. Stress Management: There Are Only 3 Things To Do.. The Wise Company: Is a Degree Required?.. Melissa Luke.. Your Best Marketing Tool is Still the Most Basic One.. Your Real Business; Your Real Job.. A Resolution for Business Success: Build a Better Leadership System.. Ray Benedetto and Tom Walter.. Selling Sawdust to a Lumber Mill.. Presentation Skills: Never Stop Learning.. Leadership is SO yesterday!.. Stir the Ingredients for a Career Change.. Author: Paul Freiberger.. You Better Get to Know "Spot".. Author: Jeff Beal.. Back to Basics: Good Old Common Sense Tips.. Writing a New Book? Here Are the Tools.. Author: Michael Levin.. Learning from Instagram's Faux Pas.. How You Can Use Kindle to Generate Free Business Leads.. Author: John S.. Rizzo & V.. Michael Santoro.. Should You Sign Up For A Tradeshow Booth?.. Author: Susan Ratz.. Ten Tips to Kick Off 2013 the Right Way.. Making Your First Impression Count at Networking Events.. Hail to the Selfish Employee.. 5 Visual Social Media Tips for Small Businesses.. Author: David Lee King.. Two Words You Should Use More Often.. Eight Reasons Why It May Be a Bad Idea to Submit That Proposal.. How To Use Radio Advertising.. Author: Jordan Stevens.. 2012.. 5 Steps To Take Before December 31 To Increase Your Bottom Line In 2013.. Author: Jackie Emmons.. Step Away From the Table.. Author: Joanna Rogister.. Reshaping Social Media in 2013.. 11 Relationship-Building Pitfalls You Must Avoid: Part II.. 5 Keys To Creating a Powerful Brand.. Tap into the Power of Thanks.. Author: Todd Patkin.. Timing is Everything!.. Top 4 Social Media Pet Peeves.. What to Wear.. Author: Diane Gordon.. How Music Can Change Wait Time Perception.. 11 Relationship-Building Pitfalls You Must Avoid: Part I.. How to be Human Online & Connect with Customers in the Process.. 6 Helpful Retail Customer Service Tips.. Dodging Tomatoes: How To Recover From Presentation Catastrophes.. Permission Based Marketing Is Just That – It Requires Permission!.. 10 Questions You Should Ask Each of Your Clients Every Year.. Tons of Room at the Top: The Attitude & Altitude of Success.. A Class in Conversion: Getting Back to Retail Basics with the Back-to-School Season.. Author: Mark Ryski.. Find the Fun in Your Field.. Author: Michelle LaBrosse and Kristen LaBrosse.. For Communication to Succeed, Find The Commonality.. How to Screen a Company for a Good Culture Fit.. Author: Thomas J.. Walter & Molly Meyer.. The Client Relationship Checkup: Ten Questions the Doctor Would Ask You.. Facebook & Your Business: The Anatomy of an Effective Facebook Post.. Author: Seth Lieberman.. 9 Strategies To Stay In Touch When There's No Business.. 4 Steps to Building Community the Right Way.. Author: Ellie Scarborough.. Get More Visibility: Leverage Everything You Do.. I See You Everywhere.. Knowledge is Power.. Claim Your Independence Through Learning.. Author: Michelle LaBrosse & Kristen LaBrosse, CAPM®, Co-Author.. Nine Action Steps to Take You Where You Want to Go.. Author: David Neagle.. Top 5 Reasons YOU Should Be On-Camera.. Who Cares?!!? It's All about Them.. 5 Places To Look For Your Brand’s Story.. Author: Jim Signorelli.. Email Frustrations (Yup, They're Still Around).. The “Wisdom” of Borrowing for Small Business.. Author: Victor Green.. 5 Things Marketers Can Learn From The Meaning Of Stories.. 7 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Asking for the Sale.. 6 Steps to Turn Event Sponsorships Into Big Profits.. Author: Angelique Rewers.. Make Your Voice Mail Stand Out in the Sea of Sameness.. Best Gift for the College Graduate- Advice and the P4’s.. Author: Peggy Noe Stevens.. Lose the Business Plan! 6 Steps to Professional and Financial Success.. Author: Todd Bates.. The Entrepreneur Wealth Cycle – The 6 Keys to Building Wealth.. Author: Greg Crabtree.. Ownership Wins Every Time!.. Spring Clean Your Social Media Profile.. Author: Jennifer Vickery.. Ask, Don’t Tell: Using Power Questions to Deepen Your Relationships, Part III.. I Am Terrific! A Lesson in StoryBranding™.. Sales Secrets from Baja California.. Your Attitude – How Successful Are You? 8 Steps to Get You There.. Removing the Barriers for Speed.. Author: Michelle LaBrosse.. Ask, Don’t Tell: Using Power Questions to Build Peer Relationships and Unlock the Sale, Part II.. The 6 C’s of StoryBranding: A Breakthrough Approach To Identify and Develop A Compelling Brand Story.. Big Mama's Picture Goes on the Business Card.. Grow Your Small Business Now! 5 ways to flourish despite the recession.. Author: Doug and Polly White.. 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Using an iPad on a Sales Call.. Author: Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”.. The Rule of Thirds.. The Missing “Soft Skills” of Technology.. Ask, Don’t Tell: Using Power Questions to Engage with Prospects, Part I.. 5 Networking No-no’s.. How to Dress for Networking Success.. Author: Barbara Aleks Hecht.. An Introvert's Guide to Networking.. Author: Lisa Petrilli.. 12 Essential Relationship Principles for the New Year – Part II.. 13 Rules For Presenting A Big Topic In A Short Time.. Fifty and Forgotten: How to Find your Next Job When No One Wants to Hire You.. Author: Tucker Mays and Bob Sloane.. 