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  • Title: The Shrike | It's a funny funny world
    Descriptive info: .. James Foley Video ISIS threatens to behead another hostage if Obama continues bombing.. Terrance Gavan.. Columns, Terrance Gavan.. August 20, 2014.. Bram Lebo s attempts at humor like watching a bear ride a unicycle.. Columns, Humor, Terrance Gavan.. August 19, 2014.. Stephen Harper CEO and Grand Wizard of the real life Mordor Alberta Tar Sands a national embarassment.. News, Rants, Terrance Gavan.. July 17, 2014.. Accused stalker Richard Bradley needs to own up or man up Barb Reid is calling you a paparazzi.. and you are.. News, Rants.. Coop de Grace- Highlander s Bram Lebo chicken scratches from a freely ranging noggin.. Humor, Rants, Terrance Gavan.. July 14, 2014.. Sharapova versus Bouchard and Halep at French Open Gruntus reducti.. Creative, Humor, Sports, Tennis, Terrance Gavan.. June 7, 2014.. Highlander Publisher Bram Lebo says none of the above is an answer in Ontario Election.. Columns, Politics, Rants, Terrance Gavan.. June 6, 2014.. The high cost of relativity or you can t pick your family.. Creative, Humor.. May 19, 2014.. Highlander s Bram Lebo riffs on the court system and sad-sack alcoholics hmmmm.. Columns, Creative, News, Terrance Gavan.. No Room in Heaven Eternity is reduced to 500 Billions Years and you re gone!.. Creative, Humor, Terrance Gavan.. May 14, 2014.. Hillary Clinton is brain damaged goods says Karl Rove.. News, Politics, Rants, Terrance Gavan.. May 13, 2014.. The Shrike.. Navigation.. News.. Politics.. Sports.. Humor.. Rants.. Video.. Columns, Terrance Gavan / August 20, 2014.. View Post.. Columns, Humor, Terrance Gavan / August 19, 2014.. News, Rants, Terrance Gavan / July 17, 2014.. News, Rants / July 17, 2014.. Humor, Rants, Terrance Gavan / July 14, 2014.. Creative, Humor, Sports, Tennis, Terrance Gavan / June 7, 2014.. Columns, Politics, Rants, Terrance Gavan / June 6, 2014.. Columns, News, Politics, Terrance Gavan / June 4, 2014.. Nigel Wright left unprosecuted because he had evidence of Prime Minister s consent.. Columns, Politics, Rants, Terrance Gavan / June 4, 2014.. Ontario Leaders Debate Dale Carnegie anyone? Anyone?.. Columns, Terrance Gavan / May 30, 2014.. Bram Lebo and another tiresome slush of mooshy, squishy pablum.. Seamus O'Bradaigh, Sports, Tennis / May 27, 2014.. Novak Djokovic thrills Roland Garros during rain delay chat with ballboy.. Filter by Topic.. Columns.. In.. ,.. by Terrance Gavan.. i am 63 years old i live in nc i lost my nephew to these animals nobama is the sorriest human on earth and i will always believe that bastard is 1 of them i say enough is enough i am old but i am ready to go over thereand slaughter these animals i hope we dont end up in world.. 08.. 20.. 2014.. Highlander publisher Uncle Scratchy pens lugubrious piece about angling fish out of water TERRANCE GAVAN SHRIKE EDITOR You may have noticed this all by yourself.. Highlander Publisher Bram Lebo is decidedly and assiduously unfunny.. I have first hand confirmation of it.. You, dear readers, unfortunately have to derive your own satisfaction on this point via a strategic reading of.. 19.. Rob Ford s racism and rampant homophobia has naught to do with his alcoholism.. July 5, 2014.. The Ro-Fo and Do-Fo dog and pony show is managed, vitriolic and reprehensible TERRANCE GAVAN RECOVERED ALCOHOLIC BLOGGER Hello, my name is Terry Gavan and I m a recovered alcoholic.. Step nine.. When Rob Ford completes that step and is off the booze train for two years? Then I ll believe that he has a snowball s chance in Dubai of fulfilling.. 07.. 05.. Soccer woes and the bitching on the pitch some men need a program.. July 4, 2014.. Testosterone gone wild in fun leagues men denigrating women TERRANCE GAVAN - Blogger Gone Wild Just for the record.. You cannot join a co-ed rec soccer league and come off the pitch at the end of the first half and go running to the ref pointing out that your team has four women while the other team has less.. If you.. 04.. Highlander s Bram Lebo guessing that Minden s mayor, Barb Reid is toxic pot, kettle black.. July 2, 2014.. Highlander publisher Bram Lebo ironic, idiotic, and mildly psychotic? TERRANCE GAVAN SHRIKE BLOG I m sure that most of  ...   now fade into some indistinct.. 12.. Bullying of black child, Torrence Collier, in Newfoundland is absolutely deplorable.. June 11, 2014.. An 11-year-old boy on the Baie Verte Peninsula is the victim of racism and extreme bullying TERRANCE GAVAN SHRIKE EDI I feel kind of scared And I ask myself, Why does everybody hate me so much? That call for help is from an 11-year-old boy, Torrence Collier, who has done nothing to earn the hate he s accorded at a catholic school.. 11.. Lebo advising voters on Russell Brand s strange concoction concerning vote wasting TERRANCE GAVAN ELECTION ONTARIO Lindsay - Can someone please take a gander into Highlander publisher Bram Lebo s backyard just to see what he s smoking.. Let me know.. I think we could get an article in the Lancet.. Wacky Publisher Discovers Hyperactive Hybrid Haliburton Weed.. By Dr.. Horatio Natchez Mississippi Misanthrope.. Or perhaps:.. 