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  • Title: EILAB, Faculty of Education, UOIT - Educational Informatics
    Descriptive info: .. facebook.. twitter.. linkedin.. youtube.. EILAB Home.. Experience.. Blogs.. Facility Gallery.. Featured Video.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Tag Cloud.. Tutorials.. Research Team.. Blayone, Todd J.. B.. MA.. Childs, Elizabeth PhD.. Clarkson, Jessica BSc.. Davidson, Ann-Louise PhD.. de Castell, Suzanne PhD.. Desjardins, François Director/PhD.. DiGiuseppe, Maurice PhD.. Flynn, Kathleen BA.. Hunter, Bill PhD.. Kay, Robin PhD.. Muirhead, Bill PhD.. O Connor, Michael J.. Stauffer, April BSc, BEd.. VanOostveen, Roland PhD.. Research Projects.. Alternative Communication Apps and Autism.. Augmented Reality App for Adults with Autism.. Constructivist Learning, Emotion and Autism.. Information Competency and Trust in Ukraine.. Problem-Based and Professional Learning.. Technological Competency and Use (TCU).. TCU Observed Interactions on PBL Continuum.. TCU Self Reports and Observed Interactions.. Publications.. Peer Reviewed | 2010-14.. Thesis | Technology Adoption, 2014.. Archived Abstracts.. About.. Contact and Location.. Press Release | Autism.. Press Release | EILab.. Press Release | Ukraine.. JEI.. Select Page.. Educational Informatics LAB Faculty of Education, UOIT, Canada.. You are here:.. Home.. Innovative Research in Educational Informatics.. The.. EI.. LAB at the.. Faculty of Education, University of Ontario Institute of Technology.. , Canada, is a digital facility supporting exploration of human-computer interactions and learning.. It is a university-based hub for.. researchers.. ,.. projects and collaborations.. from around the world.. View Current:.. ·.. Projects.. Photo Gallery.. LAB is member of the.. Inclusive Design Institute (IDI).. , a research community addressing the challenge of designing our information and communication systems (ICT) so that they work for all potential users, including those with disabilities, varying cultural needs, and social challenges.. The IDI is Canada’s first research hub focused on digital inclusion.. Under  ...   Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE), Kamloops, BC.. (Download).. Davidson, A.. -L.. , Desjardins, F.. J.. , Suarez, W.. , Naffi, N.. (2014).. Une collaboration Québec-Ontario-Équateur pour mener une recherche sur la création d objets numériques dans une approche par problème pour la formation des enseignants.. Presented at the CIRTA.. , Hannum, C.. (2014, May 14).. Une recherche-action permettant d implanter les technologies mobiles dans une approche d APP avec des professeurs de langue étrangère dans un pays en développement.. Presented at the Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS), Montreal, QC.. vanOostveen, R.. , Childs, E.. , Flynn, K.. , Clarkson, J.. (2014, July 15 18).. Integration of PBL methodologies into online learning course and programs.. Presented at the IADIS e-Learning 2014 Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.. Share.. Google+.. 0.. Facebook.. 5.. Twitter.. 8.. LinkedIn.. 4.. Pinterest.. Recent Additions.. EILab Reflection: The Social Graph.. Ukraine Project Photo Gallery.. Tutorial Videos: New in Noldus FaceReader 6!.. Tutorial Video: Overview of Noldus FaceReader 5.. Select Publications | 2014.. Current Research Projects.. Communication Apps and Autism.. Trending Pages.. Educational Informatics LAB Faculty of Education, UOIT, Canada.. Press Release | Fall 2014 | Autism (ASD).. Facility Photo Gallery.. EILab Administrative and Research Group.. Ann-Louise Davidson, PhD.. Collaborative Online Learning Environment: Towards a process driven approach and collective knowledge building.. Featured Events.. Back.. Next.. No events to display.. The EILAB is an observational research facility supporting social-scientific research in the field of learning and digital technology.. Faculty of Education, UOIT.. Downtown Campus.. 11 Simcoe Street North.. Oshawa, Canada - L1H 7L7.. © UOIT EILAB 2013.. All Rights Reserved.. About and Contact..

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  • Title: Blogs Archives - EILAB, UOIT, Canada
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. Archive by category "Blogs".. 31.. Aug.. EILab Reflection: The Social Graph.. By.. Todd Blayone.. EILab Reflections.. data collection.. EILab.. research methodologies.. research technologies.. social graph.. social media.. Comments are off.. The burning question in my mind was why social scientists immersed in digital research tools are not more aggressively exploring data collection via automated integrations with the social graph.. Why do many researchers limit data collection strategies to pre-digital research methodologies?.. Continue reading.. Read More.. 06.. Director Update: Spring 2014.. Francois  ...   of this project for UOIT has been one of transitioning from mostly installation and initiation of many systems to now engaging in the next phase which is the catching-up to get where we want to be with the research.. Although we had some early students completing their masters using the first wave of mobile devices with a variety of learners with some disabilities, none of them made use of the data collection and analysis systems in the EILAB as it was just recently completed..

