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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Toggle navigation.. LEADS Collaborative.. History.. Contact Us.. LEADS Framework.. LEADS Products.. LEADS Resources.. LEADS Services.. LEADS Workshops and Education.. LEADS 360 Assessment.. LEADS 360 Assessment Debriefings.. LEADS Self-Assessment.. LEADS Diagnostic Assessment.. LEADS Clients.. LEADS Faculty.. LEADS Coaches.. LEADS Events.. Member's Login.. The LEADS Collaborative.. supports the growing interest in the adoption, integration and sustainability of the.. LEADS in a Caring Environment.. (LEADS) leadership capabilities framework across Canada and represents a partnership between the.. Canadian College of Health Leaders.. ,.. CHLNet.. Royal Roads University.. and Dr.. Graham Dickson.. The purpose of the.. is to provide a trusted portal for LEADS.. products.. and.. services.. to support health care organizations develop, adopt and sustain leadership development programs within the LEADS framework.. The.. LEADS Operations Council.. oversees the promotion of innovation and high-quality services provided through the.. also ensures  ...   as a leadership development platform and change management tool in Canadian health care.. LEADS Coach Certification Update:.. The Fall 2014 intake for LEADS Coaches is now complete.. There will be another intake early in 2015.. We are pleased to offer LEADS certification for Certified Coaches.. For more information on applicant eligibilty and how to apply.. click here.. For more information on the LEADS 360 Debrief Training webinars,.. click here.. LEADS Twitter.. Tweets by @LEADSleaders.. Contact Us.. Brenda Lammi.. Manager, LEADS Support and Client Relations.. blammi@cchl-ccls.. ca.. 1-800-363-9056 ext 215.. Ellen Melis.. Strategic Director, LEADS Business Unit.. emelis@cchl-ccls.. 1-800-363-9056 ext 214.. Kate Lawrie.. Administrative Coordinator,.. LEADS Support.. leads@cchl-ccls.. 1-800-363-9056 ext 211.. Tracy Wightman.. LEADS Workshop Coordinator.. twightman@cchl-ccls.. 1-800-363-9056 ext 232.. 292 Somerset St.. W.. Ottawa, ON K2P 0J6.. 1-800-363-9056.. Copyright 2013 - All Rights Reserved.. powered by.. in1touch..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - History
    Descriptive info: History.. In 2006, the Health Care Leaders Association of BC, in collaboration with major health employers and post-secondary institutions began developing a learning process that would enhance the overall quality and quantity of health leaders in BC.. The result was the creation of the.. leaders.. for.. life.. Initiative.. A starting point for.. was the formulation of the original.. LEADS Health Leadership Capabilities Framework.. in order to define the leadership qualities needed for the health sector in BC.. A research team from  ...   Canada to adapt the LEADS framework to reflect national perspectives and aspirations.. The result is the.. LEADS in a Caring Environment.. leadership capabilities framework.. On July 1, 2012 the Leaders for Life initiative was transferred from the Health Care Leaders' Association of BC to its national partner organization, the Canadian College of Health Leaders.. Revamped LEADS programming and additional LEADS workshops, products and services developed by the College are available to support the LEADS in a Caring Environment leadership capabilities framework..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - Contact us
    Descriptive info: Questions regarding LEADS products and services may be directed to:.. Ellen Melis.. Strategic Director, LEADS Business Unit.. 613-235-7218 ext 214.. 1-800-363-9056 EXT 214.. ca.. Brenda Lammi.. Manager, LEADS Support and Client Relations.. 613-235-7218 ext 215.. 1-800-363-9056 ext 215.. Kate Lawrie.. Administrative Coordinator, LEADS Support.. klawrie@cchl-ccls.. Tracy Wightman.. Workshop Coordinator, LEADS Support.. 613-235-7218 ext 232.. 1-800-363-9056 ext 232.. The Canadian College of Health Leaders.. West.. Ottawa, ON K2P 0J6.. 613-235-7218..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - LEADS Framework
    Descriptive info: LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework.. (LEADS) framework is a leadership capabilities framework representing an innovative and integrated investment in the future of health leadership in Canada.. It provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development for the Canadian health sector, including leadership within the whole-system, within the health organizations, and within individual leaders.. Please visit.. LEADS Resources.. LEADS Services.. to bring LEADS to your organization..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - LEADS Resources