06.. Haliburton-Brock-Kawartha election I like all three but going with Rick Johnson.. June 5, 2014.. Laurie Scott and Don Abel are great people too so we re very lucky in HBK riding TERRANCE GAVAN ONTARIO ELECTIONS Kawartha Lakes - Today I cut the lawn.. And put up my Rick Johnson sign.. It s red.. So I am voting Liberal in my riding of Haliburton Brock Kawartha Lakes.. Let me explain by way of full.. See All Columns Posts.. Harper s PCS channeling Hell On Wheels with Canada s wild west environmental shitstorm Hello world we re Canada and we just don t give a shit! TERRANCE GAVAN THE SHRIKE S SUZUKI Stephen Harper is a national embarrassment.. A fungal derelict.. A bad news big oil, big gas jackass.. A crap eating, liberal-baiting, pro-life gonad with the morals of an alley cat.. 17.. If you run a Facebook page and get in someone s face? You own it Slap suits are for sissies! TERRANCE GAVAN SHRIKE PAPARAZZI NAZI By Chad Ingram: Minden Times: Minden Hills resident Richard Bradley says he plans to sue Reeve Barb Reid for libel and slander.. On Canada Day, Bradley captured video of Reid giving him the finger during Minden’s.. Which came first? The chicken or Lebo s dementia Vegas line is 66-1 in favor of the latter Terrance Gavan Farming Beat Manitoulin Island (is) the home of the Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada, or SFPFC their mission is to advocate for farmers of relatively small numbers of poultry birds – Small Flockers, they call themselves – in a world.. June 4, 2014.. How not to win friends and influence voters hmmm Terrance Gavan Shrike Political Editor I won t go through the Ontario want-tabe leader debate.. You may read that blow by blow anywhere.. Yahoo News Canada pundits all concurred.. Timmy Hudak won the debate.. Tom Blink, Andy Radia and Matty Coutts all lined up with Hudak.. Blink s badoink is below along.. From Columnist Emily Smith: Karl Rove stunned a conference when he suggested Hillary Clinton may have brain damage.. Onstage with Robert Gibbs and CBS correspondent and “Spies Against Armageddon” co-author Dan Raviv, Rove said Republicans should keep the Benghazi issue alive.. He said if Clinton runs for president, voters must be told what happened when she suffered a fall in December 2012.. 05.. Who the hell is Clive Bundy and why should we care?.. May 5, 2014.. TERRANCE GAVAN EDITOR IN CHIEF Here s what I know about Clive Bundy.. He is a rancher in Nevada who has been grazing his cattle for free on government land over the past 20 years.. He is a Republican.. He is a rancher.. He has some unique insights on the rule of law and he has apparently been the self-appointed.. See All Rants Posts.. October 2014.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. Aug.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. Categories.. Select Category.. Audible.. Audio.. Books.. Design.. Environment.. Hockey.. John Ehinger.. Photo.. Reviews.. Seamus O Bradaigh.. television.. Upworthy.. Videos.. Just In!.. Recent Posts.. Toggle the Widgetbar.. SEARCH THE SITE.. Search.. Proudly Powered By The.. X WordPress Theme.. Assign a Menu..

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  • Title: James Foley Video… ISIS threatens to behead another hostage if Obama continues bombing | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: i am 63 years old i live in nc i lost my nephew to these animals nobama is the sorriest human on earth and i will always believe that bastard is 1 of them i say enough is enough i am old but i am ready to go over thereand slaughter these animals i hope we dont end up in world war3 but my friends its looking more like it everyday.. You Tube Comment by your typical crazy!.. BY TERRANCE GAVAN EDITOR.. And so it goes.. A video goes up and the crazies come out.. No one likes a beheading and I just for clarity am one of them.. I especially hate to see journalists beheaded.. No I have not seen the current vehicle making the rounds on the net.. And would not view it if offered.. I was offered.. And wandered from the crazy zone that has it on offer.. Some things should never be seen and this is one of them.. James Foley was a good guy.. A dedicated guy and a graduate of Marquette University.. He went to war with a camera not a gun and he paid dearly for his stick-to-it-ness.. Are journalists needed in these very worst places on earth? I think it s time to start the conversation.. We have never been prouder of our son Jim, Foley s mother.. posted on Facebook.. on Tuesday evening.. He gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people.. That exposure is growing fainter by the day.. Foley died while working in what is now the.. most dangerous place in the world.. to be a reporter—a country where dozens of journalists have been killed and kidnapped in recent years.. As the Syrian conflict has grown more indiscriminately violent; as the Syrian government has targeted journalists, censored local news coverage, and barred foreign journalists from the country;  ...   a camera.. The front lines in civil conflicts where no uniforms abound draw only the sickest individuals.. The guys stepping out into these battles are almost always psychopaths.. Do not be misled.. Osama Bin Laden was a sociopath.. His closest generals were sociopaths.. There is no honor in killing innocents.. No valid reason to slaughter thousands because they don t happen to worship in a proscribed way.. There is no religion that favors violence over mercy.. Cults do that.. And cults are always led by sociopaths.. I think journalists need to understand that.. I have heard a lot of self-serving rhetoric delivered on behalf of Mr.. Foley.. He died doing what he loved He was a guy fighting for democracy.. His mother, alack and alas, stopped just short of knighthood.. James Foley was not a saint.. He knew some of the risks.. If he died doing what he loved? My question is why die so soon.. Run away from these ugly people and live to point and shoot again.. You do not participate in the solution from six feet under the desert floor.. Yes, I respect Mr.. Yes, it s his decision to make.. But no.. This was not a good decision.. Staying in Syria amongst the wingnuts and stone cold killers was a poor get.. I know that most war photographers are adrenalin junkies.. Watch The Bang Bang Club and you will derive a notion of what drives these guys.. They are not immune.. They suffer from PTSD.. They develop lifelong bonds with other journalists.. They are on the front lines.. What they have to understand is unlike soldiers, they own the right to go home when things get hairy.. I just wish James Foley would have made that decision.. To go home.. If for nothing else to save his mom from making that heart wrenching plea I heard today.. Title.. August 2014.. Jul..