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  • Title: Facility Photo Gallery | EILab, UOIT, Canada
    Descriptive info: 13.. Facility Photo Gallery.. AXIS camera.. blue wall.. digital competence.. dual display.. Mac mini.. orange wall.. photo gallery.. This gallery provides a visual overview of the affordances in the Educational Informatics Lab (EILab) facility at the.. Faculty of Education.. UOIT.. , Canada.. The EILab facilitates academic collaboration and social-scientific study of human-computer interaction from a variety of methodological perspectives.. It is comprised of an observatory, observation room, faculty offices and a researcher study area.. It serves both local and international research teams.. Director Update: Spring 2014.. Tutorial: Operating Video Hardware..

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  • Title: Featured Video Archives - EILAB, UOIT, Canada
    Descriptive info: Archive by category "Featured Video".. 05.. Introduction to the EILab.. A video introduction to the EILab presented at the Faculty of Education, UOIT in early 2014 by the founding director, Dr..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - EILAB, UOIT, Canada
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. How do I log in to a computer (iMac, PC or Mac mini) in the EILab?.. Currently, all computers in the EILab are configured with local accounts only.. Unfortunately, this means researchers do not have a single, secure, personalized desktop that persists across all EILab computers.. Rather, each EILab computer is configured with standardized, password-protected, shared accounts (EILAB01, EILAB02 and  ...   casual access.. If you are engaging in a long-term study, it is advised that you set up a secure, personalized account on the computers to which you require access.. This will help insure the integrity and security of your data.. Please use the.. contact form.. to receive: 1) a password for a standard account, or 2) instructions for setting up a personalized account..

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  • Title: Key Themes, Memes and Ideas - EILAB, UOIT, Canada
    Descriptive info: Key Themes, Memes and Ideas.. Key Themes, Memes and Ideas.. adult learning.. AXIS.. digital competency.. digital native.. e-textbooks.. education.. emotion.. emotion recognition.. FaceReader.. facial expression.. ICT.. instructional video.. laptops.. LG display.. neuroscience teaching.. new.. observation room.. online learning.. podcasts.. portable computing.. publications.. remote.. Sharp TV.. social development.. storytelling.. technology and learning.. tutorial.. Ukraine.. video hardare.. web-based learning..

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  • Title: Tutorials Archives - EILAB, UOIT, Canada
    Descriptive info: Archive by category "Tutorials".. 28.. Tutorial Videos: New in Noldus FaceReader 6!.. FaceReader 6.. facial recognition.. The following summarizes new features of Noldus FaceReader 6 and the research on which it is based.. FaceReader is a sophisticated software application available in the EILab,.. FaceReader 6 detects the six basic emotions defined by Eckman, and also contempt.. Additionally, it offers major enhancements to FaceReader 5 in several areas.. 27.. Tutorial Video: Overview of Noldus FaceReader 5.. automated emotion detection.. basic emotions.. The following is a basic introduction to Noldus FaceReader and the research on which it is based.. It is an advanced tool for automatic analysis of facial expressions, providing users with an computer-generated assessment of a person’s emotion.. It automatically identifies the expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, disgusted, contempt, and neutral.. These are the so-called basic emotions,  ...   (South) Wall.. basic operation.. The following represents basic operational instructions for the hardware affordances located on the blue (south) wall.. These include dual, wall-mounted displays, and a Mac mini computer with a variety of audio-visual peripherals.. Tutorial: Orange (East) Wall.. Apple TV.. Apple wireless.. The following represents basic operational instructions for the hardware affordances located on the orange (east) wall.. These include a large screen display, and several computer and home-theatre peripherals.. Tutorial: Observation Room (M06).. iMac.. PC.. video capture.. LAB Observation Room M06 features an iMac and a PC/Windows workstation set behind three glass panels, offering researchers a wide view of the main lab area.. The computer systems are specifically configured to support technology-enabled, educational research, with special emphasis on video capture, facial analysis (emotion detection) and behavioural/event tagging/analysis using the Noldus suite of research software (noldus.. com)..

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  • Title: EILab Administrative and Research Group - EILAB, UOIT, Canada
    Descriptive info: Researchers.. François Desjardins, PhD.. Director, Researcher.. Roland vanOostveen, PhD.. Administrative Director, Researcher.. Childs, PhD.. Researcher.. Associate Researcher.. Suzanne de Castell, PhD.. Maurice DiGiuseppe, PhD.. Bill Hunter, PhD.. Robin Kay, PhD.. Bill Muirhead, PhD.. Blayone, MA.. Graduate Student, Researcher.. Jessica Clarkson, BSc.. Kathleen Flynn, BA, BEd.. Michael J.. O Connor.. April Stauffer, BSc, BEd..