10 Ways to Realize Hidden Opportunities.. Pay-Per-Click Management Services Don’t Cost, They Pay - 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own PPC.. Author: Scott Harvey.. 12 Essential Relationship Principles for the New Year – Part I.. Time Mastery for Entrepreneurs.. Big Marketing Power in a Little Word.. Customers Are Gold.. Making 2012 More Pop than Poop.. Author: Doug and Polly White.. Considering the Double Bottom Line in your Business.. Author: Chris Moss.. 2011.. 7 Tips for Networking During the Holidays.. What Separates the Good Marketers from the Great Ones?.. Buyer Be Aware – How To Position Your Company for Maximum Exit Value.. Author: Chris Blees, CPA/ABV, CM&AA.. The Good Boss: Insights for a Healthy and Productive Workplace.. Author: Jim & Matt Finkelstein.. 7 Steps to a Drama-Free Office.. Author: Kaley Klemp and Jim Warner.. How to Lose a Prospect’s Attention in 5 Seconds or Less.. Want to Add More Value? Don't Ask Your Client.. Don’t Have a Facebook Business Page? Why You Must Suck It Up & Create Your Facebook Business Page Today.. Author: Suzen Pettit.. Managing Your Online Brand in the World's Best & Worst Marketplace.. One Question Every Small Business Owner Must Answer.. Social Media as a Negotiating Tool.. Author: Mark Hunter.. The 4 Forces of Cash Flow – How Not to Stress Out Your Cash Cow.. Author: Greg Crabtree.. Why Your Customer Doesn’t Like Your Price.. 5 Tips To Working With The Office Drama Diva.. Business Exit Planning - Can Your Business Survive If You Could No Longer Manage It Tomorrow?.. Author: Sara LaForest and Tony Kubica.. Five “Musts” for Creating a Great First Impression for your Employee.. Author: Polly White.. Senior Citizen Customer Service Etiquette.. The Digital Native - 5 Things You Need To Know About This Generation To Succeed In Business.. Author: Michelle Manafy.. Sinatra and the 4 Levels of Client Loyalty.. Creating a Culture and Brand That Makes and Actually Keeps Brand Promises.. Author: Sara Laforest and Tony Kubica.. Go Ahead and Fire Your Customer.. Author: Mark Hunter.. Local Search Marketing with Google Places: 7 Ways to Get More Clicks & More Business Guaranteed.. Is The Customer Always Right?.. Author: Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor.. Personal Target Audience Is Liberating.. Networking as Your Sole Marketing Vehicle.. What Did You Learn From The Last Sale You Lost?.. The Sacrifices of the Leader.. Author: Gregg Thompson.. The Fit Factor.. Author: Jim Beqaj.. How To Improve Sales Negotiation Skills.. Author: Jeremy Ulmer.. 14 Things Sales People Should Never Stop Doing.. LinkedIn Marketing Question – Seriously, How Different Are You?.. Author: Kristina Jaramillo.. Why A Sabbatical Can Lead To Professional Wellness.. Author: Rita Foley.. 4 Easy Steps to Red Hot, Red Carpet Product Placement.. Author: Susan J.. Ashbrook.. It’s Better to Be Different than It Is to Be Better.. Follow-Up or Forget It: 21 Ways To Keep In Touch and Turn Business Cards Into Gold.. Selling a Price Increase: Is There a Good Time?.. Why Social Media Is Like a Thong Bikini.. Author: LaRae Quy.. Can you hear the Knock of Opportunity?.. Discounting to Create Cash Flow? Be Careful.. Your “Second” Impression Warning…A Sure Fire Way To Make Or Break A Great First Impression.. Top 10 Sales Coaching Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills.. Author: Jeremy Ulmer.. “What Side of the Ball Do You Want to Play On?” The Importance of Listening.. Your Customer’s PIR: Price Investment Ratio.. Why You Should Laugh Your Way To Better Sales Results.. The Emotionally Powerful Leader.. Healthy Living Is a Prerequisite for Success.. Life Balance: A Few Ways To Achieve More Balance More Often.. How to Influence Employees to Get Things Done Correctly on Time Without Using Positional Authority.. Author: Sara LaForest and Tony Kubica.. Top 10 Sales Coaching Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills.. The Best Information Comes From Short Questions.. Astrology Meets Business…Why Understanding The Zodiac Can Improve Your Business.. Author: Judy Smith.. How a Lack of Body Confidence is Holding You Back.. Author: Melonie Dodaro.. How Not to Work Evenings & Weekends.. Small Business Growth Quiz…7 Market-Focused Questions You Must Ask To Help You Grow.. Author: Tony Kubica & Sara LaForest.. How To Deal With Criticism From Your Sales Manager.. Are You Giving Away Your Profit?.. What The Weight Loss Industry Is Afraid You’ll Hear - Is Fast Weight Loss Healthy, Safe and Possible?.. Ten Ways to Market Yourself in 2011.. Why Buyers Love to Delay Buying.. Top 4 Sales Excuses That Stop You From Winning More Clients.. Turn “Socializing” into “Networking”.. A Short Course on the Art of Apologizing.. 10 Ways to Differentiate Your Customer Service & Make Your Clients Actually Feel Valued.. Twelve Questions to Ask Yourself Before Every Presentation.. New Year's Resolutions Made Easy.. Don’t Waste a Challenging Economy.. Wellness Tips to Keep Your Mind, Body and Soul “In the Green”.. Author: Michelle LaBrosse & Erica Edmond.. LinkedIn Secrets – 3 Reasons Why Most Small Business Owners Fail To Attract Clients Using LinkedIn.. A Great Client Relationship – Are You Sure?.. What Does Your Customer Really Value?.. 