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  • Title: Bram Lebo’s attempts at humor… like watching a bear ride a unicycle | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: Highlander publisher Uncle Scratchy pens lugubrious piece about angling fish out of water.. Step right up kids, it s the circle of life.. See, I put the worm on this hook.. Why are you putting a worm on the hook Uncle Scratchy.. So we can catch a fish.. I want to touch the worm!.. Ok, you can touch the worm.. Now, take the rod and remember what I said about holding it steady.. Twelve Ways to Die Fishing.. Bram Lebo.. TERRANCE GAVAN SHRIKE EDITOR.. You may have noticed this all by yourself.. You, dear readers, unfortunately have to derive your own satisfaction on this point via a strategic reading of columns.. Bram Lebo s columns.. And for this I commiserate wholeheartedly and unabashedly.. No human being should be exposed to such perusals without first ingesting liberal doses of demerol.. or laughing gas.. Or peyote.. Or perhaps better yet the stuff that we assume grows wild and aplenty in Mr.. Lebo s backyard garden.. Last week Mr.. Lebo plumbed the depths of his unfunny bones to reveal a column about fishing with his nephews.. Oh no you needn t google it.. If you did already? Well, I apologize.. I found it hilarious.. Not for its content or its mirth.. But because I must of needs deliver a weekly dose of detritus following the abysmal snorts and huffs of Haliburton s ambivalent bearer of muffled, unctuous and deftly uncrafted tomes.. This week, I was jarred by the be-musings of this humorless wretch trying so hard to do something that is well beyond his ken.. Ok kids, let s pack it up and go for a boat ride.. Are we done fishing? I want to go fast!.. No! Slow!.. Let s give the fish a break and let them get some rest.. Bram  ...   part of his nature to ride this unicycle? Maybe there is a deeper angst going on within this humorless, shark-eyed denizen of his own dank, deep and transgressive thoughts.. Maybe he thinks that a folksy twaddle hither and thither and yon will free his soul.. Maybe make him approachable? Maybe make him a better man?.. Truth is.. Uncle Scratchy his alter ego in this spry travesty is just a hollow whistled tune, lugubriously delivered from a soulless speck of flesh.. I once wrote for Mr.. Lebo.. And it was a soulless task.. When a pal of mine and me gave him an iota of credibility to start on a new venture in Haliburton he used to question everything I wrote.. And make faces.. he does not like these things and he does not feel that columns should contain ?.. He was also adamant to the point of apoplectically insane regarding one sentence paragraphs.. Why do I mention this? Because dear readers his fallback traipse into humor writing contains one sentence paragraphs and lots of questions.. It should also contain some ellipses.. ( ) Trust me Bram on this.. Thus I would like to say that he has again taken something from my vast book.. And I will repeat, again Dear Bram.. Leave humor to funny people.. Leave the writing to the writers.. Leave the editorials to alas there is no one to leave that to.. At The Rag.. Wait maybe leave the editorials to Chad Ingram or Jenn Watt.. Please dear Old Uncle Scratchy? ?.. Remember.. You can steal the style but not the humor.. ? eh? eh?.. Just sayin Uncle Scratchy!.. Terrance Gavan writes humor, sports and things that tickle his fancy.. Like bears on unicycles or perhaps? a fisherman waaay out of his depth.. ?.. @terrancegavan on tweetsville..

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  • Title: Stephen Harper… CEO and Grand Wizard of the real life Mordor – Alberta Tar Sands a national embarassment | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: Harper s PCS channeling Hell On Wheels with Canada s wild west environmental shitstorm Hello world we re Canada and we just don t give a shit!.. TERRANCE GAVAN THE SHRIKE S SUZUKI.. From The Tyee Where will you be and what will you be doing when the first giant oil tanker (there will be two every three days), carrying over 200,000 gallons of tar sands goop diluted with solvent, spills its load into the pristine waters of the northern B.. C.. coast?.. We often remember catastrophic events by recalling exactly what we were doing and where we were when we first heard the news, I guess because they were so unthinkable they brought us to a halt, emotionally and psychologically time stopped.. I was driving down a street in Waterloo, Ontario when I heard the news of the Montreal Massacre, and I can still vividly recall my stomach turning as disbelief turned to revulsion.. I will never forget that moment.. And you will never forget the oil spill moment, if we let it happen.. When global oil companies run your country when they own your government economic and environmental catastrophes are guaranteed.. In Canada, the oil companies and the Harper government know that an oil spill catastrophe is coming.. The precautionary principle, rooted in the notion of the common good and established on a foundation of science, has no place in the calculations of global capital.. It is replaced by risk assessment, cost/benefit analysis.. But the assessment isn t aimed at ensuring something bad won t happen as it seems to imply.. It is based on a cost/benefit analysis.. How much will the oil spill cost? That it will happen is actually part of the calculation.. Remember the Ford Pinto?.. Stephen Harper is a national embarrassment.. A crap eating, liberal-baiting, pro-life gonad with the morals of an alley cat and the wiles of a demonic siren.. Money.. T is always been and will always be the harbinger of the Conservative Right.. Today we have a prime minister running Canada to ground.. That ground.. The fucking oil sands.. What other ground will Stephen Harper be remembered for.. Certainly not moral ground.. Certainly not high ground.. He offers up his minions like a mafia rat with a non-disclosure grant and a destination to a Caribbean Paradise full expense paid.. he s selling Canada to big oil and has done for the better part of his career in politics.. He s a man on  ...   Mordor.. Where trees, birds, First Nations people, and pristine nature fall in the wake of churning earth movers, giant rapacious GodZillas turning Canada s north into one great big tailing pond.. All for the edification of one Stephen Harper, whose legacy shall read we hope that he had no legacy.. A sorceror so heinous that his time in power may be remembered as the straw which brought Canada s good name into disrepute.. he refuses to stand up to big oil.. Making him as smarmy as the people that dig it up.. It could be that Harper post -apocalypse will just get lost in a miasma of book tours, touting some schlock about hockey, ethical oil and how global warming was a hoax, all just en ego-centric drift until that day when he pens.. the Memoir.. I have no idea what that memoir will contain.. It will not, I assume be a revealing tell-all, along the lines of Jim Bouton s Ball Four.. I m certain it will be a tome.. It will probably surpass Lincoln s latest biography in length, breadth and rhetoric.. It will not be interesting.. He will not have a love child from Teagan and / or Sara to bog him down in his waning years.. More s the pity.. He is no Pierre.. He ain t even Fred Astaire.. Understand that Stephen Harper demands a legacy.. He wants a seat at the table of pantheons.. But how can he possibly surpass a Trudeau, a WLMK, a John A or Mike Pearson.. God forbid they ever want to name an airport for him.. Where could they put it?.. Come By Chance or Dildo in Newfoundland.. ? Or.. One Fell over Buffalo Jump Alberta.. The logical spot would be Fort Mac.. If you don t care Fly Harper Air into Fort Mac and Harper International.. A hub for bag men, Chinese Industrialists and Calgary Oil Men.. A place where dreams come to die.. And the statue for the new Airport? Because as we all know every Canadian city and Town or Village must have a symbol of their historic space.. How about David Suzuki on a Cross.. And Engraved underneath:.. Welcome to Fort Mac!.. We kill our bunny huggers here!.. SHARE.. More.. July 2014.. Jun.. Aug.. Send to Email Address.. Your Name.. Your Email Address.. Cancel.. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!.. Email check failed, please try again.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email..