    Descriptive info: The LEADS Booklet.. The LEADS booklet is a compilation of five sections that address each domain of LEADS, and the four capabilities within each domain.. Each section has been written by an expert in the specific field that each domain represents.. The booklet documents a summary of the research that has been done since 2006 on the.. capabilities framework.. This includes a comprehensive investigation of national and international competency frameworks in health leadership and management, the broad leadership literature, the literature specific to leadership in health, all triangulated through input from emerging and senior leaders in health care across Canada.. Each section outlines the salient research underpinning:.. The overall LEADS change model.. Each LEADS domain and the four capabilities within each domain.. The contribution each of the LEADS domains makes to the change model.. Collectively, the sections in the LEADS booklet are a powerful set of resources that a leader can utilize to:.. Begin to develop a plan to lead a change in health systems.. Identify examples from across Canada that might be used as exemplars for the LEADS capabilities.. Find additional resources (i.. e.. , booklet bibliographies).. Provide valuable curriculum and course materials.. The College  ...   will contact you by telephone to make payment arrangements.. Please include a daytime telephone number on the form.. PLEASE NOTE:.. Hard copy books are shipped from the CCHL Ottawa office via courier.. Shipping charges will apply Shipping charges may exceed $35 depending upon weight and shipping distance from Ottawa.. Additional LEADS resources offered through the Canadian College of Health Leaders:.. LEADS Executive Summaries (English).. Lead Self (no cost).. Engage Others (no cost).. Achieve Results (no cost).. Develop Coalitions (no cost).. Systems Transformation (no cost).. LEADS Executive Summaries (French).. Être son propre leader (sans frais).. Engager les autres (sans frais).. Atteindre des résultats (sans frais).. Développer des coalitions (sans frais).. Transformer les systèmes (sans frais).. LEADS Key Points.. LEADS Key Points (English) (no cost).. LEADS Key Points (French) (no cost).. LEADS Brochure.. LEADS Brochure (English) (no cost).. LEADS Brochure (French) (no cost).. Please go to.. to find out more about what the Collaborative has to offer.. Additional LEADS Resources not housed at CCHL:.. Tri-Namics: Leadership Wisdom for the Health System.. :.. Develop your leadership wisdom with this practical resource book, applications and systems that is aligned with the.. capabilities framework (click on the title for more information)..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - LEADS Services
    Descriptive info: The LEADS services are coordinated through the.. Canadian College of Health Leaders.. The College is the sole provider of the LEADS 360 Assessment.. Other LEADS services and products, including the LEADS Learning Series, are available through the College by the members and partners of the LEADS Collaborative, which includes CHLNet and a growing network of LEADS consultants and coaches across the country.. Services offered through CCHL and the members of the LEADS Collaborative:.. LEADS 360 Assessment Debriefing.. Other Assessment Tools.. to find out more of what the College has to offer..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - LEADS Workshops & Education
    Descriptive info: Through the.. , the LEADS Collaborative and a growing number of LEADS faculty, a variety of customizable and interactive LEADS sessions are available for organizations:.. Bringing LEADS to Life.. is an interactive one-day workshop custom designed for each client and aimed at bringing LEADS to life within the organization.. The session is particularly suited to working with teams as a tool to enhance organizational effectiveness.. Participants are presented with a leadership challenge currently being faced by their organization and work through it from the different perspectives offered by the five LEADS domains.. The approach combines knowledge sharing and self-discovery, led by.. LEADS certified faculty.. The session offers a practical application of the.. within the workplace.. Please.. contact us.. for more information.. LEADS Learning Series.. LEADS Learning Series.. is designed to support the development of leadership capacity within organizations.. This series of five interactive, hands-on professional development workshops focus on helping participants learn and experience the core concepts in the.. Each workshop is a  ...   provide practical skills in effective decision-making processes, influencing and inspiring others to execute a plan, creating and managing organizational change.. LEADS Train the Trainer Program.. , through the LEADS Collaborative, wants to contribute to the creation of a level of consistency and quality to LEADS-based leadership development intitiatives by health organizations across Canada, and avoid duplication of efforts and programs.. LEADS Train the Trainer.. program has therefore been developed to equip leadership and organization development staff within hospitals, health authorities and regions across Canada with the knowledge and skills to deliver workshops and provide coaching to staff, using the.. The aim of the.. program is to develop knowledge of the.. capabilities framework and to enhance facilitation skills and techniques that participants can use immediately to improve their delivery of leadership development sessions.. A key priority of the.. program is to enhance the ability of health organizations to integrate LEADS resources into their current programs, initiatives and priorities related to leadership development and succession planning..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - LEADS 360