2010.. Why Buyers Don’t Like Salespeople.. It's All About Tone of Voice and the Words We Use.. Focus on the Most Fascinating Thing.. Sales Coach Tips: Top 4 Sales Excuses That Stop You From Winning More Clients.. Project Management: The Business of Green.. Loud and Clear: Six Tips for Communicating in a Way That Truly Resonates.. Author: Nancy Duarte.. Social Media Outsourcing Guide – How to Choose the Right Social Media Consultant for  ...   the Pursuit of Both.. Negotiating in a Three-Dimensional World.. Author: David Lax & James Sebenius.. The Power of Choice.. Author: Janet Christensen.. Networking in the Job Search World.. Finding Your Career Direction.. The Secret Weapon Every Savvy Exhibitor Should Use.. 21 Ways to GREAT Customer Service.. Home Financing Made Easy - Part Two.. 2006.. Is Your Résumé Only Doing Half Its Job?.. Things Your Customers Never Want to Hear.. POP – How to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Crowded Market.. Resiliency Part II: Ten Ways To Build Resiliency.. The Three C’s of Leadership.. Author: Rich Fredricksen.. Home Financing Made Easy - Part One.. Selling Vacant Homes.. Running a Home Based Business …is not always a Bed of Roses.. Secrets of Successful Interviewing.. Author: Hugh Murray & David Friedman.. Training: Rounding Up the Usual Suspects.. Author: Abhay Padgaonkar.. Resiliency: Seven Traits of People Who Bounce Back from Stress.. That's Entertainment: Adding Some Show Biz to Your Tradeshow Exhibit.. Financing Commercial Properties.. Why “Neutral” is Vital when Selling a Home.. Healthy Breasts for a Lifetime.. Priya Joshi.. The Meaning of Hunger.. Author: Mary Desaulniers.. Priya Joshi.. “No Problem” Attitude Builds Customer Loyalty.. The Power of One.. How to Manage Email Overload: 7 Steps To Get You Started.. Is it Time to Leave Self-Employment Behind?.. Author: Maria Marsala.. Burn Your Boat.. Are You Passive, Average, or Proactive?.. Getting the Most from the Web's Most-Used Search Engine.. Author: Michael Miller.. Dirty Little Secrets: Five Things Trade Show Attendees Don't Want You To Know.. Are You Ready to Jump Ship? Vacation Time is an Opportunity to Reevaluate Your Career.. “Reality TV” versus Real Staging.. Brown.. Got Feedback? Read Your Audience.. Telling Ain’t Selling.. Media Darlings: The Top Ten Do’s & Don’ts of Working with the Press.. Friedmann, CSP.. Six Models for Building a Client Franchise.. Be a Substitute.. Successful People Have Difficulty Changing.. The Power of Podcasting…What Exhibitors Need To Know.. The Strangest Secret.. The Seven Lingering Effects of Bad Customer Service.. Get Involved …with your Competitors!.. Author: Jennifer Murray.. Renewal at Home.. 10 Proven Ways to Say No to Someone Who Wants to "Pick Your Brain".. Customers for Life!.. New Promotion, New Clients – Now What? Building a New Client Base.. What To Do When Nothing’s New: Five Strategies for Success.. Try the “Waiter Rule” to Evaluate People.. Staging to Sell…With Pets.. Virtual Assistants…Six Questions You Need Answered.. Two Unexpected Zen Masters.. Say Good-bye to Toxins.. Author: Mary-Anne M.. MacPherson.. Questions to Ask at a Meeting that Includes a Meal.. Author: Maria Marsala.. Listening Is Not the Same as Waiting for Your Turn to Speak.. Why Stage a Home for Sale in a Hot Market?.. Strong Arm Sales Stop Success Cold.. Miscommunications in a World of Communications.. Selling to the Four Temperament Styles.. Wagging the Dog: Plan Ahead for What Happens After the Show.. Friedmann, CSP.. 19 Conversation Techniques.. How to Hire Terrific Employees Part Three:.. Author: Cynthia Wall.. How to Read Your Prospect Like a Book!.. Training Tips: Eleven Rules for Effective Training.. Turning Clutter into CA$H: How To Hold a Profitable Garage Sale.. IonCleanse for Good Health.. Author: Cindy Knight.. Survey Finds Only 28% of Workers Actively Engaged at Work.. Don't Believe Anything You Think.. Preshow Planning Equals Success: 10 Essential Questions You Have To Ask.. How to Hire Terrific Employees:Part Two.. Clearing the Clutter Before Moving.. Hi, how are you? …and Other Weak Wimpy Words.. How to Create an Effective Networking Presentation.. No More Root Canals.. Author: Michael W.. McLaughlin.. Always Leave Them Laughing: Integrating Humor into Your Trade Show Marketing Campaign.. How to Hire Terrific Employees: Part One.. Is My Product Appropriate for Mail-Order Catalog Sales?.. Author: Jim Tilberry.. Cross-Selling Takes Teamwork.. How to Create an Effective Networking Presentation.. We Are Customers to Each Other.. Adversity Gives You Strength.. New Survey Shows That Few Organizations Understand Employee Retention.. Rut Busters: Changing Your Trade Show Routine.. The Merits of BS (Backup Solutions).. Author: Dino Achilleos.. How Often Should You Advertise? The Answer May Surprise You.. Author: Jimmy Kohut.. 