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  • Title: Robin Kay, PhD | EILAB Researcher Profile
    Descriptive info: Robin Kay, PhD.. | Researcher.. ←.. Previous.. Next.. →.. Researcher Summary.. Select Publications.. Researcher Site.. Google Scholar.. Contact.. Professor, Faculty of Education · Researcher, EILab.. If you are a busy instructor and you would like to use a little more technology - This wiki is for you.. techtools-uoit.. wikispaces.. com.. #techtools.. About a year ago.. from.. Robin Kay's Twitter.. via.. Twitter Web Client.. Brilliant resource for the busy math teacher who wants to use technology.. mathtechtoolsuoit.. #math.. #teacher.. #technology.. Go to.. uoit.. ca/graduate/in.. for info on UOIT Virtual (synchronous) M.. Ed.. Program.. #onlinemathOAME2013.. Worth a peak - Learning With Technology – 10 New Technologies in Education at.. useoftechnology.. com/learning-.. #tech.. tools.. About 2 years ago.. Best site I have found yet on Digital Citizenship.. commonsensemedia.. org/educator.. #digital.. citizens.. Dr.. Robin Kay.. is Full Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the.. University of Ontario Institute of Technology.. (UOIT).. He has published over 120 articles, chapters and conference papers in the area of computers in education, is a reviewer for five prominent computer education journals, and has taught computer science, mathematics, and educational technology for over 20 years at the high school, college, undergraduate and graduate level.. Current projects include research on laptop use in teacher education, web-based learning tools, classroom response systems, e-learning in secondary and higher education,  ...   learning tools in secondary school classrooms.. Interactive Learning Environments.. 22.. , 67 83.. 2012.. (2012).. Exploring the use of video podcasts in education: A comprehensive review of the literature.. Computers in Human Behavior.. , 820 831.. , Kletskin, I.. Evaluating the use of problem-based video podcasts to teach mathematics in higher education.. Computers Education.. 59.. , 619 627.. 2011.. , Lauricella, S.. (2011).. Unstructured vs.. structured use of laptops in higher education.. Journal of Information Technology Education.. 10.. , 33 42.. Exploring the influence of context on attitudes toward web-based learning tools (WBLTs) and learning performance.. Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects.. 7.. , 125 142.. Gender differences in the use of laptops in higher education: A formative analysis.. Journal of Educational Computing Research.. 44.. , 361 380.. Exploring the benefits and challenges of using laptop computers in higher education classrooms: A formative analysis.. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology/La Revue Canadienne de L apprentissage et de La Technologie.. 37.. 2010.. , LeSage, A.. , Knaack, L.. (2010).. Examining the use of audience response systems in secondary school classrooms: A formative analysis.. Journal of Interactive Learning Research.. 21.. , 343 365.. Lauricella, S.. , Kay, R.. Assessing laptop use in higher education classrooms: The laptop effectiveness scale (LES).. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology.. 26.. , 151 163..

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  • Title: Bill Muirhead, PhD | EILAB Researcher Profile
    Descriptive info: Bill Muirhead, PhD.. Twitter Feed.. Contact Me.. Share!.. Associate Provost, Academic, UOIT · Researcher, EILab.. Muirhead is currently the Associate Provost, Academic and Information Technology at the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology (UOIT) located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.. As a founding academic administrator of the university, Bill has been responsible for developing Canada’s largest Technology Enriched Learning Environment, the Teaching and Learning Center, the Academic Success Center, the Health Education Technology Research Unit and is currently a founding researcher of the EILAB in the UOIT Faculty of Education.. Muirhead has overseen the development of university policies and governance structures pertaining to all aspects of undergraduate curriculum and quality assurance.. Prior to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Bill was the founding Executive Director of the Alberta Online Consortium (AOC) and served as a senior advisor to Alberta  ...   and implementing learning object repositories; and the development and management of technological infrastructures in postsecondary institutions.. An internationally recognized speaker, Bill is the recipient of numerous awards for leadership and innovation in e-learning.. Percival, J.. , Vogel, E.. , Muirhead, B.. Telecommuting in higher education: faculty perceptions of strategic implications for traditional postsecondary institutions.. International Journal of Management in Education.. , 271 284.. Hogue, A.. , Kapralos, B.. The role of project-based learning in IT: A case study in a game development and entrepreneurship program.. Interactive Technology and Smart Education.. , 120 134.. , Muirhead, W.. , Goodman, W.. Tablet PCs and reconceptualizing learning with technology.. , 78 93.. Anderson, K.. Technology and storytelling: Usages for professional development in police learning (Vol.. 2010, pp.. 1551 1559).. Presented at the World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education..

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  • Title: Michael J. O'Connor | EILAB Researcher Profile
    Descriptive info: O Connor.. Current Projects.. Researcher, EILab.. O’Connor is a graduate student and researcher at EILAB,.. O’Connor teaches at.. Ryerson University.. York University.. University of Western Ontario.. He has developed online educational environments and courses at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, University of Western Ontario, York University and Humber College.. He is a sought after speaker about creative writing, the effects of technology on books and writers, and the future of reading.. He is the publisher and founder  ...   boards of directors of many industry organizations including the Association of Canadian Publishers, the Literary Press Group, Access Copyright and the Canadian Copyright Institute.. O’Connor’s areas of interests are problem-based learning, situated learning, and constructivist learning environments.. His thesis examines the effects of a constructivist learning environment app on the ability of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to recognize and interpret facial expressions.. Effects of a Constructivist Learning Environment on Individuals’ with ASD Facial Expression Recognition Skills..

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    Archived pages: 177