    Descriptive info: What is a 360?.. The term "360" refers to the degrees in a circle, with an individual (the "subject") figuratively in the centre of the circle.. In human resources or industrial/organizational psychology, 360 degree feedback (also known as multi-rater feedback, multisource feedback, or multisource assessment) is feedback that comes from all around an individual (the "responders").. Respondents providing feedback are normally direct reports, peers, and supervisors.. It usually includes a self-assessment by the subject and, in some cases, feedback from other sources such as "customers", "partners", "professional standards observers" and "suppliers" or other interested stakeholders.. LEADS 360 Assessments.. The LEADS 360 Assessment is a feedback process primarily for development purposes.. It focuses on  ...   rating scale, plus a number of optional open-ended text responses.. The process uses web-based software that securely stores data in Canada.. The individuals providing feedback to a subject are identified by the subject, by the employer, or randomly generated from a list of key contacts.. The individual and the responders receive a confidential, personal access password to complete the online process.. This normally requires twenty to thirty minutes depending on the amount of text an individual wishes to include.. The LEADS 360 Assessment requires a.. debriefing.. by a LEADS Certified Executive Coach.. For more information about the LEADS 360 Assessment process, please contact Kate Lawrie at 1-800-363-9056 EXT 211 or by email at..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - debrief
    Descriptive info: LEADS 360 Debriefing.. A requirement of the LEADS 360 Assessment process, the LEADS 360 Assessment debriefing will increase self-awareness, self-confidence and energy for change.. Group Debriefing.. The group debriefing setting provides the structure for a safe, organized and systematic debriefing.. This one-day session provides the opportunity for participants to fully understand the feedback provided on their LEADS 360 Assessment report.. Participants are intentionally prepared, debriefed and, at the end of the day, able to move forward with their LEADS 360 development plan.. LEADS Certified Executive Coaches.. create the platform for the day and place the emphasis on self-reflection.. The  ...   their supervisor.. Individual Debriefing.. In an individual debriefing,.. provide up to 90 minutes of coaching and debriefing, within the LEADS framework, of the LEADS 360 Assessment report per participant via telephone or Skype.. Completed LEADS 360 Assessment reports are delivered securely and electronically to the participant and the Executive Coach.. Upon completion of the individual debriefing, participants will understand their strengths and identify their learning edge along with at least one action item that would move them forward on their journey to mastery.. For more information on LEADS 360 Assessments and Debriefings, please Kate Lawrie at 1-800-363-9056, ext.. 211 or..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - LEADS Self-Assessment
    Descriptive info: The LEADS Self-Assessment helps individuals to better understand their skills and behaviours with respect to the.. The LEADS Self-Assessment is available for purchase by organizations, and can be an effective first step in introducing the.. framework to an entire workforce.. An organizational license to use the online LEADS Self-Assessment is available for purchase.. For more information, please contact Kate Lawrie at 1-800-363-9056 EXT 211 or by email at.. Once purchased by the organization, registration and login details will be provided to access the self-assessment..

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  • Title: LEADS Framework | LEADS Collaborative - diagnostic
    Descriptive info: LEADS Diagnostic Assessment.. is.. about the capacity of an organization to provide leadership development.. The assessment, conducted by LEADS Certified Faculty, is a thorough examination of an organization s existing guiding principles, culture and leadership with a reflection on their alignment within the.. consists of a review of key documents, a site visit, interviews with key staff members, a two-hour lunch and learn session on LEADS and a LEADS mapping report, including suggested priorities for a LEADS-based leadership development strategy.. For more information, please..

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