2005.. Resign the Account: Renewing Your Key Client Relationships.. The Changing of the Guard: Four Key Exhibiting Strategies for Generation Y.. Nine Holiday Foods That Can Kill!.. Author: Debra S.. Holtzman.. Actions Speak Louder Than Words …Take the Test.. Introductions To Be Remembered.. Location, Location, Location: 41 Places to Network.. Researching On The Net – Take Advantage of Directories.. Author: Olivia Lambeth.. The Power of Choice!.. How to Deal With Energy Suckers (Negative People).. Controlling Personal Calls at the Office.. Super Sleuths: Using Trade Shows to Investigate Your Competition.. Little Card, Big Deal!.. Principles of Persuasion.. Building Rapport with Callers.. How to Write a Killer Proposal.. 9 Ways to Gain the Competitive Edge.. Breast Exams Without the Squeeze!.. The Teamwork Alphabet.. Achieving Life Balance: Simplify.. The Ten Competencies of Highly Productive People.. The Truth About Lying.. Software Tips & Tricks Enable and Lock Form Fields in Access.. Survey Finds Workers Average Only Three Productive Days Per Week.. 10 Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You (But We Will!).. Networking, Connecting, Building Rapport.. Recruit Your Way to the Top! Part Two.. What Type of Cell Phone User Are You?.. Networking Isn't Just Meetin' & Greetin’.. Recruit Your Way to the Top! Part One.. Software Tips & Tricks Shortcuts in Project.. Author: Laura Noble.. Your Greatness is at the End of Your Comfort Zone.. The Ten Traits of Legendary Leaders.. What Type of Cell Phone User Are You?.. Should You Fire a Client?.. McLaughlin.. Preparing for Job Interviews.. Author: Jim Couturier.. Software Tips & Tricks Shortcuts in FrontPage.. Stress Busters at Work.. Seven Keys to Having a Positive Mental Attitude or.. Everyone Doesn’t Like Broccoli.. Forget the Economy.. Your Thoughts Really Create Your Business Reality.. Author: Debbie Bermont.. The Next Wave of Insurance.. Author: Cathy Blackwell.. Are You Guilty?.. Networking Tip: Go Where Your Customers or Clients Are.. Getting…and Staying Connected.. Avoiding Marketing Pitfalls.. China in Motion.. Author: Carol McKenzie.. Growing Relationships …From the Client's Perspective.. Six Powerful Prospecting Tips.. Increase Your Luck for Better Business Success.. What's Your Service Mentality IQ?.. Sweating the Small Stuff.. How to Write Funny Even if You're Not Funny.. The Power of Being Right.. Five Ways to Motivate Yourself.. Executives Are “Ego Surfing”.. Five Most Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases.. "Have a Nice Day".. Outside of the Zone.. Showing Appreciation.. For a Job Well Done.. Author: Peggy Brenneman.. If You Don’t Measure It…It Won’t Happen.. Reduce Your Business Risk with the Power of Connection.. Software Tips & Tricks Nudging Objects in MS Office.. Humor as a Stress Buster.. Author: Mark Gorkin.. Asking Good Questions – Of Yourself.. Reward Yourself to Keep Your Resolutions.. Taking Stock.. Mental Health is a Bottom Line Issue.. That's Just RUDE! Exploring the Rudeness Matrix.. 2004.. Cracking Under the Pressure? Or Loving It?.. Managing Client Crises.. Backing Up Your Web Site Data…An Overlooked & Underused Necessity.. Author: Chris Kivlehan.. What's Your Personal Brand? Coca-Cola, Nike and You.. Know What & Why …Don't Sweat How.. Three Ways to Inspire Commitment.. Author: Cynthia Oelkers.. Three Major Time Wasters and How to Overcome Them.. Is There a Psychopath in Your Office?.. When Will My Ads Start Working?.. If You Know Your Party's Extension.. Blah, Blah, Blah.. Do You Want to be Motivated or Inspired?.. The 4 C's of COACHING Skills.. The Importance of Positioning.. Author: Cynthia Oelkers.. Increase Your Business Success: Learn to Mingle in 9 Simple Steps!.. Author: Barbara Pachter.. Don't Believe Your Press Kit.. How to Get People to Return Your Calls.. Strategies for Handling Irate Callers.. Turn Off the TV If You Want More Time.. Whose Business Are We In?.. Seven Reasons to Say "NO" to New Business.. 30 Quick Tips to Help You When Visiting a Tradeshow.. Improving Listening Skills.. New Networking Tip: The Relationship Rapport Builder.. No Lay-Offs for 145 Years.. Seeing Eye To Eye.. Resisting the Ring of Power.. Defining Your Company's Language Six Tips to Make Sure Your Company Talks "The Talk".. Author: Rebecca A.. Morgan.. What’s Your TONE OF VOICE Like?.. Managing Employees: A Guide to Getting Things Done.. Author: Leif H.. Calcium: How Much is Enough?.. Author: Cindy Knight.. Avoid Death by PowerPoint: Tips to Temper Technical Trauma.. Effective Questioning Skills.. Getting Maximum Value from the Six Touch Points of Communications.. Living a Legacy or Living a Résumé.. Why Focus on Nutrition?.. Is Success Hazardous to Your Health?.. Cementing the Sale.. Author: Charine Brown.. Software Tips & Tricks Print What YOU Want from the Internet.. 3 Steps to Immediately Increase Sales.. 5 Ways to Be Verbally Graceful Under Fire.. A Value(able) Lesson.. Sales Success Secrets.. 