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  • Title: Actnow.ca
    Descriptive info: .. WWW.. ACTSOON.. CA.. ACT NOW !.. Time.. is.. Running Out!.. Home-Act Soon.. Ti-To.. Over-Population.. What do you Expect.. The Facts.. The solution = TI TO.. The Obvious Solution.. Related Links.. Your Comments.. Disclosure.. Welcome to the.. Two in Two out Solution.. The main purpose of this site is to.. 'ALERT'.. enough people of the world population estimates from this data, there is only.. one conclusion to be drawn!.. Webmaster..

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  • Title: New Page 1
    Descriptive info: What Is TI-TO.. What is named the.. 'Two In-Two Out'.. plan, which essentially means that no woman on the planet, is legally permitted to have more then two natural conceptions!.. Of course twins, triplets and higher would have to be an exception to the 'law' but the 'numbers' involved, would basically be insignificant in the complete.. 'scheme'.. of things! Implementation  ...   asking one of the survivors, of the 1998 starvation, where the.. 'WHO'.. recorded a mere,.. fifty-three million.. world-wide deaths!.. That's even intensified more, when you realize the vast majority of those were from long, drawn out, painful starvations world wide! Also, according to a.. 'CCF'.. commercial, the number of children dying a day, as of May 8th, 2001, is.. thirty-two thousand..

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  • Title: Over Population
    Descriptive info: Over Population.. Why prevent the overpopulation and continuous growth? A number of 'logical'.. reason's.. , which include;.. 1).. You thought the.. line-up.. at McDonald's was long today? Well, just give it another twenty-five years of.. 'Propagation For The Nation's.. mentality!.. 2).. You feel today's 401 traffic, was just a.. little crowded.. , when you tried to drive to.. McDonald's!.. 3).. You found the  ...   Those.. 'alerts'.. seem to be a.. 'daily'.. event, these days!.. 4).. After hours of waiting, you finally get to the 'order' counter but just then the attendant makes the announcement that all.. McDonald's.. locations are out of beef for their burgers, as well as potatoes for their fries! A reasonable conclusion because there is twice the number of mouths world wide to feed!..

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  • Title: What do you expect
    Descriptive info: What do you expect..

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  • Title: facts
    Descriptive info: Facts.. State Of The World.. Types and Effects of Malnutrition and.. Number Affected Globally 2000.. Type of Malnutrition.. Effect on Diet.. Minimum number affected Globally (billions).. Hunger.. Deficiency of calories protein.. at least 1.. 2.. Micronutrient Deficiency.. Deficiency of Vitamins Minerals.. 2.. 0.. Over Consumption.. Excess of calories often accompanied by deficiency of vitamins minerals.. Underweight children in Developing Countries.. 1980 vs 2000.. Underweight Children.. (Millions).. Share of Children who are Underweight.. (millions).. 1980.. 2000.. Africa.. 22.. 38.. 26.. Asia.. 146.. 108.. 44.. 29.. Latin america Caribbean.. 7.. 3.. 14.. 6.. All Developing Countries.. 176.. 150.. 37.. 27..

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  • Title: The Solution
    Descriptive info: The Solution.. This is translated to mean, two offspring, max to replace the two parents,.. thus exactly the same number of mouths to feed, from one generation, to.. the next! Three offspring, is one too many and for anyone whom screams.. that parents DO NOT have, anywhere near the size families they used to,.. so what's WRONG with only three offspring? For that individual, I just state.. that you've obviously never heard of a little.. MATH.. phenomena, known as ex-.. potential, growth? In this situation it refers to your grand parents, having.. some unbelievable number of children, like  ...   children, the result is just in three generations, the world populate-.. ion has been increased, a mere thirty-four, mouth's to feed!.. That's from just two grand parent's to thirty-six, grand children.. OR.. an increase.. of nineteen times, of the number of mouth's to feed! All from a shrinking food.. resource, due to the.. 'GREEN HOUSE'.. effect, known as the planet.. EARTH.. !.. It.. 'boils'.. down to a pretty-simple choice! Three to ninety-something, offspring.. who all starve to DEATH.. two happy, productive offspring, who live-on to give.. you four, happy grand children! The 'choice' is, obviously.. CLEAR, NO.. ?..

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  • Title: The Obvious Solution
    Descriptive info: The Obvious Solution.. Now;.. The.. 'Propagation For The Nation's', mentality!.. It doesn't matter of which religious.. 'faith'.. you are.. BECAUSE.. we are all the.. same, calorie-dependent, oxygen consuming, masses of 'Protoplasm'!.. Let's make a,.. generous.. estimate of ten.. MILLION,.. people, world-wide, at.. zero AD, just over two thousand years ago!.. Now lets take the latest, '.. W.. orld.. H.. ealth.. O.. rganization' value for the world-.. population! That was a mere-NOT,.. six, point two, plus BILLION.. people!.. Since one BILLION, is a mere thousand.. that means the world-.. population has increased a mere-.. NOT.. ,.. six hundred and twenty-times.. ,.. since day-one! We'll say, just over two thousand year's because after-all,.. we keep our calendar's, to that date!.. In the Near-Future;.. 'Nurture For The Future', mentality!.. If that's in fact what, we wish to due, provide a.. 'Nurturing'.. environment for your.. children and their children, known as your grand children, the best way to accomplish that is by following the.. plan, world-wide! Two  ...   in the eighteen hundreds, where each of those kid's gets to.. die of starvation.. OR B).. Two happy, productive children who will eventually give.. you a total of, four happy, productive grand children!.. The answer is, rather simple and straight forward.. ! Sure, if you believe in.. that '.. GOD'.. character, he probably did say something to the effect of,.. 'go forth.. and multiply'.. BUT.. a.. math genesis.. , he was not!.. For, he would have acknowledged that, an increase of over six hundred and twenty.. times, on a.. 'shrinking'.. food resource, is a fool-proof recipe for one.. BIG.. disaster!.. It quite frankly, makes the.. two-thousand and one.. , plane-.. WTC.. disaster, seem rather.. insignificant, both in terms of the total number, as well as the type of death's! A few.. thousand, compared to world-wide starvation, also known as.. EXTINCTION!.. Bush, ought to pay close attention, to the.. 'fact'.. that nucleated food or food from nucleated soil, is a.. TAD.. hard to eat!..

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  • Title: relate
    Descriptive info: Directory of related links.. www.. healthcanada.. ca/general.. earthcharter.. org.. plannedparenthood.. powerup.. com.. au.. who.. int.. home.. wtn.. ca.. sppf.. ssp.. fhi.. eps.. co.. jp..

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  • Title: comments
    Descriptive info: Your Comments..

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  • Title: Disclosure
    Descriptive info: Disclosure.. STATEMENT OF DISCLOSURE!.. This is to say that I've received numerous counts, for the population.. estimate for twenty-fifty A.. D.. ! A 'low' of twelve billion to a 'high' of.. twenty-two, point five billion!.. However, the 'actual number' does not.. really matter because any number over.. ten billion.. , common sense.. tells me, is going to be a.. 'shade'.. to much, for the finite food resource,.. known as the.. 'earth'.. , to support!.. --------------------------------------------.. Sincerely,.. James D.. O'Neill..

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  • Title: Actnow.ca
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