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  • Title: Accused stalker Richard Bradley needs to own up or man up – Barb Reid is calling you a paparazzi .. and you are | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: If you run a Facebook page and get in someone s face? You own it Slap suits are for sissies!.. TERRANCE GAVAN SHRIKE PAPARAZZI NAZI.. By Chad Ingram: Minden Times:.. Minden Hills resident Richard Bradley says he plans to sue Reeve Barb Reid for libel and slander.. On Canada Day, Bradley captured video of Reid giving him the finger during Minden’s downtown festivities and sent images to local media.. Reid, who subsequently apologized to the community, has accused Bradley of harassment and stalking.. On Monday, July 14, Bradley told the paper he’d delivered two letters to the Minden Hills township office – one addressed to Reid, one to township CAO Lorrie Blanchard – giving the reeve and the township notification of his intention to take legal action.. “I hereby provide notice that as a result of your behaviour July 1, 2014 when you directed an obscene gesture at me and told me to “fuck off”, as well as the subsequent allegations you have made about me in writing and on CHEX TV news accusing me of stalking, harassing and bullying you, specifically but not exclusively, that I will be pursuing legal action under the Ontario Libel and Slander Act R.. S.. O.. 1990, Chapter L.. 12 and that you will be named as a defendant,” Bradley wrote in the letter to Reid.. Mr.. Bradley should take a look at this picture before heading to slapsuit court.. I know a couple of judges who might consider that Mr.. Bradley is not out on a nature stroll.. (Thank you to the anonymous donor who so kindly sent me this picture!).. By the way Richard.. You need a bigger blind, need to ditch the red shirt and maybe get yourself a bigger f %$ing lens.. Just sayin!.. Here s the deal Mr.. Richard Bradley whoever you are.. I have been to your facebook page.. I hear it s yours anyway.. And I m getting it from sources who have not received a letter from your lawyers.. So I am guessing that you are copesetic with it.. Here s what you put on your Facebook page.. It s called.. Minden Hills Municipal Politics.. for the edification of people who can t find it.. Here s what it says:.. Newspaper Articles, Headlines, Letters to the Editor, Minutes, Pictures, Videos anything that relates to Municipal Politics in Minden Hills, Ontario.. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it George Santayana.. ***Disclaimer: The Administrators of this Group are not responsible for the accuracy of the comments posted by others and in no way mean to imply that any comments are in any way factual or a representation of the opinions of the Group Administrators.. ** (Editors Note: Jeezus H Christ Not responsible for the accuracy of the comments or posts? Why not just change your name to O Reilly and apply for a job at Fox News? This is horrendous stuff emanating from a guy who is suing Minden Reeve Barb Reid for offering her own opinion of your questionable hobby.. ).. Hey Bradley! Here s my take on your site.. It s a handy cudgel for the anonymous shites of Minden et al to thumb their nose at council.. It s a paparazzi jungle filled with guerilla newsies driven by an agenda and custom made to stir shit.. And you have conveniently stated to all and sundry that anonymity and bullshit is an integral part of your agenda.. PS a post from Andrew Meek on Bradley s Facebook Page goes unanswered: So from my understanding, this page is owned by Richard Bradley as m.. entioned in The Minden Times (mindentimes.. ca) last week.. My question to Richard is why he  ...   can muster in the way of a catchy Facebook header? Then why bother? Seriously.. The page is dull, the content is non-existent and your best news thread came when you elicited a middle finger salute from the Reeve, Barb Reid.. Again, let s just visit for the edification of the people who aren t following your wee shit shilly-shally into the obtuse what s goins on with youse and Barb.. Reid confirmed that she had received Bradley’s notice and told the paper she is prepared to go to court if Bradley does proceed with legal action.. “This is a notice of intention to begin legal proceedings against me and he has three months to do this,” Reid wrote in an email.. “If, in fact, he does actually bring legal proceedings against me, I will respond accordingly and vigorously defend all accusations.. ”.. In explaining her actions on Canada Day, Reid told the paper that “the stress of [Bradley’s] harassment got to me that morning.. Bradley has been harassing me for more than four years now and stalking me with his camera.. Here s what I would have done Richard if you had popped up at my party or in my backyard to snap a picture without my permission.. I not only would have given you the finger but I would have chased you down and shoved that middle finger, index finger and baby finger up your left nostril; and then? I would have used my thumb for insertion in that place where the moon never shines.. Read the rules Bradley.. People have the right to privacy and your enchanted auto-erotic fixation with gotcha photography does not trump a citizen s right to privacy.. Why do you think real photographers and real journalists ask people at a buffet or picnic if it s all right to publish their photos.. I take photos for high school sports and we need permission from parents to publish those photos.. So all that shit you spout about your right to take shots willy nilly? Is fucking crap.. If you want to take pictures of people? And you re not doing it for money? And you ain t got insurance? Then you got to find another line of work.. Preferably one which does not include the solicitation of anonymous commentary on a Facebook page which advertises itself as a resting place for gossip, innuendo and bullshit, riding the coattails of a rider that says the moderator does not give a farthing s fuck if the content is true or not.. Hiding behind riders is a coward s gambit Mr.. Bradley.. The people of Minden don t need a whack-a-mole loose cannon flitting and flouncing his Fuji to realize that Minden Council is dysfunctional.. They don t need you Bradley.. They get it.. You only serve to obfuscate and exacerbate an already unwieldy situation.. I d call you a news-baiting paparazzi but real paparazzi can focus a fucking camera.. I mean really Richard.. Buy a fucking point and shoot.. Or hire a nine year old with steady hands.. Nope.. You re just a gossip monger.. And worse that that.. You are a monumental and fraudulent wanna-be.. An over excited bed-wetter.. A coquette looking for some time in the spotlight.. Here s the thing Bradley.. When you put yourself in the spotlight you are subject to the same amount of scrutiny that you project upon others.. So why not be a nice little boy.. Take your camera.. Buy a 300 telephoto lens and start taking pictures of the pretty birds.. You are clearly out of your depth of field in the junk news department.. Aside from that?.. Whining is quite boring old chap!.. get Gav @terrancegavan..