16 Tips to Help You Prepare for Any Client Meeting.. Turned Around Down Under.. The Masks of MSG.. Mastering the Media…What to Do When the Media Comes Calling.. Author: Todd Brabender.. PubliCity Outside Your City: Outsourcing for More Affordable Publicity Services.. Dealing With “Deadwood” Employees.. Eight Tips for More Effective Email Communication.. Author: David Friedman.. The “Think Differently” Sales Tip.. Being First.. Home User Security: Your First Defense.. Author: Moreno Gentile.. How to Handle the Foreign Accent.. Software Tips & Tricks View Results of Calculating Selected Cells in Excel Status Bar.. Twenty-Four Ways to Connect With Your Audience.. Introverts, Extroverts, & Billy Joel.. Tips for Selling Your Home.. Author: Dianne Conway.. Stress Doc's Tips for Becoming a Healing Humorist.. Caution: Unfair Boss May Be Hazardous to Your Health.. Publicity Campaigns: How Many Hours.. How Many Months?.. How Mail Order Catalogs Can Give Your Business a Big Lift.. Author: Jim Tilberry.. Defining Conflict and the "Murray Story".. Lessons from the River.. Avoid Weak Wimpy Words.. 2003.. Software Tips & Tricks Single Word Spell & Grammar Check.. Solve the Old Problems in New Ways.. Strategic Effectiveness: Setting Yourself Up to Win.. Making Room for Your Life.. Change the Language – and the Behavior Follows.. Author: Joe Phelps.. 7 Ways to Help Kids Get and Stay Connected.. Not to Computers, But to People.. Author: Barbara Pachter.. How to Win a Client in 10 Days (Part 2).. Software Tips & Tricks Assigning Same Account Charged to Customer/Vendor in Simply 2003.. Fighting Back Against Workplace Conflict! Applying the B.. F.. Approach.. Author: David Friedman.. 17 Career-Advancement ActionsYou Need to Take Now!.. Build on Strengths Instead of Correcting Weaknesses.. Lessons from the Clothesline.. How to Win a Client in 10 Days (Part I).. The 6 Cardinal Rules of Customer Service.. Four Networking Maxims.. “Desk Rage” is More Common in the Workplace.. Software Tips & Tricks Customizing Outlook Appointments.. Author: Laura NobleChanging Outlook Appointment's Time.. What Drives Client Loyalty?.. 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Is Your Co-Worker a Jerk? 6 Steps to Positive Confrontation at Work.. Making “It” Happen.. Why Diets Don’t Work!.. Twelve Tips for Involving Your Audience:Wake ‘Em Up with Questions.. 7 Steps to Service Recovery.. Putting The Human Back in "Human Resource".. Author: Debora S.. Ferraz.. The Power of Passion.. Author: Mike Chatelain.. Create a Happy New Year.. Software Tips & Tricks Revising Mail Rules in Outlook Express.. How to Take the Anxiety Out of Public Speaking: Professional Speakers Offer Tricks of the Trade.. Author: Marsha Mardock.. Top Ten Networking Mistakes: One Night Stands and Other Networking Disasters.. 2002.. Being Too Serious Can Drive You Crazy.. Software Tips & Tricks Colour Coding Inbox in Outlook Express.. Voice Mail Etiquette.. How to Tell if Your Ad Campaign is Working.. Author: Chris Twaites.. Tips for Success: How to Boost Your Personal Power.. Tips to Topple Procrastination (As promised a few months ago).. Cost Effective Marketing Ideas.. Powerful Strategies for Saving on Your Mortgage.. MacRae, CFP.. Your Home Buying Strategy.. Software Tips & Tricks Grouping Form and Report Controls in Access 2000 and XP.. How “To Tell the Truth”.. Changes in Attitude…Needing to be Needed by Clients.. Software Tips & Tricks "Fancy" Horizontal Lines in Microsoft Word 2000 & XP.. Building Brand Awareness at Tradeshows.. Speaking Without Notes.. Author: Diane Moore.. The 23 Best Lines in Marketing.. Author: Jeffrey Dobkin.. Help! My PowerPoint® Crashed and I Can’t Boot Up.. Software Tips & Tricks Tips for Excel Users.. The Power of Buzz: How to Create It at Tradeshows.. How To Tune Up Your Attitude.. Bring the Curtain Down on Stage Fright.. Ten Secrets of Super Successful Exhibit Managers.. Software Tips & Tricks Slide Show Pointer Options in a PowerPoint 97, 2000 or XP.. You Can Speak About Anything: How to Say a Few Words on a Moment's Notice.. If You Want Loyalty…Get a Dog.. A 15-Point Checklist for Your Ad.. Software Tips & Tricks Format Painter - Copying Formatting.. Discover Your Genius.. Change…Can be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block.. Software Tips & Tricks Quick Tips for Word Users.. Eleven Creative Ways To Turn Contacts into Customers.. Applying a Background in Word.. Author: Glenda Palmer.. Software Tips & Tricks Replace Fonts in PowerPoint 97, 2000 & XP.. Trade Show Networking Strategies…16 Ways To Boost Your Bottom Line at Trade Shows.. Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill.. Familiarity Breeds Contempt.. Are You a Workaholic?.. Unchain Your Desk:The Five Secrets for Breaking Workaholic Habits.. Software Tips & Tricks Keeping Phrases on the Same Line In Word.. Promote Humour in The Workplace.. Creative Risk-Taking for High Performance.. It’s Better to Network, Than Not Work.. Take Your Worst Problem – And Skip It.. Software Tips & Tricks Internet Search Tips.. Avoid Foot and Mouth Disease.. For Best Results, Look At Structure.. Software Tips & Tricks Inserting Accents in Word.. A Little Gesture…A Big Difference in Someone's Life.. Are You Developing Your Clients for Life?.. Seven Principles for Keeping Your Clients.. The Small Business Owner's Guide for "Practicing Safe Stress" …Building Natural SPEED.. From Super Achiever to Mentor.. Author: Jim Perrone.. 