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  • Title: Kids New Westminster - Resources for Parents in New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: .. Kids New Westminster.. Education.. Events.. Funding.. Parent Resources.. Professional Resources.. Research.. Growing Up Great in New West!.. Making good friends in New Westminster!.. Resources in our Community.. Check out the programs in New Westminster.. Looking for Things to Do?.. Check out our upcoming events! We keep a calendar that has events for families, events for parents, events for professionals, and events for the community.. Plus, you can download it to your own device or print it out so you never miss anything.. If you ve got an event, tell us about it!.. Early Childhood Development Hubs.. Check out this video, which explains what exactly an early childhood development hub is.. For more detailed info, you can look at this page, which elaborates on the concept in greater detail.. New Westminster Child Development Hubs.. from.. Kids New West.. on.. Vimeo.. Describes the benefits of Community Child Development Hubs being established in New Westminster.. Get Active!.. Check out our list of community links.. Our community has amazing places to run and play and just be a kid.. Make sure you check out all the city parks and amenities!.. Supportive Creativity.. All kids need extra support from time to time but if you find yourself needing help with your child you shouldn t feel like there is no one to turn to.. As a community we strive to offer services that are inclusive in nature and where all children, regardless of their individual needs are welcome in neighbourhood settings.. [ ].. New Westminster Middle Childhood Development Committee.. We offer an increasing amount of resources for the middle childhood years, ages 6-12.. A great deal of development happens during this time, and while much focus has been centred on early childhood development and the challenges faced by kids ages 13+, the stage of 6-12 is only just coming into the forefront of research.. Middle Childhood Video.. Illustrates the importance of relationships with role models for children ages 6 to 12 years.. With the Brain in Mind Website.. (From First Call:) With the Brain in Mind focuses on the importance of positive early brain development in giving children the best possible start in life.. By providing opportunities to learn about the latest research and best practices in early childhood brain development, the website aims to increase the capacity of parents, professionals, and policy [ ].. Children and Play: How does Culture fit in?.. How are our approaches to play influenced by culture, and how are they impacted by the experience of immigration? That s the intriguing question that Maya Goldstein, an MA graduate in Human Development, Learning and Culture at the Faculty of Education at UBC, has been investigating through a study conducted with South Asian families at a [ ].. I Like It When.. This great video talks about ways to engage with your child, doing things they love.. The simplest things mean so much to children.. I like it when from Kids New West on Vimeo.. Shows how parent child interactions support healthy early childhood development.. I like it when.. About us.. KidsNewWest.. ca connects families in New Westminster with other families, community service providers, information, resources and events.. Sign up for news!.. Enter your email address:.. Subscribe to Blog via Email.. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.. Hubs.. What is an Early Child Development Hub? Early Child Development hubs  ...   Takhar is a freelance blogger and social media specialist with one daughter, eight pen pals, and 47 grey hairs.. Three years after my daughter was born, I stepped on a scale and had an [ ].. This post is a part of a four part series where we ll hear directly from the parents in the community.. Jen Arbo is a mother to a kindergartener and lives near Hume Park.. She likes making jam and going camping with her family.. Last November there was a blog post that made the rounds on [ ].. In this post, our guest blogger Erin Jeffery discusses being new in New West.. Erin is a recent Quayside resident and the Special Events Manager at River Market.. She has two surly cats, one tall husband [ ].. Briana Tomkinson is a New West resident who lives with her family in the West End.. This summer my mother and father-in-law moved into our basement suite.. Adding grandparents to our household has enriched our [ ].. By Linda M.. Tobias 1.. Visit a park New West has some of the best playgrounds in the Lower Mainland, many of which have spray parks or wading pools and Playground Leaders who add to the fun.. Queen’s Park even features a petting farm! (Admission is free; donations are welcome.. ) While at your local park, [ ].. Tobias As a freelance writer, I work from home.. There are times that I get immersed in complex technical work or I’m racing to meet a deadline, and the last thing that I need is to be policing the activities of my kids.. I don’t want to be sorting out who gets [ ].. Clashing Colours: Not Worth The Battle By Linda M.. Tobias The other day, my son decided to get dressed with no input from me.. He picked out some brown and yellow camouflage pants, a blue-and-red striped top, orange shoes and a green jacket.. He was proud of the outfit he’d selected and wasn’t interested [ ].. What s the Best Playground Equipment? Monkey bars! , shouts my little orangutan with a wild grin.. Her friends compete for top tarzan skills, and at five years old, she can easily tell you the New West parks with the good monkey bars.. So it was no surprise to see monkey bars rank well on a dot survey taken by Hyack Interactive during Summerfest at Grimston Park last weekend.. But give folks [ ].. New Westminster Parks, Culture and Recreation: Building Community, One Smile at a Time Nancy Saraiva A child skips into Canada Games Pool excited to embark on a new adventure-swimming lessons! She pauses as she approaches an unfamiliar person at the counter.. With a bright smile and cheerful voice, the woman behind the counter greets the [ ].. Linda Tobias Best Playgrounds in New West: What are your favorites? This Saturday, June 16, the new Westminster Pier Park will open with a celebration from 11 am to 3 pm.. There will be lots of fun, family-friendly activities, food and live music.. The upcoming event makes me marvel at how lucky we are in [ ].. Search.. Search for:.. Translate this page.. Translation.. Committee Members:.. Login.. With thanks to the United Way of the Lower Mainland for their generous support.. Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved Kids New Westminster.. NonProfit Theme v3.. by.. Organic Themes.. WordPress Hosting.. RSS Feed.. Log in..