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  • Title: Coop de Grace- Highlander’s Bram Lebo… chicken scratches from a freely ranging noggin | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: Which came first? The chicken or Lebo s dementia Vegas line is 66-1 in favor of the latter.. Terrance Gavan Farming Beat.. Manitoulin Island (is) the home of the Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada, or SFPFC their mission is to advocate for farmers of relatively small numbers of poultry birds – Small Flockers, they call themselves – in a world dominated by factory farms, supply management and government over-regulation.. (Bram Lebo is Hatching a plan! Quick find your thinking cap He s goin long and he s goin deep!).. Oh, Terry.. Quit beating up on Bram Lebo.. Sorry peeps.. I can t.. My shrink says that writing is good for me.. Keeps the spinning snakes and silly-ciben holographics from my noggin.. Well, the pills help a bit.. Anyway, the wee scrotum of Bram Lebo s latest screed, we quote above to indicate where salvos shall drop.. Untidily and peremptorily.. The over regulation Bram refers to is not an issue that can be addressed in a 100,00 word University of Toronto economic study, never mind the fart-addled twaddle Lebo promotes in his latest five foot zero lickspittle diatribe.. This week, at least Lebo has utilized the ironic pastiche of the chicken industry for his hen-scratched and myopic meander through the barnyard of his discontent.. Just another of Lebo s Coop-de-grace.. Death blow sounding the clubbed detritus of a point.. The point? Bram likes his chicken on the hoof as it were.. Free from the entanglements of an industry gone wild; wild everywhere except where it should be according to Lebo.. Lebo wants his eggs fresh and his rhetoric stale.. He lives in Haliburton.. Hallelujah! He can have his chicken free rangey and his rhetoric bland and mangey because he owns a newspaper.. Where he gets to shilly shally, flim-flam and Trans Am his gritty dirges.. three factors are the reasons why you can t buy local chicken and eggs (or beef or pork) in your local grocery store and only find these things on a local menu.. They lead to absurdities like Canadian pork being sold in Florida supermarkets at the same time our Highlands supermarkets are stocked with American pork.. They are the reason local farmers must take their chickens to Lindsay for slaughter, then back to be sold from the farm gate (assuming people know how  ...   be aware that there is a windowless, skylightless chicken operation abutting the grounds of St Thomas.. It smells.. It s a factory.. And it doesn t make me wish to eschew chicken for free range chicken.. It makes me a vegetarian.. Factory farms can be so efficient because the welfare of animals and consumers is not a consideration.. If a one-pound chicken can be turned into a one-and-a-half-pound chicken by pumping it with water, and birds can be kept disease-free with chemicals rather than humane living conditions, all will be done in the name of cheap meat and big profits.. (Lebo pounding away with no neurons firing.. Okay they don t pump chickens with water.. I m not even sure if Lebo thinks before he places such moronic lather on page.. Someone get me a picture of Lebo s garden.. Disease is rampant in factory settings for the same reason flu is passed on so extravagantly in a school setting.. Proximity is a great incubator.. By the way.. Who does the shopping in Lebo s family? Cos I m not finding cheap meat anywhere.. Lebo likes living in a small town.. It removes him from the bigger picture.. It gives the mind a luxuriant place to graze.. Where every house has a chicken or two.. Where you don t need to become a Vegan to stand on principle.. Where one is free to ruminate on ruminants without the requisite onus of a fact check y know like they do in the real world.. Most of all it gives a man the freedom to wax purple on this, that and all and sundry.. You Know like this:.. In places all over the world, the chicken is becoming a symbol of reclaiming our food system.. It s a symbol of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and of the right to make one s own choices.. Most of all, it s a symbol of freedom, the kind of freedom that s been eroding for decades.. (Lebo explaining why he s never defended a shoplifter in real court the batshit crazy factor ).. Yes Haliburton! Go now buy a chicken put it in your backyard Oops now get a Rooster more chickens too!.. Free range at last.. Thank Bram The Flighty!.. We re Free at Last!.. (With apologies to Martin Luther King and chickens everywhere..