2001.. Software Tips & Tricks Inserting a Graphic into an Address Label in Word 2000 and Word XP(2002).. How to Get Started in Mentoring.. Author: Larry Ambrose.. Software Tips & Tricks Printing a Selection in Excel vs.. Printing the Entire Active Worksheet.. E-Mail Etiquette.. Tips for Communicating More Effectively.. Author: Michael Lerner.. Tips for Effective Writing.. The Basics of Backing Up Your Computer System.. Handshaking: The Psychological Meaning.. Author: Robert E.. Software Tips & Tricks Copying Hidden Cells In Excel.. Unlocking Business Prosperity.. Author: Debra Bannister.. Software Tips & Tricks Customizing Tool Bars.. Software Tips & Tricks Inserting Accents.. Software Tips & Tricks Inserting Special Characters & Symbols.. Software Tips & Tricks Opening & Saving E-mail Attachments.. Software Tips & Tricks Sending Attachments Via E-mail.. 2000.. What to Expect When Working With A Graphic Designer.. How Safe is Your Domain Name?.. Author: Heather Peel.. Software Tips & Tricks Horizontal Lines Made Easy.. with Microsoft Word.. Design Tips, Logos & Print Ads.. Reflexology – It’s In the Feet.. Author: Jeanne Jones.. How to Write Effective News Releases.. The Article Is Not the Ad!.. Author: Kevin Needham.. Bought a Computer, NOW What?.. 1999.. In Search of the ‘Reasonable’ Business Expense.. Author: John Haasen.. To Mouse or Not To Mouse.. Choosing a Good Financial Advisor.. the most important investment you'll ever make.. Write Effective Marketing Letters.. Networking for a Successful Business.. Networking: Shake & Stir.. Author: Sandy Ross.. How To Collect Your Unpaid Accounts.. Author: Peter Courneya.. in Titles.. in Content..

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  • Title: Advertising Packages
    Descriptive info: Advertise with Networking Today.. …and be showcased in our Business Directory.. With your paid advertisement you can:.. Drive traffic to your Web site.. Promote special events and workshops FREE.. Increase rankings in Search Engines (your N.. ad is often ranked higher in a Google search than your own Web site).. Increase exposure with special eblasts sent directly to subscribers.. Basic Buzz (2 months).. Ideal to promote your upcoming annual charity event, conference, or workshop.. Full page Search Engine optimized ad, promotion in our Special Events listing, one eblast, and Facebook promo with links.. Magnify Your Mingle (6 months).. Boost your offline schmoozing and mingling with an online Networking Today presence.. Full page Search Engine optimized ad; promote events, workshops, and seminars in our Special Events listing; one eblast; one Facebook promotion with links; plus bonus download: "Image Boosters for Branding Trust" audio and companion notes.. Networking Ninja (12 months - BEST VALUE).. According to Urban Dictionary, a networking ninja is a person who successfully creates a circle of influence.. employs bold networking strategies.. is open to new ideas, new technology and new opportunities.. ready to share information, give advice and connect people.. Full page Search Engine optimized ad.. Two eblasts.. Banner ads throughout Networking Today's site for maximum exposure.. Unlimited posts in Special Events listings to promote events, workshops, and seminars.. Up to three strategic Facebook promotions.. Automatic enrollment in our Referral Program - Pay once and never have to pay to advertise again.. Plus these bonus downloads:.. "The 10.. 5 Crucial Elements Your Web Site Must Have to  ...   too, which in turn means that everyone on THEIR timelines see your name and your message.. Let Networking Today help your business name and message go viral.. One posting could mean thousands of views! Join the connection and LIKE our Facebook page.. www.. facebook.. com/networkingtoday.. Get More Info.. For more information or to join our Business Directory contact:.. Julie.. Email:.. sales@networkingtoday.. Phone: 519.. 282.. 6753.. Advertising on Networking Today has brought referral traffic to my website each month.. It's a great opportunity to be exposed to an audience that may not have known about my business if I wasn't part of Networking Today.. Jennifer Grigg.. Social Dragon Marketing.. In less than one year, I have had 8 or 9 enquiries as a direct result of being found on Networking Today's Business Directory – and two of those have resulted in sales.. Plus, a Google search for my business found my Networking Today ad on the first page of Google – but not my own Web site.. Thank you for the exposure!.. Tina Chappell,.. CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.. Email this Page.. Testimonial.. "I am thrilled to be found on.. Networking Today.. In less than one year, I have had 8 or 9 enquires as a direct result of being found on.. ’s Business Directory – and two of those have resulted in sales.. Plus, I have been told several times that a Google search for my business found my.. ad on the first page of Google – but not my own Web site.. Thank you for the exposure!".. Life Coach..