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  • Title: Education Archives - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: Urban Academy Open House.. Posted by.. Liz Hunter.. on October 7, 2014.. Leave a Comment.. The Urban Academy school will be holding two Open House sessions as follows: For Grades 6-12 October 16th from 4-6pm Uptown Sr.. Campus 601 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster For Grades JK-5 October 18th from 1-3pm Robson Manor Jr.. Campus 101 Third Street, New Westminster Please RSVP to 604 524-2211 or to admin@urbanacademy.. ca (please specify [ ].. Category:.. ,.. Events for Families.. News.. Tags:.. MEND program for families with kids ages 7-13.. on September 24, 2014.. Supporting the Social and Emotional Development of Children Workshops Feb 21-22, 2014.. KarenC.. on January 21, 2014.. New Westminster Parents, Caregivers and Community Service Providers are invited to register now for our free 2 day workshop Feb 21 22, 2014! See brochure below for all the details, speakers, schedule and how to sign up for each day of the workshop.. Supporting the Social and Emotional Development of Children Workshops Brochure.. child care resource.. community resource.. free workshop.. New Westminster.. parent resource.. Social Emotional development.. Ready, Set, Learn! April 26th.. on March 30, 2012.. All New Westminster 3 year olds and their families and/or caregivers are invited to the Ready, Set, Learn event on April 26th! Location:Lord Kelvin Elementary School Gym; 1010 Hamilton Street (10th St.. 7th Ave.. ) Date: Thursday April 26, 2012 Time: 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm Flyer: Ready Set Learn District Poster  ...   School District in September of 2012.. Read more: NWCC Kindergarten Transition 2012 Presented by the New Westminster Children s Centre.. Newcomer Children.. on January 5, 2012.. AMSSA is proud to announce the launch of the report Promising Practices of Early Childhood Education Principles for Immigrant and Refugee Children in British Columbia.. For the first time in British Columbia, staff who specialize in working with immigrant and refugee children share their insights into promising practices they have identified through front-line early childhood [ ].. on December 12, 2011.. Childcare Resources.. Featured Images.. on November 8, 2011.. Effects of School Grouping in BC.. on July 6, 2011.. (From CRRU:) Birthdate and student achievement: The effects of school grouping practices in British Columbia Report examines the effects of single cut-off date for kindergarten admission and one-year age grouping practices on student learning in British Columbia schools.. Next Page.. Popular Topics.. News Archives.. October 2014.. September 2014.. June 2014.. May 2014.. April 2014.. March 2014.. February 2014.. January 2014.. December 2013.. November 2013.. October 2013.. September 2013.. August 2013.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. April 2013.. March 2013.. February 2013.. January 2013.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. November 2010.. October 2010..