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  • Title: Sharapova versus Bouchard and Halep at French Open – Gruntus reducti | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: Not long ago a nine-year-old Australian girl, Lauryn Edwards, was banned by her club near Melbourne for the noise she made while hitting the ball.. They told me I had to guarantee she won t grunt, her dad said.. “What do they want me to do? Put Band-Aids over her mouth?”.. Lauryn s favourite player was surprise, surprise Maria Sharapova, the player labelled by legendary scribe Bud Collins as the “Belle of the Decibels.. Sharapova has amplified both the grunting decibels and the controversy, for besides being a tennis superstar she is one of sport s most photographed women.. That has added to gender issues: some men roar like rutting stags without attracting nearly so much attention.. Less grunting in the female game? Yes it s happening.. TERRANCE GAVAN.. Women s tennis is become, of a sudden, suddenly, less stentorian.. Which is just my alliterative way of saying that Maria Sharapova is thankfully becoming one of the last holdovers to an era in women s tennis.. We shall call that era the Decibel Epoch in the age of Grand Slamma Jamma.. If you are a tennis fan and have been following the game for a wee bit you will of course be aware of the rise in rage that arose way back in the 1980s and 1990s.. The phenomenon for all who might be calling me on my calling out of women s tennis alone actually started on the men s side.. Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassiz and to a point the guru Johnny McEnroe all gave voice to their strokes and the bubbly aphorisms soon became entrenched into the lexicon of the game.. Club players soon began copying the I ll huff and puff strategy and that filtered down to the juniors and then right into the proving grounds of upper echelon tennis academies.. It became an if you can t beat em join em badoink a doink.. Every tennis court in North America, and then the world, resounded with the sheer will of the grunted smash, volley and oh yay even the drop shot.. There were low grunts, squealed grunts, screams, roars, unfettered alors and jungle juked squelched  ...   what it does.. Last year the International Tennis Federation considered dealing with this issue explicitly in its code of conduct, but didn t.. Martina Navratilova insists it should.. “.. Grunting is cheating, pure and simple it is time for something to be done,” Navratilova said, reminding us that it hides the sound of racket on ball, making it impossible to decipher spin and power.. “Actually it is already banned according to the rules,” the legend added.. “It s called hindrance.. Unfortunately most umpires don t apply the rule, even when players grunt and scream like they were giving birth.. Some critics conclude that tennis decision-making processes, so often stymied by having three separate governing bodies, added to a reluctance to confront vested interests, have again appeared too paralysed to act.. Certainly Ruzici was never stopped.. Nor was Seles.. Because Monica is such a lovely girl, we didn t want to rub it in too much, Evert admitted.. Sharapova was asked to tone it down by Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) World Tour supervisor Donna Kelso but before long was gasping like a drowning gorilla again.. Similarly with Larcher Brito, umpire Mohammed el-Jennati issued her with an unofficial warning, a Grand Slam supervisor came to her court, and no further action was taken.. Occasional the only resort seems to be laughter.. A tongue-in-cheek website called Save the Grunt claims a lion roars at 110 decibels, Sharapova shrieks at 101, Seles gasped at 93.. 2, and an assortment of noises came from Serena Williams at 88.. 9, Lindsay Davenport 88, Venus Williams 85 and Azarenka 83.. 5.. All are louder than a motorcycle or a lawn mower.. ”.. iTennis, Eaton.. Sharapova has just won her fifth Grand Slam with a three set duel against Simona Halep.. Why are the younger players becoming silent and eschewing the mighty exhale? Perhaps because there is a reasonable fear among coaches and academies that players will begin to be sanctioned.. And perhaps, with the success of Bouchard and Halep we are coming to realize that childbirth and jet plane takeoffs need not accompany a sunny day at Wimbledon.. @terrancegavan on Twitter.. 07.. June 2014.. May.. Jul..

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  • Title: Highlander Publisher Bram Lebo says “none of the above” is an answer in Ontario Election | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: Lebo advising voters on Russell Brand s strange concoction concerning vote wasting.. TERRANCE GAVAN ELECTION ONTARIO.. Lindsay - Can someone please take a gander into Highlander publisher Bram Lebo s backyard just to see what he s smoking.. Haliburton s Own Carlos Castaneda Zoomed on some New Shoots of Shrooms.. Winnifred Polly Peyote.. In another one of his mindless screeds, labeled,.. None of the Above.. , Mr.. Lebo is gone Rambo, detailing in syrup-suckled, surreptitious, smarmy and sickeningly unctuous detail how the citizens of Haliburton-Brock-Kawartha might issue an embargo on their rights to vote.. It s the type of idiotic refusenik bullshit espoused by.. Duff Connacher.. , who wants ballots to include none of the above as a choice to ballot spoiling.. Russell Brand is perhaps one of the unlikeliest prophets of democratic reform.. The British comedian and former user of hard drugs has lately been shaking up the British establishment with his ideas as to how society should address the unrelenting and inescapable corruption of our institutions, Brand s message is that our politicians and political process have become so corrupt and self-interested, that to vote is to grant legitimacy to people and ideas that deserve no such thing.. By voting, we play a game in which the winning party can claim a mandate from the voters.. The rational option in his view is not to play the game; to deny them legitimacy by refusing to vote.. Certainly that s an idea crossing many minds in Ontario this month.. (Lebo).. The article is so incredibly childish, from its inception a brain-dead observation from a supercilious rocker to its Leboesque and idiotic dénouement, To vote is to legitimize whichever party wins.. Sadly, declining our ballots may be the only way to truly express our political will.. That I think anyone with the bloated IQ larger than a primordial ooze dwelling salamander realizes is patently ridiculous and promotes yet another bland hypothesis of the Canadian parliamentary system and process.. We have come to expect such peremptory and ill-informed outtakes from the wacky mind of this truly self-absorbed and fecklessly-farting iconoclast.. In his thankfully short editorial this week Lebo offers simplistic and offhand condemnation of all three choices.. With the NDP we have proposals and policies completely  ...   election.. ? (Who remain Rick Johnson, Laurie Scott and Don Abel.. ) Urges, on the basis of a leadenly unlucid leader review (simplistic and arrogant) to just go ahead Haliburton spoil your goddam ballots.. It s a rather dystopian view of the whole shebang ain t it? It s beneath contempt.. It s not something that s very constructive.. It s not something that reflects reality.. It sets not good example for our kids to take home.. It s an idea cooked from the cockeyed brain of a publisher who seems locked into Entertainment Tonight or Celebrity Puff and Pander on his Toshiba laptop.. I say that because Mr.. Lebo ends his special patch of pap and pip from a squeak with this.. By declining our ballots, we deny legitimacy to the next government, whatever its stripe.. By doing it collectively, we give a middle finger from Haliburton County to our friends in the Big Smoke.. We are saying in the only way we can: none of the above.. To vote is to legitimize whichever party wins.. (From the mind of a truly smarmy frat boy!) Bram Lebo.. Bam a Lam Lebo.. That s right.. That s your publisher Haliburton.. Advising that you all ignore Rick Johnson, Laurie Scott and Don Abel.. In favor of giving a one fingered salute to Toronto? What the Eff?.. Make sense?.. If it doesn t? Make sense that is.. Maybe head down to Lebo s place and root around in the garden I ll send you a picture of certain roots and herbs you might be looking for.. While you re there? Maybe take a gander and lookee see if Russell Brand is hangin out.. In a lawn chair.. Ask him where the good stuff is.. If you partake of the gems from Lebo s arbor, perhaps you may too find that special niche of reality where dwelleth pixie and poesy and pablum galore.. Maybe this will all start to make sense.. Please be careful what you wish for dear readers.. And tread softly amongst those hedge rows.. Might perchance be poison oak or ivory there.. I m clean and sober since 1998.. So I ll probably never get to experience such enlightenement.. But I m okay with that.. @terrancegavan..