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  • Title: Story Works - Networking Today Canada, Nat'l - Networking Today
    Descriptive info: Story Works - Networking Today Canada, Nat'l.. NT Canada's Networked Businesses.. NT Canada's Networking Groups.. Category:.. Advertising & Marketing.. City:.. About Story Works.. Use your story to connect and build relationships online as strong – or stronger – as you do to connect face to face.. Address Info.. Contact Info.. Phone:.. 519.. 471.. 8726.. URL:.. susanregier.. com/detail.. php?Story-Works-18.. Follow on Twitter:.. @susanregier.. S.. TORY.. W.. ORKS.. Created from my LIVE tele-workshop.. , you can work at your own pace to unleash the story in you and discover how to craft a magnetic message to immediately connect with your prospects and begin to build relationships without even meeting in person.. If you’re an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, or expert of any kind, people want to know your story – the real you behind the persona.. It’s part of your brand!.. Storytelling can be a powerful, evocative way of communicating your message.. Your story conveys to readers – your prospects – what they get when working with you.. By creating a high level of emotion in your story  ...   after all we’ve been brought up to be modest – never brag or toot your own horn.. But by sharing your passions, your struggles, your accomplishments, you attract more connections and more opportunities.. You position yourself as the expert you are.. In Story Works, my new Home Study Course,.. you'll discover how to bring your story to life and integrate it with all your offerings.. For full details, go to.. I really enjoyed your Story Works course.. The information you provided was very helpful in seeing how I could better market my services.. The Story Exploration Cheat Sheet included many things I had not considered.. It also gave me more insight into why my business is my passion and why I am an expert in my field.. I looked forward to each session to learn new insights into how to market and how to write my story.. Great class and I would recommend it to everyone.. ”.. Liz Galbraith, Energy Works Naturally.. Keywords:.. Special Events in Networking Today Canada, Nat'l.. , Nationwide.. View More Events..

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  • Title: MoMondays - Networking Today
    Descriptive info: Special Events in Notice: Undefined variable: cityName in /home/networ17/public_html/event-details.. php on line 193 , Ontario.. 's Networked Businesses.. 's Networking Groups.. Dates & Times.. Start:.. Mon, Oct 13th, 2014 at 5:00 pm.. End:.. Mon, Oct 13th, 2014 at 9:00 pm.. Location.. Location:.. The Western Fair District – Yuk Yuk’s Stage.. Address:.. 900 King Street.. London, Ontario,.. Hosts & Supporters.. Contact:.. Victoria Craig, Producer MoMondays London.. Contacts.. 226.. 781.. 0408.. London@momondays.. momondays.. com/London.. Event Description.. JOIN US!.. October 13, 2014.. Advance  ...   Doors open for advance ticket holders at.. 5pm.. for the best:.. Seats.. Drinks.. Dinner specials.. Ultimate schmooze time before the show!.. Emcee,.. Paula Morand.. Want MoINFO on MoMondays?.. Click here!.. Back to List Page.. -.. Email this Page Link.. Featured Platinum Business.. In House Logic.. Category: Computer Consultants & Services.. Custom web site development with a focus on making sites editable by the owner and findable by their clients.. Support.. London, Ontario.. in London, ON.. Special Events in London, ON..

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  • Title: Starting a Small Business Seminar - Networking Today
    Descriptive info: Wed, Oct 15th, 2014 at 6:00 pm.. Wed, Oct 15th, 2014 at 9:00 pm.. Small Business Centre.. Kim Hills.. info@sbcentre.. ca.. sbcentre.. ca/service-details.. php?Starting-a-Small-Business-Seminar-12.. Do you have what it takes to start your own business?.. Do you know what's involved in getting started?.. This 3 hour seminar will explore the personal aspects of business ownership and provide you with information on government regulations, taxation, legal and financial issues you need to consider before starting a business.. Tickets $25.. 00/each.. See more at:.. http://sbcentre.. SheBella.. Category: Shopping & Specialty Stores.. Purses, Jewellery & Scarves.. OH MY!..

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  • Title: Divine Alignment: An Evening of Restorative Yoga and Vibrational Sound Healing - Networking Today
    Descriptive info: Fri, Oct 17th, 2014 at 8:00 pm.. Fri, Oct 17th, 2014 at 10:00 pm.. Indigo Lounge.. 264 Tillson Avenue.. Tillsonburg, Ontario,.. Jennifer Regular, Enlightened Wellness.. 688.. 1188.. info@indigolounge.. enlightenedwellness.. ca/workshopsretreats.. html.. Divine Alignment:.. An Evening of Restorative Yoga.. and Vibrational Sound Healing.. Facilitated by Kelly Spencer and.. Jennifer Regular.. ,.. this candle-lit healing event  ...   Reiki Drumming, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls,.. Symbols, Divine frequency tuning forks, and more.. Experience the benefits on every level.. in this Sacred Journey of restorative yoga.. and vibrational healing medicine.. Friday October 17/14.. 8pm-10pm.. $35 with advance payment $40 at the door.. Register at Indigo Lounge 519.. 1188 or.. 264 Tillson Ave, Tillsonburg, ON..