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  • Title: Events Archives - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: Cameray Parent Support Programs.. Family Place October 2014 Programs.. Family Services Fall Programs.. on September 20, 2014.. Meet a SWIS! (Settlement Workers In Schools).. Register by calling NWPL at 604-527-4667.. General.. Socially and Emotionally Health Kids Parenting Workshops.. Redefining Girly: How parents can fight the stereotyping of Girlhood.. Nobody s Perfect Parenting Workshops.. Family Literacy Fridays!..

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  • Title: Funding Archives - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: RBC Grant for After School Programs.. on February 24, 2012.. RBC is offering grants for after school programs.. Details here:RBC Grant 2012 Deadline is March 12th.. George Weston LTD Spring 2012 Funding Program.. on February 21, 2012.. George Weston Limited and Wonder+ Cares are pleased to announce the Spring 2012 Healthy Active Kids grant program, which supports charitable organizations across Canada that are working to increase  ...   information, or to apply for a Spring 2012 Healthy Active Kids Grant, [ ].. One Community Grant.. on January 31, 2012.. Donald s Market is contributing $5,000 to the ONE Piggy Bank for New Westminster! Do you or someone you know have an awesome project for New West that ONE should fund? Please nominate at: http://svy.. mk/oneprize See the attached document for more information.. One Community Grant..

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  • Title: Parent Resources Archives - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: CCRR Parent Page and Child Care Professional.. on June 13, 2014.. The YMCA CCRR Parent Page and Child Care Professional have some great ideas for summer fun, safety, and education! Parent Page Summer 2014 Summer 2014 YMCA CCRR Newsletter.. Summer Activity Guide 2014!!.. The Kids New West Summer Activity Guide is chock full of all the best summer fun in New Westminster! Read it here, or pick up a copy at Centennial Community Centre next week.. NW Summer Activity Guide 2014.. BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit.. on April 11, 2014.. BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit In 2015, the BC government is introducing the new BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit to improve the affordability of child care and assist families with the cost of raising young children.. The BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit, which is part of the Province’s Early Years Strategy, is a tax-free monthly [ ].. Get Back Outside.. on December 20, 2013.. Sleepless in New West?.. on November 15, 2013.. The Children s Sleep Network has good tips for parents struggling with children s sleep challenges: https://www.. facebook.. com/ChildrensSleepNetwork?ref=stream.. Harvest Box  ...   at NWPL.. on October 23, 2013.. How are New West Five -Year-Olds Growing?.. on October 18, 2013.. The Human Early Learning Partnership at UBC has released the new EDI results for Wave 5.. These maps and community summaries include data from over 42,000 EDI surveys completed by Kindergarten teachers across British Columbia in 2011-2013.. EDI maps and community summaries are valuable tools that provide insights into children’s physical health and well-being, communication [ ].. Homefront ESL Learning now in New West.. on October 11, 2013.. Homefront Learning offers free English Language home instruction 2 hours per week, for students who can t attend classes.. Now available in New West! Details: Home front Learning Student Brochure.. Emotional Regulation and the Marshmallow Test.. on September 27, 2013.. Learning to stay calmly focussed and alert while working toward a genuinely worthwhile but distant goal is a life skill that we all need.. Would your son take the marshmallow? Read the Oct 2013 Boysmarts Newsletter from Barry MacDonald HERE.. Boy Smarts Action Talk: A powerful parenting workshop Strengthen your parenting skills! Vancouver Sept 28th Whether you [ ]..