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  • Title: The high cost of relativity… or you can’t pick your family | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: SEAMUS O BRADAIGH IRISH AS HELL.. There is no easy way around this one.. I have been writing for a long time and I know that what I write is parsed and mangled by every two-bit crank and would be writer that has ever hated me.. It s a good thing that I write well.. Because poor writers who say nasty things can get the shit kicked out of them.. I have known a lot of editors from small town newspapers and about once a year most of them those with compassion anyway write a column about gossip.. I have read some great ones.. Most of those screeds are prompted by a letter to the editor.. Usually from someone who lives in town.. Someone who may be a mother on welfare.. A mother who has a child being bullied.. Sorry guys, but I have been around small town news for a coupla decades and most of the pleas, the really resonant shit has come from single moms.. An editor I know from Haliburton (Martha) wrote a very moving piece about small town gossip.. Just before she cut loose from the Haliburton Highlands for the relative anonymity of a bigger BC venue.. I remember Martha s poignant column because it reminded me of a letter to the editor we received at the Stonewall Argus in Manitoba.. Small towns are unforgiving.. The biggest voices and the most damage is done by a class of middle age dowagers (I m including dowaging men in this class) who are lost.. I can t elaborate.. Because I can t fathom what goes on in those hateful noodles.. They are the same people who tell people that they can t get married.. Because they don t fit the mold.. The people who will tell you that there are two types of people.. My kind and the highway.. When I first landed in the Highlands I was told in no uncertain terms that there were people out there.. people who were umm, let s say sketchy.. They were sketchy for all the right reasons.. The right reasons? Because my family told me that they were sketchy.. I know.. Why did you listen? Over the years I was literally inundated with information about this and that and why that is thus and why certain people should be shunned! All of it pure unadulterated bullshit!.. I am good friends with those people today.. A lot of them are like me.. Eccentric.. Dancers to their own drum.. For my first three years in the Highlands I was leery of these people.. And I had no idea why! That makes me terrible.. It makes me what I despise most in people.. It makes me gullible.. Naive.. An idiot!.. I am ashamed and embarrassed.. But that s where I was.. Backed into some never-never land where justice was doled out along with heaping helpings of mashed potatoes.. And I watched kids grow up at  ...   thought Barry Devolin was wrong on a boycott of a newspaper.. And I told him.. He makes big bucks as an MP.. Being told you re stupid by a journalist? Comes with the deal.. Can someone tell Barry s dad that!.. That s not gossip.. That s right up front.. There s a difference.. I write my opinions.. I don t do it over the back fence.. And if my shit ain t the truth? I get sued.. The dowagers? They just get more and more lonely.. Know what the end of the road is for the gossip, the wee-minded squeak of the pip? When they run out of friends.. Because friends begin, after a time, to realize that sooner or later the dowager is going to turn all that hate on you.. And if you re wondering? It s probably already happened.. Things don t get changed by gossip.. Wait.. Gossip kills.. That letter to the editor from a single mom in Stonewall to the Argus?.. Was evocative because it included a tidbit about character assassination, which damn near led to suicide.. It s why Martha Perkins and a lot of small town editors end up leaving the small town.. After writing that nice screed on gossip.. Small petty minds chase good people from small towns.. They get to hate the haters.. They get to hate the mindset.. It s like living on the set of the bachelor.. #Haters.. Make no goddam mistake.. There is no other word for gossip mongers and dowagers who sit high above the fray in their catbird seat.. Doling out judgement.. I followed Martha Perkins.. I distanced myself from that hate.. And it s why I find it so much more comfortable living outside of the rural mindset today.. Know what I was given as a parting gift from my own wee hater?.. Good.. people are glad that you re gone.. No one liked you.. And by the way? You ve always been an asshole!.. Family!.. So let me get this off my chest.. Eric Lilius! The Haliburton Folk Society! Michelle! All the so-called people from the wrong side of the tracks? And the rest.. I love you all! I am sorry it took me so long to get there.. To meet you.. To find out how lovely you all are!.. But gossip is a powerful thing.. People.. Don t let gossip get in your way.. Spurn it.. I missed a lot of fun concerts from 2002 to 2005.. People wonder how kids get to become facebook bullies.. You know the kind of kids that killed Amanda Todd! The same kids who use gossip as a blunt force instrument? They learn it at the table.. Parents, if you can t eat a meal without targeting someone? Let your kids eat in front of the TV.. Please! We don t need that kind of family time.. Move on or shut the fuck up!.. May 2014.. Apr.. Jun..