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  • Title: BPW Monthly Meeting - Networking Today
    Descriptive info: Tue, Oct 21st, 2014 at 6:00 pm.. Tue, Oct 21st, 2014 at 8:30 pm.. Windermere Manor.. 200 Collip Circle.. Jeannette Veenstra, House & Social Chair.. Host:.. Business & Professional Women London.. reservations@bpwlondon.. bpwlondon.. com/meetings.. Partnering Through Our Community.. 2014-2015 BPW London Program.. Join US for our next event!.. October 21, 2014.. Looking Through the.. Gender Lens.. Why women must be included in the.. London Plan's 25 year vision for our City.. Speaker: Shawna Lewkowitz.. Co-Ordinator of Women in Politics London.. Networking/Registration: 6:00 - 6:30 p.. m.. Meeting starts at 6:30 pm.. sharp.. Location: Windermere Manor, 200 Collip Circle, London.. Reservations are due the Thursday (5:00 p.. ) prior to the meeting/event.. Reservations Email:.. Members Dinner Fee: $35.. Guests are welcome  ...   opportunity to promote your business and/or "give back" to BPW London.. We are looking for exciting, "I want to win" door prizes for upcoming BPWL dinner meetings.. Some ideas: Gift certificates - restaurants, massage, grocery, hardware stores, LCBO, book stores, movies, theatre, car wash etc; pampering baskets, wine baskets etc.. Contact Fundraising Chair.. Laura Noble.. to donate a door prize to a future BPWL dinner meeting.. Questions about the program - contact Programs Chair,.. Jennifer Boone.. Questions about reservations - contact House Social Chair,.. Jeannette Veenstra.. Click here to view a.. typical meeting agenda.. Passion to Profits.. Category: Coaching & Consulting.. Discover The Hidden Gems In Your Business…And Turn Them Into New Products, Services & Packages That Will Ignite Sales AND..

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  • Title: Bridges to Better Business Entrepreneurs Conference - Networking Today
    Descriptive info: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 at 8:00 am.. Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 at 4:00 pm.. Best Western Lamplighter Inn.. 591 Wellington Road.. London Small Business Centrre.. 659.. 2882 ext.. 0.. bridgestobetterbusiness.. ca.. Early Bird Registration Deadline is October 10!.. Register Now!.. Entrepreneurs.. – Learn, Network, Connect for Success!.. Each year, this unique forum brings together businesses in various stages of development for an open exchange of ideas, advice, and feedback through the guidance of facilitators and mentors.. This full day conference is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to  ...   ideas and opportunities to help them overcome challenges and maximize profitability.. Features:.. Breakfast Kickoff with Paula Morand, Jumpstart 720.. 2 breakout sessions with your choice of discussion groups seminars.. Lunch with Keynote Jaymie Crook, Country Paws, Bosco and Roxy's.. Tradeshow.. Networking, networking, networking.. Register in person, by phone, or online!.. Registration – $80.. 00 (Save $15 before October 10).. Registration Deadline – October 17, 2014.. For more details visit.. BridgesToBetterBusiness.. or call 519.. Hosted by London Small Business Centre.. 316 Rectory St.. 3rd Floor, London ON..

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  • Title: Business Planning Basics-Session 1 - Networking Today
    Descriptive info: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 at 6:00 pm.. Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 at 9:00 pm.. 3rd Floor.. London Small Business Centre.. php?Business-Planning-Basics-5.. This workshop consists of 9 hours of comprehensive training that will provide you with the information and tools needed to complete a business plan.. Topics covered include:.. Conducting effective market research.. Developing a marketing strategy and marketing plan.. Operational issues, start up costs and production process.. Calculating your breakeven point.. Your networth and contributed equity.. Sales forecasting.. How to create projected cash flows, income statements and balance sheets.. Following the sessions you will have  ...   follow up appointments with our Business Advisors.. Cost to attend is $100 (plus HST), including materials.. Registration Information:.. This workshop begins with a 3 hour session on Wednesday evening from 6:00 - 9:00pm and is completed with a full day session on the following Friday from 9:00 - 4:00.. Registering for the Wednesday session will automatically include enrollment for the Friday session in that same week.. See more at.. * Note.. - If you are in the start up stages of your business, completion of the.. is required prior to signing up for this workshop..

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  • Title: InTouch Group - Networking Today
    Descriptive info: Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014 at 11:00 am.. Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014 at 1:00 pm.. McGinnis Landing, Wonderland and Oxford Street.. Susan Regier.. InTouch Group.. 8726.. susan@vantageonewriting.. InTouch Group Reminder.. Thursday, October 23, 2014.. 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM.. McGinnis Landing, Wonderland Oxford.. Speaker:.. Deborah Vreman.. , Primerica.. InTouch is.. …a networking group where professionals meet to support one another, share successes, offer insights, and build relationships.. We do not limit membership by profession.. We welcome all entrepreneurs  ...   Speakers:.. If you have attended at least 3 meetings and would like to be added to the speaker list, please email me with your preferred date.. November 6: Beth Sutherland, Empowerment Coach.. November 20: Lynn Grushka, ENJO.. December 4: Peggy Brenneman, Peggy's Clean Team.. December 18: Christmas Party.. January 15: Carol Trickett, Investors Group.. January 29: OPEN.. February 12: OPEN.. February 26: OPEN.. March 12: OPEN.. March 26: OPEN.. Ali Brown.. Award-Winning Products for Your Best Success..

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