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  • Title: Professional Resources Archives - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: FASD Fall Conference 2013 Understanding Trauma Nov 23.. on September 20, 2013.. Registration is now open for the 2013 FASD Fall Conference Understanding Trauma , November 23rd at Douglas College.. Details: Understanding Trauma FASD Fall Conference 2013 (Fillable Form).. Douglas College.. FASD.. New Food Facebook Page.. on August 23, 2013.. The New Westminster Food Action Committee has launched a fabulous new Facebook Page keep up to date on local events and food related issues.. https://www.. com/NewWestminsterCommunityFoodActionCommittee.. Kids who Bounce Back.. on July 5, 2013.. The Reaching In Reaching Out program invites parents to show their children how to bounce back through daily challenges, so that they grow into resilient adults.. Their website has fantastic resources for parents: tips sheets, story books, and fun activities for building skills like responsibility, caring relationships, thinking skills, participation, and more.. This website is the go-to place [ ].. New Aboriginal Parenting Resources.. on June 19, 2013.. How can we become the parents our children need us to be? Four new resource booklets can help First Nations and Métis  ...   educational videos for new parents called: Hugs for a Brighter Future.. Leading researchers and practitioners donate their time and expertise so that their work is more accessible to new parents, grandparents, health providers, family resource programs, and organizations and agencies that work with families.. Away We Grow Study-Info for Agencies.. on April 12, 2013.. The UBC Nutrition Metabolism Research Program is looking to reach parents of 12 to 14 month old children to help us with a study to learn what children this age are eating and to understand if current dietary guidelines, foods, and dietary intakes for young children this age are adequate.. We are looking for organizations and community [ ].. Family FUNdamentals Facilitator Training Invitation.. Family FUNdamentals is a comprehensive parenting program for families with children 2-4 years old.. Through interactive (parent/child) activities, the program helps parents to support the healthy growth and development of their children by addressing healthy eating, the importance of play and physical activity as well as social and emotional wellbeing.. Family FUNdamentals is a six [ ]..

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  • Title: Research Archives - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: Those Crazy Tweens!.. on October 19, 2012.. We have all found ourselves wondering why teens do the things that they do.. Where do they get such hair-brained ideas and why do they follow through with risky behaviours? Reflecting back on my teenage years, there are definitely a few things that in hindsight I wonder why I thought they were good ideas.. But [ ].. Is Background TV affecting our kids?.. on October 12, 2012.. We have all heard of the potential negative effects of our children watching too much TV, but the latest research shows that even when your TV is on in the background, it can affect development.. This research demonstrates that many kids are exposed to television even when they re not actively viewing it.. This is [ ].. Eastside Hub Study.. on May 4, 2012.. Available now, read the 2012 New Westminster Eastside Child Development Hub Needs Assessment.. The study, which included a survey and consultation with residents and service providers, will be used to assist decision makers in addressing the needs of families on the Eastside of New Westminster.. The report is a project of New Westminster Early Childhood Development [ ].. Mom Friends.. on April 13, 2012.. Emotional Support for Mom creates positive outcomes for kids Is there someone in your life that you can turn to for day-to-day emotional help with parenthood?  ...   Vancouver Island University have been talking with some of Nanaimo s young mothers.. It s well known that young mothers frequently face many challenges the interruption of their schooling, difficulties with housing, ineffective transportation and limited finances for living and [ ].. Child Safety Online.. Child Safety Online: Global Strategies and Challenges is a new report from UNICEF’s Innocenti Research Centre.. It examines children’s online behaviour, risks and vulnerability to harm.. The report states: The responsibility to protect children in the online environment should not be borne only by parents and children.. Policymakers, professionals such as teachers and social [ ].. Play or Learning?.. on January 17, 2012.. The False Choice Between Play and Learning Podcast Among early learning advocates, the fate of play continues to be hotly debated.. To learn more about the relationship between play and learning, the New America Foundation invited Annie Murphy Paul journalist, author and mother of young children to talk about what she has uncovered in the reporting [ ].. New West 5 year olds.. The Early Development Instrument (EDI) tells us how five year olds are developing as a group.. The Human Early Learning Partnership at UBC, in partnership with School Districts look at the growth of Kindergarten students throughout the province.. On January 9th, Joanne Schroeder, Provincial Community Development Manager from HELP will discuss the results for New [ ]..

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  • Title: Growing Up Great in New West! - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: on Thursday, October 3, 2013.. Spread the word.. Facebook.. Twitter.. Email.. Print.. Tumblr.. Pinterest.. Leave A Comment.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website.. Send to Email Address.. Your Name.. Your Email Address.. Cancel.. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!.. Email check failed, please try again.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email..

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  • Title: Resources in our Community - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: info@hyackinteractive.. on Sunday, January 1, 2012..

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  • Title: Looking for Things to Do? - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
    Descriptive info: Check out our upcoming events!.. We keep a calendar that has events for families, events for parents, events for professionals, and events for the community.. If you ve got an event,.. tell us about it!..

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  • Title: Early Childhood Development Hubs - Kids New Westminster : Kids New Westminster
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