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  • Title: Highlander’s Bram Lebo riffs on the court system and sad-sack alcoholics… hmmmm | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: [content_boxes layout="icon-boxed" iconcolor="#1e73be" circlecolor="#ffffff" circlebordercolor="#64d613" backgroundcolor="#ededb1"] [content_box title="" icon="glass" image="" image_width="35" image_height="35" link="" linktarget="_self" linktext="" animation_type="0" animation_direction="down" animation_speed="0.. 1"]LEBO: The criminals you see on TV or in comics, the ones with names like Lefty and Johnny Two-Thumbs who hide out in their lairs planning crimes – they don t exist, not in any number anyway.. And yet it seems our entire justice system is built for them, fictional cartoons.. Real criminals, our criminals at the local courthouse, are sad-sack alcoholics caught driving drunk.. They re post-injury labourers who got addicted to their prescription painkillers and now steal for more; they re moms who have meltdowns at the local coffee shop, and lonely kids who pull pranks for attention.. [/content_box] [/content_boxes].. TERRANCE GAVAN Sad Sack Alcoholic File.. Highlander publisher Bram Lebo is at it again.. This time he s on about courts I think.. Although as usual it s hard to tell if he s just turned on a spout from his hippocampus to mouth or if he s actually trying to make a point.. Another morning, another parking lot.. It s Wednesday, and county council chambers are being used for criminal court.. The entrance is a portal into a completely different world.. And it s packed.. All ages, all types and sizes, a lot of bad hair days.. At 9:30 a.. m.. some already reek of alcohol; others duck out when the liquor store opens at 10.. All line up to meet with duty counsel to have their charges explained.. She can t possibly offer legal representation to so many, and she doesn t; those without lawyers are on their own.. Outside, someone is selling contraband cigarettes for $10 a carton.. That calliope music is just your mind playing tricks.. Inside, a judge with kind eyes and a warm smile sits above three stone-faced clerks.. You get the sense she s the nicest person many of these people have met in a long time.. She seems a bit of a softy but you soon realize it s because she s not really there to judge.. Judgement is not what these people – or the law-abiding citizens they ve wronged – need.. Today, this judge is a social worker.. (Bram Lebo on social justice in Canada from Highlander May 15).. I am going to go out on a limb here and offer that the publisher of the Highlander has never reported on court.. That he has no experience in a court room.. A criminal court room.. My foray into court reporting began a long time ago, covering court in Stonewall, MB.. Clients appearing there came from down the road.. In Stony Mountain.. The inmates from the max security prison at Stony Mountain came in wearing shackles on hands and feet.. They had done some serious shit.. So I remain a tad confused about Lebo s latest limp  ...   crimes – they don t exist, not in any number anyway.. Real criminals, our criminals at the local courthouse, are.. sad-sack alcoholics.. caught driving drunk.. Jesus.. No wonder the world hates a lawyer.. That s what Bram Lebo is.. A lawyer.. I know some great lawyers.. Of course they have actually worked as lawyers.. They have a craft.. Lebo has never really worked as a lawyer.. I think I know why.. He s a charlatan.. A sort of hyperbolic mash up of Matlock and Barney Fife.. Look, just so you know where I m coming from.. I m one of those sad sack alcoholics.. I am a recovered.. sad sack alcoholic.. and I think it s important to note that I have been recovered since March 20, 1998.. Lebo has made some categorical pronouncements in this latest batch of thin gruel concocted from the deeper recesses of his low affect mind.. I m reading a book right now.. The Psychopath Whisperer: The science of those without conscience.. written by Kent A Kiehl, PhD.. You see unlike Mr.. Lebo, MBA, LLB, MBI.. Kiehl actual put his PhD to work studying (in depth and not from the cheap seats of a municipal court room) psychopaths in BC.. One thing all of his guys have in common? Low empath.. That s just a fancy term given to people who have problem developing real empathy.. They don t feel.. That makes it easy for them to do really bad things.. Because they have no conscience.. No regrets.. They can indulge in all kinds of hanky panky! They do one thing particularly well: lie.. In fifteen plus years of sobriety I have come to be wary of these people.. People who say things like:.. (Lebo).. If you read the book by Mr.. Kiehl you will find a lot of things like that coming from the spouting mouths of some of his study subjects.. They say stuff like: He was a drunk or, she was a whore.. Suffice to say that low empathic people are pronouncers.. They know what to say to help them fit in.. They are charming.. They are sometimes intelligent.. Mostly they are insincere.. What they do is what they do.. They mostly treat people like shit.. I know many.. sad sack alcoholics.. They come in all shapes and sizes.. Just like people, Mr.. I get along well with.. Even them that are still drinking.. Most of them have feelings.. They don t like when people call them.. We ll forgive Mr.. Lebo this latest transgression.. He s not naive.. Or stupid.. He just doesn t get it.. Kiehl could probably explain it better than I.. Some people just think they are above the fray.. They pronounce.. They think they are hmmm? Better.. It gives them a liberal swath of leeway.. And.. They re a lot more dangerous than 10,000..

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  • Title: No Room in Heaven… Eternity is reduced to 500 Billions Years and you’re gone! | The Shrike
    Descriptive info: THE HEAVENS—Saying they were reluctant to make the change but that budget pressures left them no other choice, divine sources announced Tuesday that the traditional promise of salvation would be reduced from eternity to 500 billion years.. “To help us meet the rising cost of maintaining Heaven as a lavish kingdom of perfection for all penitent souls, we will now be limiting believers to afterlives consisting of half a trillion years, an amount of time we still feel is quite generous,” Archangel Michael stated at  ...   God-fearing peoples who are currently alive, previously deceased, and yet to be born.. “We want to assure all those who have lived virtuous, righteous lives that they will see no dilution in the legendary splendor and magnificence of the Heavenly realm, and that the only difference they will encounter is the new cap on the duration of their stay in paradise.. ”.. The Archangel added that divine officials would ensure that all redeemed souls would be painlessly extinguished into oblivion once their 500 billion years expired..

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